b'feature houseReseneDouble AlabasterReseneTanaResene QuarterFriar GreyLeft: Designer Kelly Gammies redecoration of what was once her own home, while much lighter and brighter, retains its drama and elegance. The mainResenewall in the open plan living, dining and kitchen space is in Resene WallpaperDouble ConcreteCollection 218951, the panelled bulkhead is in Resene Wan White, the ceiling and trims are in Resene Double Alabaster and the timber floor is stained in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt.ReseneAbove: The master bedroom is rich with texture but still looks light and airyBlackjackwith walls in Resene Double Concrete, batten panels in Resene Wan White and the ceiling in Resene Double Alabaster. Outside, the weatherboardResenecladding is painted Resene Tana. Flaxrare Left: Panelled wallsI ts not every day that an interior designers homekitchen. Rather than painting the space tip to toe in a hits the marketbut rarer still is when that samesingle neutral hue, Kelly brought in layers of black, bird and a bulkhead inthedesigner helps with a customised redecoration ofwhite and grey with subtle variations. This approach Resene Wan White bring plenty of texturethe property so that your new home is picture perfecthelped to soften the feel of the home and create an and interest to thefrom the moment you move in. However, that was theillusion of extra light and space.main living space. ThecasefortheluckynewownersofKellyGammiesAs the designer, it was advantageous to have had fireplace surround isAuckland home. a personal involvement with the home, says Kelly. It painted Resene DoubleThroughherbusiness,EucalyptusDesign&enabled me to know how the natural light worked in Concrete to bringInteriors, Kelly is known for going above and beyondthespace.Forinstance,themainlivingroomhas further depth whilefor her clientele. When she was getting ready to leavelimited natural light, so I knew the new colour palette the display cabinet beyond it is paintedhousebehindwhichshedescribedasbeingneeded to create brightness from within.Resene Blackjack. Thestylish but sombre at the timeshe aimed to makeKelly says that the large black and white cockatoo ceiling is in Reseneit a little lighter of heart for those about to call it theirartwork, the centrepiece in the living area, was her Double Alabaster andnew home. maininspirationforthecoloursandtexturesshe the floor is finished inOne thing that the new owners wanted the four- incorporated in the new design. We pulled Resene Resene Colorwoodstorey home to retain was its texture, especially inWan White out of the pictures neutral tones and used A designers home getsRock Salt. terms of Kellys talented use of wallpaper. They alsoit for the panelled walls. It is a really clean fresh white wantedthepalettetoremainneutrallimitedtoand works perfectly with the selected wallpaper.a refresh to welcome Resene Colorwood shades of black, white and greybut with a fresh lookReseneWallpaperCollection218951wasused Rock Saltand feel that would work seamlessly with the elementsbehind the artwork, which is hung on the longest wall its new owners. Resene Resene that were to be retained, such as the drapery andin the open plan layout. Stretching eight metres, Teak Wan White18 19'