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ReseneWallpaper PauaA wide range of decorating accessoriesResene Curtain Collection curtains and fabrics (NZ only)ReseneAbove: An art therapy participantLimerick And, of course, aspring/summer 2019/20 | isue 31painted this pink leaf artwork in Resene Mozart, Resene Jalapenofreesubscription more with lessand Resene I Dare You. to habitat magazine.Resene making the most of whats already thereRight: This colourful capsicumLime plusenjoy special created during an art therapybulk discountssession features Resene Havoc(NZ only) when you and Resene Jalapeno.Resene spend more thanyou enhancer exteriorTurbo get some serious curb appealResene $750 in one visit. plus sRuby Tuesday seasonal switch-outaward-winning projectmake your own outdoor ottoman scare. Her work as a registered Diversional TherapistResene Ruby Tuesday and Resene Point BreakallFor colour lovers, get the price of your 60-80ml testpot involves human-centric recreational programs aimedbright,beautifulandcheerfultonesarejustaor A4 drawdown/testpatch back when you purchase atenhancingwellbeingandsupportingthehandful of hues preferred by Diversional Recreationalpaint or stain of the same colour. Simply bring back the development of core wellness dimensions, from socialTherapists. Having been born in Mexico, Orquidea isreceipt with the empty or part-fulltointellectual,sexual,emotional,spiritual,culturalparticularly fond of sunny colours and the positivetestpot or the A4 drawdown/ and physical. effect they can have. She is currently loving Resenetestpatch when you purchaseArt therapy is also frequently used in aged care toPaua, Resene Geraldine and Resene Lime. 1 litre or more of Resenesupport healing and fight against loneliness and socialWith health and safety and infection control policiespremium paint or stainisolationtwo common and debilitating realities forbeing a crucial part of aged care, Resene testpots are atinted to the same colour.people in their advanced years. People use art andgreat option. The size is perfect and we dont have to media to explore feelings, develop social skills, managebe pouring out of big bottles. We also love the texture behaviour, cope with addiction, become more self- and also that they are safe to use. there's more.aware,reconcileemotionalconflict,reduceanxietyThe ways in which art therapy can help peopleTheres even a range of discounts and offers from other Above: DiversionalF or many years, art and creativity have proved toand increase self-esteem, says Orquidea. variesdependingonwhatstrugglestheyregoingstores and suppliers. See www.resene.com/cardoffers for Therapist Orquideabe an effective outlet for self-expression andThe power of colour in art therapy is monumental,through. However, as Orquidea adds, building a sensefurther details on these offers.Tamayo Morterahealing. With the rise in popularity of activitieswith therapists like Orquidea favouring vibrant coloursof wellbeing and function in day-to-day living are two Dish magazineNZ Marketing magazinewith colourful workslike adult colouring books, painting parties and kintsugiin order to bring about positive impact. We do ourgreatreasonsDiversionalRecreationalTherapists Good magazineTile Warehousecreated during anworkshopswhich teach the Japanese art of repairingbest to influence our clients in using strong and brightutilise it so much. HirepoolTrends magazineart therapy session. broken pottery by mending it with goldweve beencolours that will have a powerful but positive effect on Idealogreminded that art has long provided a way for humanstheir emotions.to work through the tricky ebbs and flows of life andDiscussingthekindoftonesthatcanenhanceTo learn more about the New ZealandIf you dont have a card, apply at your local Resene offered creative relief in trying times. While manywellbeing,Orquideafindsbrightreds,yellowsandColorShop or participating reseller or apply freeinnovative and unique methods of therapy exist today,neongreensareparticularlyenergising,whichcanSociety of Diversional and Recreationalonline at www.resene.com/diycard.none are quite as colourful as art therapya techniquehelp people feel more alert, whereas blues seem toTherapists important work, visit Offers are valid in New Zealand to Resene DIY Cardholders only until 30 September thats used widely. be preferred by people living with dementia. These2020 and are not available in conjunction with any other offer, discount or Orquidea Tamayo Mortera, President for the Newcolours are applied to a number of mediums, fromwww.diversionaltherapy.net.nz. promotion. All companies reserve the right to amend or update their offers. ZealandSocietyofDiversionalandRecreationalrocks to paper, without any expectation or pressureSee www.resene.com/cardoffers for current offers. Resene Therapists, uses the power of art therapyand ato achieve perfection. images Jessica Gernat, www.jessicachloe.com Resene ReseneHavoc range of Resene testpotsto help those under herResene Turbo, Resene Daredevil, Resene Limerick,special thanks to Summerset Heritage Park I Dare You Jalapeno70"