b'kitchensan extensionfor the agesA historic cottage gets a Resene newly crafted kitchen MerinoResene inspired by its surroundings.BlackResene A s part of a complete renovation, designers Gold DustResene AnnabelBerryandMeghanNockelsof Apache Design Federation helped bring new life to an 1872 North Otago timber cottageone of theReseneoldest in the Oamaru area. Their brief was to combineParchmenta showstopping the homes historical look with a coastal beach feel,ResenecombiningmoderncomfortsandconveniencesPeriglacial Blueseamlessly with its stunning original details.As the central focal point to the home, the kitchen Above: Despite being part of a newBelow: The window above theElissas commitment toarea was part of a new vaulted addition to the nearlyaddition, Annabel and Meghanssink looks into this garden while 150yearoldhometoallowforgreaterlightand kitchen design is sympathetic to theopposite windows look out to the quality results in anspaciousness compared to the original ceiling height. rest of their clients historical cottagesea. These views helped set the In our design development, we were consciousand maintains a heritage feel. Thecolour palette. The joinery is painted exceptional splashback. that our scheme needed to complement the heritagevaulted ceiling adds a greater sensein Resene Periglacial Blue while the of the building and fit within the architecture. Usingof spaciousness and allows light towalls are in Resene Parchment and E lissaEastwoodisacertifiedReseneGold Dust metallic paint to add a bit of luxe to the look. heritage trims and skirting, v-groove cabinetry andflood in. Walls in Resene Parchment,the ceiling and architraves are in Eco.DecoratorfocusedonminimisingwasteAccording to Elissa, time was the biggest challenge.provincial handles brought this together along withkitchen joinery in Resene PeriglacialResene Eighth Parchment.Blue, ceiling and architraves in frompainting.Fromsetuptoclean-up,Not having attempted a project with quite this level oflightbluecabinetryandasoftsandinspiredwallResene Eighth Parchment. Resene Eighthshesfocusedonthinkingsmarteraboutherdetail before, she wasnt able to anticipate the effortcolour, she explains. The client opted for all newParchmentmethods. Rather than going for whats easiest, shesit took to complete. Much of the work was done in thewooden joinery for the windows and had a new but committed to doing whats best for the environmentevenings, lit by plug-in lamps, but she managed to getold-style door recreated for the kitchen. We kept theBlue,whichwasusedforthejoinery,makeit and whats going to deliver the highest quality resultthejobfinishedbeforethekitcheninstallation.Inold window stays and door handles, stripping themthe perfect colour for this beachside home.for her clienta mandate that could not come acrosstotal, the project took 27 hours to complete with 23back to the original brass as well as upcycling theWhen looking for flooring, it was the homeowner moreclearlyinthisproject:ajaw-droppinghand- of those hours spent on the detailing using her near- original doors. that came across recycled boards from the Waiouru painted splashback. blackReseneMasalablendandReseneGoldDustAnnabelsaysthattheircolourinspirationcameMilitary Camp gymnasium. These were resealed with The splashback was designed to be part of themetallic paint. from two main sources. Firstly, the location of theReseneAquaclearwaterborneclearurethaneto Top and above: ElissaskitcheninaveryinclusiveandexactingwaybyIwantedittohaveamorehandpaintedandhome on the Kakanui coastline, and secondly, frommaintainthefloorscharacter,helpingthenew stunning stencilled andreferencingthedifferentcoloursandlevelsofintricate look than simply blocking in the colour with athe historical wallpapers used in other parts of theaddition blend seamlessly with the heritage portion of hand-painted tileluminosityusedelsewhereinthekitchenarea.Itsmall roller, so I used a super fine artist brush andhome as a reference to the propertys past. We had athe home.splashback is the star of this kitchen. She startedneeded to attract attention and possess energy whilepainted the detail, leaving a border around the edge ofdreamclientwhoenabledustobringaschemeThe result of their combined efforts is an expansion with a background inworking in harmony with the rest of the open planthestencilgraphic,sheexplains.Thisapproachtogether that suits their natural style. thathardlyfeelslikeanexpansionatall.Thanks Resene Masala. Shearea, says Elissa. added depth, intrigue and I believe a higher-end finish. As part of their research, Annabel and MeghantoAnnabelandMeghansattentiontodetail, then applied theElissa decided to go for a tile look, but given that sheSince splashbacks are susceptible to coming intotwice visited adjacent Kakanui Beach and Campbellssympathy for the cottages age and original design, stencilled pattern with awanted total control of where, what and how the colourcontact with moisture and grease, Elissa also neededBay to take pictures of the breath-taking vistas thatandtheembraceofthesurroundinglandscape, custom blend of Resenewould be used, she decided to stencil the pattern directlyto be mindful of the purpose of the area and how tosurroundthehome.ByusingtheReseneColouronecouldalmostbelievethenewkitchenhad Masala and Resene Merino to lighten itonto the wall and add in hand-painted details. ensure its durability. She protected her finished workPalette Generator (www.resene.com/palettegenerator),been there all alonga major mark of success for a followed by details inThisapproachmeantthatIwasabletodoausing Resene Uracryl Clear to reduce the risk of scuffs,we were able to get colours from our photographsheritage renovation. Resene Masala customreasonable amount of detail, which gave the patternscratches and moisture damage. directly generated from our surroundings. The ColourTo get the authentic Resene colour youre blended with Reseneinterest and was similar to the style of pattern I hadHer hard work has made for an eye-catching one- Palette Generator has become such a great sourcelooking for on your kitchen joinery, use Resene Black and highlights inused though the rest of the house. of-a-kind featureone that you would have to look atof inspiration for our palettes now as we continueAquaLAQ. Its especially designed for kitchen sparkly Resene GoldElissastartedwithabackgroundinResenetwice to know that it isnt tiled, which also matchesto use the North Otago environment as a key sourcecabinetry, furniture and joinery and includes a Dust metallic paint. TheLumbersider tinted to Resene Masala. For the stencilflawlessly with the rest of the kitchen and the broaderof inspiration. waterborne sealer, colour coat and Environmental adjacent walls are inChoice approved clear coat.Resene Merino and theitself, she blended Resene Zylone Sheen Zero tinted toscheme colour throughout the home.Forus,ReseneParchmentwhichweused upper cabinets are inResene Masala with a small amount of Resene Merinoonthewallshasadirectrelationtothedesign Annabel Berry and Meghan NockelsResene Masala. to lighten it. For the details, she used another customdesign and images Elissa Eastwood tonesofsandonthebeachatKakanui.ItalsoDesign Federation, www.designfederation.co.nzResene blendResene Lumbersider tinted to Resene MasalaEastwood Environmental Painting haswarm,softtonesforarelaxedcasualvibe.images Rachel Wybrow PhotographyMasala with extra black added. She finished it with Resenewww.eastwoodenvironmental.co.nz ThegentlegreenbluetonesofResenePeriglacialwww.rachelwybrowphotography.com58 59'