b'testpotshot trends D uringthe2010s,coolercoloursdominatedResenethe decorating world, both inside and out. Untilrecently,itseemedlikeeveryonewas afterflat,cold,steelygreysinpursuitofacrisp, contemporarylookbutthingsaredrastically warming up.on the rise Afteradecadeofflatgreyeverything,wereMochaready for something different. What weve come to know as character neutralspaint colours that make for a much richer interior lookare the main wall andReseneA new decade brings with itfloor colours that are trending today. These are notKamikazethetansandbeigesofthe90s,northeone-warmer, spicier versionsdimensional greys of the 10s. They are neutrals with soul. Complex variations like nude taupe, mushroomReseneof favoured hues. taupe, new-age greige, terracotta and deep-smokedSante Fecoffee browns are taking their turn in the spotlightthink Resene Zorba, Resene Otter, Resene Tide, Resene Serene and Resene Barista. ReseneHowever, there are also plenty of more vibrant andAyers Rocksaturatedshadescapturingourattention.Typical cool colours like blue and green have taken on red, purpleandyellowundertoneswithcoastalbluesResenetaking on more tropical hues and minty greens makingCrailway for celery, sage and olive. And traditionally warm ReseneReseneReseneResenecolours like reds, browns, oranges and yellows have Dark Buff Cobblestone Otter Tuscany gotten spicier and dustier with greyed undertones. ReseneYuccaReseneReseneReseneResene Korma Gold Coast Tide Chelsea Gem Dusty and rustyReseneReseneReseneReseneNow that pinks have finally started to take a backseat, Twine Cod Grey Serene Rebel its terracotta, earthy ruddy reds and rusty browns thatReseneBitterReseneReseneReseneResenehave taken the reins as the hottest trending colours Alpaca Zorba Barista Eighth Drought around.HueslikeReseneTuscany,ReseneChelsea Gem and Resene Rebel are dominating Instagram and magazines and can be found in every home dcorReseneOpposite: This lounge is spiced just right with theHemlockstore. Combine all three to build a toasty tonal look orlatest trend colours. Upper wall in Resene Dark Buff, combine them with a rich blue like Resene Licorice forshelf wall in Resene Korma, floor in Resene Eighth an elegant look. Drought, coffee and side tables in Resene Twine, vasesResenein Resene Alpaca (tall), Resene Cobblestone (medium),FlaxSage is all the rage Resene Gold Coast (low), bowl in Resene Cod Grey Less blue and more yellow has been the way thatand artwork in Resene Korma and Resene Gold Coast.greens have been going. Sage green like Resene Bitter,Above top: Dark hues are cocooning in bedroomsResenein particular, has been the forefront trending verdantand living spaces, creating places to hunker downNirvanavarietalbut its also brought with it a whole army ofand relax in, away from busy life. Background in dustygreencomradeslikeolive,cargoandcelery.Resene Felix with vases in (clockwise from bottom Tone-on-tone earthy green bedrooms and living roomsleft) Resene Ayers Rock, Resene Crail, Resene Rebel and Resene Papier Mache, lidded pots in ReseneReseneinshadeslikeReseneHemlock,ReseneFlaxandGuardsman Red, Resene Roxy and Resene VanquishFelixResene Nirvana are the epitomeof whats in, especiallyand tray in Resene Bitter.when combined with rusty browns and terracotta likeAbove bottom: Sage and olive greens bring nature Resene Mocha and Resene Kamikaze. indoors. Wall in Resene Peace, floor in ReseneReseneElderflower with tiles stencilled in Resene Peace,LicoriceBitter citruses table and chairs in Resene Elderflower with dipped It can be a polarising colour to some, but the recentlegs in Resene New Leaf, coat rack, wreath hoop and popularity of orange isnt surprising. Its an ideal huegeo vase in Resene New Leaf and tall vase and pendant lamp in Resene Smoothie. Resenefor adding interest to more predictable colour palettesDark Knightbuilt from blues, greens and greys. Rather than a truly ReseneResene citrusy version, its been a more bitter variety thatsSmoothie PeacebeenpoppingupanditblendsbeautifullywithReseneReseneResene everythingfromsagegreenlikeReseneYuccatoNew Leaf Vanquish Papier Macheterracotta like Resene Sante Fe and navy blues likeReseneReseneResene ReseneDarkKnight.GoforamajorpieceofElderflower Roxy Guardsman Red6 7'