b'feature houseReseneDestinyLeft: The incredible living room ceiling features battens, crown moulding and a medallion in Resene Quarter Villa White, providing a lift to the Resene deep and rich Resene Cab Sav Cab Sav walls.Below: The walls of the master bedroom are painted in a quarter strength of Resene Resene Nebula and trimmed in Quarter VillaResene Quarter Villa White White. The feature wall (left) is in Resene Wallpaper Collection Z4153 (this design is from an older collection; try Resene Wallpaper Collection WM2565 or 36898-5 for a current alternative). Through the doorway, the bathroom walls are in Resene Half Pale Rose with ceiling, panelling and architraves in Resene Quarter Villa White and a tub in Resene Pale Prim.Resene Wallpaper Above: The walls ofa labour of love pairto its full glory. Jane is a visual artist who specialises inCollection WM2565 (front) and 36898-5Jane and Pims livingpainting insects and illustrating childrens books while room are painted inPimisadraughtsmanandsurfinstructor,which Resene Cab Savaallowed both to work primarily from home and cross sumptuous redtasks off their lengthy to-do list bit by bit.brown evocative of We wanted to embrace the age of the house, and its namesaketoHard work pays off in spades forwe had to do it on a very tight budget, says Jane. complement the restored staineda charming Waiuku farmhouse. All of the furniture is secondhand apart from the glass door. Its pairedbeds, and we decided to leave the rooms as separate with wide skirtingareas when others might have converted them to an boards in ReseneI t was love at first sight for Jane and Pim whenneeded to bring the property up to snuff, theopen plan. decidedtobeboldwiththeircolour Quarter Villa White. theycameacrossacenturyoldvillain2015.approachedtheprojectwiththerightattitude:With the intention of staying put for the long haul, Despitebeingabletoseeclearthroughthesympathy for the homes original design and a desirethecouple Resene weatherboards and into the house in some spots, theto restore its charming authentic featureswith thechoices to put their stamp on the home and make it Half Pale Rose couple could also see the potential that the old Waiukuadditionofafewimportantcreaturecomforts,oftheir own. Jane says that the annual habitat by Resene Resene farmhouse held for becoming a beautiful place to callcourse, such as insulation and a dishwasher. calendar definitely influenced a number of her design Pale Prim Resene home. The two decided to take the bull by the hornsSlowly but surely, Jane and Pim spent the betterideas,inspiringadiversepalettefullofcharacter. Nebula andcommittedtobringingitbacktolifethroughpart of the last four and a half years putting in theTo unify their colour choices, each room is trimmed Resene a total restoration. time, patience and elbow grease needed to bring thein either Resene Quarter Villa White or native wood.Norway While there was a considerable amount of workdiamond out of the rough and return the farmhouseI love the character we have created in each 42 43'