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habitat magazine issue 03

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Habitat magazine, issue
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habitat magazine issue 03

A large beach house

A family affair

Hosting a hoard of children and grandchildren at the beach house may not be everyone's idea of a relaxing holiday, but for Sally and David Hansen, there are few things they'd rather do. When they commissioned Auckland architect Brent Hulena to design their home at Shoal Bay, the major requirement was that it be large enough for the entire family... more

Back to the basics.

Back to basics

This unconventional bach shows how stripping back a design to the bare elements can create a more authentic and relaxing holiday experience, as well as accommodating a carefully defined budget... more


Beginner's guide to flooring

When it comes to flooring, it seems the options are endless: carpet, tile, stone, concrete, wood, cork or laminate. Where do you start?... more

Beginner's guide to one room four looks

Beginner's guide to one room four looks

Changing or updating the look of a room needn't mean spending a fortune to replace each item and start afresh. You can still achieve the style you're after on a limited budget by retaining some key elements and choosing a selection of accent pieces that complement your desired theme... more

Chez moi - For the love of art - Karen Beckett

Chez moi - For the love of art - Karen Beckett

Self-expression isn't enough for muralist Karen Beckett - she also enjoys helping others discover the artist within. Ever since she was a child drawing on her mum's wallpaper, Karen has loved art. And with a mother keen on photography and painting, and a father who was a renowned Maori bone carver, it runs in her blood... more

Chez moi - restaurant-owner Melissa Stadler

Chez moi - Sense of adventure - Melissa Stadler

They say a change is as good as a holiday. And for restaurant-owner Melissa Stadler, holidaying resulted in changes that took her all the way around the world. Now she combines a strong entrepreneurial streak with a passion for hospitality... more

Choosing and using an architect

Choosing and using an architect

A good working relationship between client and architect is a vital ingredient in the success of any building project. It's therefore essential to choose an architect whose design approach and practice philosophy best fit your requirements... more

Close to the beach

Close to nature

It's a fairly safe bet that a beach house bathroom is going to come into contact with some sand every once in a while. However, when designing his parent's beach house at Muriwai, Jason Bailey of Bailey Architects came up with a novel approach to stop sand being trekked from one end of the house to the other: the shower in the downstairs bathroom has an exterior door that opens directly onto the lower deck... more

Country haven

Country haven

Built seven years ago, the cottage sits on the banks of the Selwyn River near Garfield. The original owners commissioned architect Gavin Willis to design a simple, compact house. Their budget, including the purchase of the land, was less than $100,000... more


DIY Kidz

Activities to keep little hands busy - quiz, word find, colouring in, jokes and a Marble Run project to try... more

eating out

Eating out

Alfresco dining is a concept enthusiastically embraced by us and spending summer evenings around the barbecue is now a national pastime. However, running inside every five minutes to get another drink from the fridge or grabbing a forgotten condiment can wear thin after a while. That's why some homeowners are cottoning on to the American idea of the outdoor kitchen... more

matching colour

Finding your perfect match

Despite the profusion of home-renovation programmes on TV, many of us still lack the confidence to mix and match colours in our own houses. Here are some suggestions to help you move away from cream and beige. The home colours people tend to select are similar to those they feel comfortable wearing... more

Garden by sea

Garden by the sea

The beach is a great place to live and it's so quintessentially Kiwi. Seaside homes enjoy an outlook that's constantly changing. We might love such a variable and unpredictable setting, but many of our favourite plants do not... more


Going green - Cleaning up

In 2004, Resene trialled a recovery programme for unwanted paint and paint packaging on Auckland's North Shore. The idea was to provide homeowners with a way to recycle or dispose of their paint or paint packaging. Thousands of cans of all brands of paint were returned, some empty and many partially full of paint. The project has progressed rapidly with a permanent service... more

Habitat answers reader questions about decorating

Hey, Habitat

Habitat answers reader questions about decorating... more

Off the shelf

Off the shelf

Innovative products new to market... View PDF

Choosing a floor rug.

Responsible renovating - Age of consent

Embarking on a building consent project can mean learning a whole new language. The key to unraveling the mysteries of consents, standards, building to Code, and what to do when things go wrong, is to develop a working knowledge of the Building Act... more

Planting a lawn

Step-by-step - Planting a lawn

Learn how to plant a lawn in six easy steps... more

Tiling a bathroom

Step-by-step - Tiling a bathroom

Learn how to tile a bathroom in eight easy steps... more

Testpots 03


Find out what new products have recently been launched into the decorating market... view PDF

Sun damage

The hard truth about sun damage

It's a popular misconception that it's the UV in our sunlight that fades our furniture and soft furnishings. In fact, not a lot of UV manages to come in through window glass, which is why we don't get a tan sitting in the window seat... more

Deck maintenance

Tips and tricks - Decked out for summer

So, what kind of state is the deck in? How's the patio looking after winter? Surfaces that were non-slip when dry last summer might suddenly have become a slippery slide when water or wet feet are now added to the equation, especially if there's moss or mould involved... more


Web wise

What happens when you type (NZ) or (AUST) into your web browser? Heaps! You instantly find yourself in a virtual library of colour, paint and decorating advice. What's more, if you are out and about, you can still visit the Resene website on your WAP-enabled cellphone... more


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