b'start Look to what youll beI ts a common conundrum for homeowners totips and tricksfinally settle on the perfect paint colour for a room and then feel at a loss for what to hang on the hanging on your walls towalls. But according to designer and stylist Kate with the inspire your colour scheme. Alexander of Places & Graces, this approach to fleshing art out your interior scheme employs a bit of backwards thinking.I cant even begin to count the number of clients who come to me asking me to pick artwork for their already designed space, she says. While it can be done, its much more of a struggle both in terms of findingsomethingthatwillnotonlybetheright colour, size, vibe and subject for the space, but it also needs to resonate with the owner. When Im beginning a new design, I always start with the art instead.Kates strategy makes sense. Whether you opt for aninvestmentpieceorsimplywanttodisplayartwork to www.resene.com/palettegenerator and theAbove: A mood board something that holds sentimental value, art is alwaystool will create a customised Resene palette based oninspired by Alice Berrys personaland its an integral part of a decoratingthe most common colourways that occur in the image.original painting, Calm scheme. Certainly, you should enjoy looking at theIt will also tell you what proportion of the palette theyof the Sea/Laolao, artworksyouhanginyourhome;thesubject,are to help give you an idea of the colour balance,which was created exclusively with Resene composition and colours all play a role in its visualwhich can be especially helpful when youre trying topaints. Background in appeal. But picking items that really speak to you istranslatethatinformationintoyournewinteriorResene Romantic with key,anditsthethingthatsetsartapartfromcolour palette. A4 drawdown paint simple decoration. When it comes to original artwork, though, it canswatches in (from left I think buying art can be scary for people. Oftenbe a challenge to photograph it in a way that willto right) Resene Triple buyersarentconfidentchoosingwhichartwouldresult in a truly perfect colour match. If an absoluteAlabaster, Resene Cornflower, Resene work in their home. I believe its important to feelmatch is the look youre going for, there is one wayTorea Bay and Resene a connection to the art. If something stops you inyou can be absolutely sure youll get it. There areSail, tray in Resene your tracks or makes you smile, or stirs some sort ofhundredsoflocalartistsacrossNewZealandandCornflower, rug in positiveemotion,itsprobablyrightforyou,saysAustraliathatuseResenepaintstocreatetheirResene New York Pink artist Jen Sievers. masterpieces. Alice Berry is one of them. and boxes in Resene I love Resene colours because they are so thick,Torea Bay, Resene Cornflower and Resene Shaping a scheme juicyandvibrant,saysAlice.TherearesomanyTriple Alabaster.The free online Resene Colour Palette Generator is acolours to choose from, and while I have my favourites, usefultoolthatcantaketheguessworkoutofI like to bring in different colours each time I paint. Ive creating a colour scheme that will complement thelearned how to work with them to create a lot oftop tip huesinyourart.Simplyuploadanimageofthetexture in my workswhich sometimes means I letTo get clean lines when them partially dry and then go hard layering up thepainting two colours paint. The metallics are great, too. They bring a wholeonto one area, use low Left: Calm of the Sea/Laolao by Alice Berry wasdifferent element to my artworksplus, I really enjoytack masking tape to used to inspire the interior scheme of this homea bit of sparkle in my life. define each area for office space. Upper wall in Resene TripleHannah Jensen, Jen Sievers and Georgina Hobypainting. If youd rather Alabaster, lower wall in Resene Aviator, floor in Resene Romantic, desk in Resene Sail, chair inScutt are three other artists that use Resene paints topaint and minimise Resene New York Pink with legs in Resene Triplecreate their works, too. All agree that theyre drawn totaping, then paint the Alabaster, painted jute rug in Resene New Yorkthem because of the range of colours available andwhole area first with one Pink, plant pots in Resene Aviator, Resene Buntingthe finish they create. of the colours, usually and Resene New York Pink, tray in ReseneWhen asked about individual original pieces, eachthe lightest or most used Cornflower, small cardboard boxes in Reseneartist was easily able to provide a list of which Resenecolour, then you only Torea Bay, Resene Cornflower and Resene Aviatorcolours they used to create itwhich we then askedneed to do one line of and pencil cup and metal arch (on desk) in Resene Torea Bay. Large rug from The Ivy House, smallKate Alexander to work her magic with. Kate showsmasking to paint the rug from Spotlight, painting from endemicworld. howthosesamecolourscouldbetranslatedintosecond colour.interior schemes that not only look great but also do Resene Resene justice to the art by letting it be the star of the show.Sail CornflowerResene ReseneTorea Bay Romantic A one-of-a-kind home officeResene Resene For Alice, original artwork is all about just that: originality. Aviator Triple Alabaster Youll never find the same thing anywhere else. Resene As artists, we put a lot of energy into our work andReseneBunting the final piece has a magic about it that you cantNew York Pink36 37'