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habitat magazine issue 20

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habitat magazine issue 20

A creative homeowner  experiments with colour

Branching out

A blank canvas was the perfect invitation for one creative homeowner to experiment with colour. If there’s one thing Debra Yearsley is not afraid of, it’s colour. The interior designer wears bright hues with ease, and breathes new life into retro-style furniture for her company Chair Squad, by reupholstering pieces in bold, vibrant shades. And while her 1980s plaster home might look fairly unremarkable from the outside, inside it’s anything but bland... more

Some bright ideas for decorating with flair

Bright ideas - rack it up, wall design splashbacks, art history

Turn an old drawer front into a coat rack then paint it in soft desert sunset tones. When is a drawer not a drawer any more? When you take the front off it and turn it into a coat rack... more

A colourful bathroom in a neutral house

Colour shot

The rest of the house may be neutral, but in the bathroom it’s another story. "I’m a mother so I don’t mind mess, but I definitely don’t like clutter,” says designer Peta Davy of the house she shares with husband Joe and their children. The dwelling is a new build; the first time Peta has had free rein to explore her own desires, despite a successful career designing interiors for other people... more

An artist works: murals and painted sculpture

Colourful people – on a grand scale

Artist Julian Bale is not a man afraid of public scrutiny. Why else would you reveal your talents on a grand scale in very public places – as murals and painted sculpture? Julian loves the medium of murals: “It is so visual and public. It has great impact because of the scale. It’s also a great advertisement for you as an artist. They are more interesting because there’s often a narrative or a story being told... more

occasional furniture where timber, colour and design meet

Colourful people – timber meets colour

Klaus and Annett Todt are used to pushing colour boundaries, choosing and using delightful shades in their stunning pieces of occasional furniture. The Nelson couple’s core business at Living Design is custom-made kitchens and bathrooms, but a sideline range of furniture indulges their passion for timber, colour and design. Says Annett: “You can invent things all the time... more

A black and white French style living area and kitchen

French finesse

For a new home, Darren’s kitchen looks like it has been plucked from a character house, or a French villa perhaps. And that’s just the way he likes it. When Darren planned the building of his new home, he wanted to give it more character than the standard design-and-build house. So he modified the plan, then set about creating a black and white French style living area and kitchen with the help of interior designer Kate Voice... more

Classic black and white bathroom with a sumptuous feel

It’s black, it’s white

When Debra DeLorenzo of Wellington was commissioned to overhaul this bathroom, she fully intended to give it ideas above its station. “I wanted to make this room more than a bathroom. To be a room where the doors could be left open and it would feel like a part of the house.” The delicious mix of black wallpaper, white Resene Alabaster cabinetry, ornate chandelier and tongue-and-groove ceiling gives the room a sumptuous feel... more

Is solar energy the way of the future?

Let the sun shine

Is solar energy the way of the future? As residential electricity prices head skywards more homeowners are considering solar power as an alternative energy source. Solar energy connections have nearly quadrupled since 2011, according to Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) figures. Around 40 to 50 home solar power systems are installed every month. At the same time, the price of installations dropped... more

Give old paint can lids new life as artworks

Lids live on

Don’t get rid of your old paint lids. Give them new life as artworks... more

Make a cool canvas mat

Mat time

Make a cool canvas mat to brighten up your room with our step by step instructions... more

My favourite colours – Simon Gault

My favourite colours – Simon Gault

Internationally respected chef and restaurateur Simon Gault likes to relax with soothing neutral colours... more

New products, places and ideas for the home

Off the shelf

New products, places and ideas for the home... view PDF

A purple house with an equally bright interior

Purple heart

There’s no need for a street number when you head to Fiona Sheffield’s fringe-city home. As you round the corner, her purple house certainly stands out. Almost theatrical in its quirkiness, the 1914 transitional bungalow makes a bold statement peeping over a striking blue and purple fence and red gate. “Yes, it tends to polarise people,” says Fiona. “Children love it. They think it’s a play centre. But I’ve had complaints in the letterbox, too... more

Make a raised vege garden

Step-by-step - make a raised garden

Join the grow-your-own movement by making this easy-to-use raised vege garden complete with built-in tomato or bean rack. Here’s step-by-step instructions to make yourself a raised garden... more

Create a luxury bedroom with jewel-like colours and hints of the Orient

Testpots – dreams of the Orient

Saturated colour, sumptuous bedding... transport yourself. Create a luxury bedroom with jewel-like colours and hints of the Orient. Starting with a sumptuous amethyst base of Resene Pukeko walls, we’ve added a matchstick bedhead in hot pink Resene Smitten, a side table in Resene Seeker and converted a cane birdcage into a lamp and painted it in Resene Flashback... more

Use a number of wallpapers to make a patchwork wall

Testpots – patchwork papers

Too many delicious wallpapers? Use them all. If you’ve ever opened up a wallpaper book at Resene, fallen in love with the patterns, but just can’t decide which one to use, then here’s the solution. Use a number of wallpapers to patchwork the wall. Using a monochromatic scheme of black, white and silver as the unifying thread, there’s no need for the patterns to match... more

the hunter collector

Testpots – the hunter collector

Forage in style to discover your inner man cave. Got a hunter collector in the house who needs a special place to, well, just be? Man caves are usually relegated to the basement, garage or shed so use rough textures to your advantage. Stain the plywood or timber walls in Resene Treehouse using the Resene Colorwood stains range, and give your floor a grunty concrete look in Resene Friar Grey... more

When you’re decorating, there are myriads of whites and off-whites

The right white

You would think that all whites were created equal but in the world of paint, that’s just not so. When you’re decorating, there are myriad whites and off-whites from icy bright white, through to clotted creams and delicate ivories, all with varying touches of yellow, green, brown or grey to turn them into a huge cast of interesting shades. The classics are still going strong... more

Historic home

Touches of whimsy

Long grass and broken down sheds have been transformed into a whimsical oasis for this historic home. Alison and Ross Ruddenklau don’t seem a bit smug about their gorgeous Akaroa location. Maybe because it wasn’t handed to them on a plate. Their relaxed demeanour belies a lot of vision, hard work, and a dose of serendipity... more


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habitat is printed on environmentally responsible paper using environmentally responsible ink.

From issue 8 onwards, copies flow wrapped and sent to Resene Cardholders are flow wrapped in environmentally responsible material from epi-global. This product when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen will biodegrade decomposing into simple materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D6954-04.


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