b'garagesAbove: Rebecca says she loves her new Resene Duck Egg Blue wall colour, seen at the left. It is beautiful and soft but still adds colour. I am not a fan of white-on-white. The accent wall behind her is in Resene Woodsmoke and the hook rack is in Resene Alabaster.Right: A loft-style ceiling offers heapsof extra storage space for larger items and those that get used less often. The back wall and ceiling battens in Resene Above: Rebeccagarage ingenuity Woodsmoke contrast with the timberdoor to aResene Resene Resenepanels finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash. The side walls are in Resene Duck Egg Blue and the trims and hook rack are in Resene Alabaster.Surrender Duck Egg Blue WoodsmokeResene Resene Resene Colorwood Atomic Alabaster Whitewashgaraging for at least two cars. And people often do and Bens newlyWith real estate at a premium, homeowners are not realise that if they change the garageRight: Rebeccas kids, Charlotte (7) and Harrison reclaimed garagestarting to rethink where they park their carsand junk. glass slider, they could be creating a non-consented(9), have been making serves manyroom that might devalue the house, adds Jeremy.different functionsAthe house. This gives people licence to be a little moreOurfavouriteprojects,though,arewhenthegreat use out of their newstorage space,garage can be so much more than the placedrawing area. This laundry drying,where your vehicle sleeps at nightor, forcreative with the space. customers personality comes out in the final result whiteboard was created lounge area,others, the space to stack up all the junk thatWhen he and Jeremy are approached with a newwhen their input and our experience results in bringingby first painting basecoats playroom andnever gets used. project, Tod says that the most common challengeout a unique identity in the space. Weve done anin an eighth strength of karaoke party zoneAccording to Tod Crosby and Jeremy Davis, ownerstypically faced is how to create a usable room yetindustrial five metre long bar in a subterranean bunker,Resene Duck Egg Blue, toand is nowof Pimp My Garage, its the most versatile room in thestillhavethefacilitytostoreallthosethingsthata workshop that is an extension of the homeownerscoordinate with the walls enjoyed by everybehind (which are painted member of thehouse. Yet, for many families, it is the room investeddont fit anywhere else in the house. Most peopleclassic Chevyand a kids breakout room completein Resene SpaceCote Low family. The exteriorin the least. know roughly how they want their kitchen or walk-inwith disco ball and write-on walls, he laughs. Sheen tinted to Resene cladding is paintedTod and Jeremy began their business in 2017 towardrobe space to work, but we find most peopleThe latter is a project that Tod and Jeremy recentlyDuck Egg Blue), then Resene Surrenderhelp homeowners put better use to this often under- donotknowwhatsolutionsareavailableforcompleted, when they helped homeowners Rebeccatopcoating with Resene with trims, accentsutilised and under-valued area. Whether you want totheir garage. and Ben turn their garage into a multi-use space forFX Write-on Wall Paint.and fencing inuse your garage for storage, play or work, the idea isAccordingtoJeremy,someofthethingsthatthe whole family to enjoy. The frame was painted in Resene Alabaster.thatwewantyoutospendmoretimedoingtheare commonly overlooked in standard garage designThe couple bought the home in 2008. It was aResene Woodsmoke. Inside the garage,Skirting board in Resene the back wall isthings you loveand less time looking for what youinclude poor positioning of power points, insufficientreal do up, Rebecca says. It was a workers cottageLustacryl tinted to Resene painted Reseneneed, says Tod. insulationanddoorseals,andthatmuchofvilla that dates around the late 1800s or early 1900sAlabaster. If the kids need Woodsmoke, theWith property values being so high, people arethe lighting gets covered up when the garage door were not quite sure. We renovated the house in amore creative space, they left wall is inrecognising that their garage is valuable real estateis opened. few stages over the last 10 years and then decided tocan draw on the walls Resene Duck Eggand investing in their garage is adding value to whatThe biggest mistake people make, though, is notdo the garage so we could have a space for the kids towith chalk, as Resene Blue and the trimsis, for many, their largest asset. Most garages are yourconsideringhowtocost-effectivelyre-purposeorplay and for us to store all the extra toys like bikes,SpaceCote Low Sheen also and hook rack are2 works like a chalkboard in Resene Alabaster. standard 36mfootprint, which when you think aboutreturn the room to a garage when it comes time to sellskateboards, a kayak and surfboards, which couldntwhich be easily wiped it, is a very large room which is often extremely under- the house. Not all prospective buyers will share yourfit in the house. clean with a damp cloth.Resene utilised. The garage is also unique in that it can beenthusiasm for the extra room youve lovingly createdNow that the reno has wrapped, she is a definiteResene Half Snow Drift treated as a room that is both inside, yet still outsidesomewillnotconsiderbuyingahousewithoutfan of the expanded storage. The loft storage, theMelting Moment66 67'