b'feature houseLeft: Kitchen cabinetry in Resene Lusta-Glo tinted to Resene Quarter Friar Grey with handles in Resene Double Cod Grey, ceiling in Resene Double Alabaster and panelled walls in Resene Wan White. A hint of Resene Colorwood Rock Salt stain was used on the birch panelled timber ceiling to reflect the same stain on the floor below.Right: The two-tiered outdoor area maximises entertaining space while keeping yard work to a minimum. The decking and surround on the upper deck are in Resene Woodsman Nutmeg. The weatherboard cladding is painted Resenetop tipBelow: The timber batten panelling on the fireplace surround was made using new 60mm pineTana and the privacy screenTo continue yourskirting on ply sheeting to create both texture and strength. Previously painted deep and dark(behind the potted plants)wood stain colour Resene Double Cod Grey, the panelled surround was repainted Resene Double Concrete for the newis in Resene Wan White. inside and out, use owners to brighten up the space while the display cabinet was painted darker Resene Blackjack. TheResene Colorwood ceiling and trims are in Resene Double Alabaster and the panelled walls and bulkhead are in Reseneindoors and Resene Wan White. In the kitchen, the birch batten ceiling is stained Resene Colorwood Rock Salt, whichWoodsman for exterior was also used to stain the timber flooring. The kitchen cabinetry is painted in Resene Lusta-Glotimber surfaces.tinted to Resene Quarter Friar Grey with handles in Resene Double Cod Grey.Resene Resene Resene Quarter Resene ReseneDouble Concrete Tana Friar Grey Wan White Blackjackthe design connects the living and dining areas to Resene Double visually expand the space, making it feel larger yet Cod Greyintimate at the same time. Kelly says she chose this Resene pattern in particular to be a subtle feature, one that Double AlabasterResene Woodsmanwouldnt steal the show but instead would blend in Nutmeg beautifullyandcomplementthekeydecorative Resene Woodsmanelements of the design: the drapes, cushions, flooring Crowshead and artwork.Resene ColorwoodThe gentle pattern of the birds feathers provided Rock Salt inspirationforthewallpaperdesign,whichworks perfectly both texturally and tonally. The two-toned wallpaper lightens the room while bringing in contrast without making it feel cavernous, explains Kelly.The glass fronted display cabinet is the only truly darktoneretainedinthelivinganddiningroom. PaintedReseneBlackjack,itmakestheperfect backdrop for illuminated art glass while also creating ashadowingeffectbehindthefireplace,whichis painted Resene Double Concrete.AccordingtoKelly,itshardtofindabetter whiteforceilingsthanReseneDoubleAlabaster.ReseneWoodsmanNutmegisseenagainfurtherAbove: Shutters It works with just about anything you want to putdowninthecourtyardtolinkonespacetotheregulate the natural on the walls. next while the fencing is a combination of Resenelight and privacy in Resene Wan White was selected not only for theWoodsmanNutmegandReseneWoodsmanthe luxe bathroom panelled interior walls but also for a solid feature wallCrowshead. This deep black stain is used on both thespace. Theyre painted in Resene outside as well as a privacy divider that does doublefence and lower deck, which links back inside to theLusta-Glo tinted to duty as a neutral backdrop for a collection of tropicalResene Blackjack display cabinet. Resene Double plants. The hue pops nicely against the Resene TanaBecauseitwashersecondtimedecoratingtheCod Grey and the weatherboards and the Resene Woodsman Nutmegproperty, Kelly says that the challenges for the redesignceiling is in Resene stained balustrade, says Kelly. were quite minimal. The most significant ones hadDouble Alabaster.The palette is circular, she explains, with coloursalready been overcome when she initially renovatedReseneflowingthroughtheinteriorandexteriorspaces.the home.Eagle20 21'