b'feature exteriorAbove Following a 20-month renovation, Jeff and Kays house has been stunningly transformed. Architect Paul Clarke considers the way the home interacts with the street and how the cantilever creates intrigue at the entryway to be some of the designs most successful elements. The exterior timber cladding is stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour Pitch Black while the soffits, brickwork, trims and shutters are all painted in Resene CoolColour All Black.Left: In addition to the dining area, Jeff and Kays patio also featuresan enviable lounge area with an outdoor fireplace for keeping warm on cool nights. The cedar shiplap cladding is stained in Resene Waterborne Woodsman CoolColour Pitch Black while the cement wall and patio roof framing are painted Resene CoolColour All Black.Resene Waterborne Resene CoolColourWoodsman Driftwood All BlackResene Waterborne ReseneWoodsman CoolColour Pitch Black SpitfireL ookingatitnow,youwouldneverbelievesays, such as a three-car garage, a large open livingOpposite:thatJeffandKayshomeusedtobeaspace and kitchen, a sunny outdoor living area, largeBrett Gerrard of 1960s bungalow.floor to ceiling windows to allow in heaps of light,Studio2 Architects We had been living in the house behind it for fivefour bedrooms and three bathrooms. surveys the finished years, and when this house came up for sale, weFor most people, coming up with a list of mustproject. The timber cladding is stained in decided to go for it as the position and street appealhaves like Jeffs can be difficult in and of itself, butResene Waterborne was greatand it has amazing views across the city. Ittranslating those ideas for your dream home into aWoodsman CoolColour had been previously renovated with mono-claddingrealityespeciallywhenworkingwithanexistingPitch Black, the louvre and looked dated, but we could see its potential,propertycan be especially challenging. window shutters, says Jeff. Priortopurchasingthehomeandbeingalower brickworkInfact,JeffhadaverystrongideaofwhatbuilderI investigated the floor levels and found weand trim are in Resene CoolColourthehomecouldbecome:asophisticated,could put significant garaging underneath, and to doAll Black and the contemporary haven maximising views, natural lightwhat we wanted, we had to stay within the existingtimber garagea vision in and ventilation. of a modern architectural househistorical height and boundary easements. fromdoor is stained inI had a visionAfter working together on projects in the past, JeffResene Waterborne withplentyofsun.Ithadtohaveacantileveredsought the assistance of Paul Clarke, Ash Kumar andWoodsman Driftwood.component, and it had to be black. All the surroundingtheir team at Studio2 Architects to pinpoint solutions houses were white or lightly coloured and I thoughtthatwouldntsacrificewhathewanted the black would increase the street appeal and createthe home.An owner-builder turns a datedblack a real presence. had constructed their family bachofOurapproachwastoexplorethebulkoftheReseneJeffs choice was also inspired by his parents who,existing home by meticulously pushing and pulling the many years ago,form to configure the spaces, says Paul.fromdemolitionmaterialsbackwhenthosethingsPost-renovation,thehomeisnowcomprised bungalow into a dreamywere in short supply. threelevels,includingathree-cargarageand Theypainteditblackwithcreosote.Ialwayslaundry in the basement. An internal oak staircase contemporary home. thought that our bach looked timeless. finished in Resene Aquaclear Satin leads up to the There were a few other must haves too, hemain living spaces, guest bedroom, study and anNapa74 75'