b'Resene ReseneQuarter Frozen Wedgewoodlessons69808 ReseneTuscanymaster 51210 Resenefrom a386542 HAN100396822Debbie Abercrombie, one of New Zealands HAN100327221 36503-3foremost colour expert educators and Resene 434057_640_0 3598-4 eachcolourtocomplementLove Me Do INSIDE interior designers, shares her advice for Matissereaders facing a colour conundrum.In 2019 you received the Resene Total Colour Lifetimeand soldYouwantratherthancompete.ThisResene BACK Achievement Award in honour of your long and successfultheother career as a colour expert. Tell us about the journey that ledis achieved by changing out the balanceInfluentialyou to get into colour and interior design. of each.A journey should start with the feeling that you are doing something you love. As a young couple, my husband and I boughtour ownWhat would you recommend readers KOS004 Resene COVER several houses in as many years. We then decided to dodo if they feel stuck picking a colourbuild, at which time I knew I needed more formal training. My mentorfor their design project?CR60502 386513and colourful colleague was Sylvia Sandford. I was recommended byFirstly, collect a whole lot of visuals. The ones you PorterSylvia to do colour consulting and also trained with her to be a tutorkeep coming back to that stick with you are the for the Interior Design course at Wellington Polytechnic. From there, Iones you should embrace. You will most likely find a took several stepping stones: I staged displays for a large textilepattern that includes or repeats the colours you relatechangeoutAD TO company, managed a team of five for a home staging company andto. Secondly, be true to yourself and choose colours you then worked for a small interior company in Ponsonby, Aucklandlove and you can live with. Trends are exactly thatif you follow before I went out on my own. Get thebestof both worlds.somethingthatiseasyto atrend,makesureitis when you tire of it.How would you describe your design aesthetic and where doWhat do you love about Resene? 36517-4 1601-104-01 COMEyou think it stems from?I started out in fashion, originally, which is an exciting way to exploreI love that Resenes fashion colours are always energising but calming, 90570colour. It still plays a part in my appreciation of colour combinationsinspiring, steady and timeless all at the same time. The Resene The and current patterns or textures. My aesthetic is currently drawn fromRange Whites & Neutrals collection is hard to go past for its flexibility many sources and is driven by each individual project, to be able toand ability to graduate from a light version of a colour to its double give it its own beauty and personality as well as suit those who willand triple version. We are using this fandeck more and more to give live in the space. Our architecture, our light and beautiful environmentvariety without having to introduce saturated colours, naturally for in New Zealand play an equally big part in my aesthetic choices. objects or areas that need to stay with us a little longer.COLOUR, UPCYCLE OR REJUVENATE P026-VD2 529029 36919-4What inspires you and your colour palettes? What are your favourite Resene colours and what draws youWITH KAREN WALKER PAINTS P014-VD3 ReseneI am always looking for inspiration during my travels and of course into them?magazines.MytravelhighlightshavebeenMilansEuroCucinaHarvest Gold CHALK COLOUR AND WAXResene Love Me Do is my go to lipstick colour, and I cant wait to see furniture fair and a fabulous trip to New York. We also have fantasticitcomethroughmoreininteriors!Wejustneedalittlemore suppliers here who bring everything from the latest accessories tosaturation time to embrace it. Resene Influential is another. It is furniture products to the most exotic fabrics. warm, inspirational and adds energy to any interior. I also love ReseneAVAILABLE FROM Porter. It is a deep, grounding, stunning background colour andResene ColorShops and Youve spent a good part of your career teaching aboutallows the flexibility to add in many other colour options.selected resellerscolour, both at Wellington Polytechnic and in private courses. Resene P023-VD2Whats your favourite tried-and-true colour tiplets call itFormoreinformationonDebbieandhercolourcourses,visit Yowza www.resene.com/colorshopsevergreen, if you can forgive the punthat you give towww.debbieabercrombie.co.nz.students who are just starting to learn about colour?Alwaysusecolourinvaryingamounts,neverequalamounts.image Kyrissa Kolisnyk80IUM005 HAN100327221 289472JPD 01572 Habitat_DPS_Wallpaper + Paint Ad_2020_Chosen_edit.indd 1 5/02/20 12:02 PM'