b'maintenance featureawayvegeplantsandcutbackperennialsoryou mightprefertoletfloweringperennialsdiebackTrudy treats it rightnaturally. In most cases, it really comes down to aEven when your deck is new, it still needs some love when autumn rolls around. matterofpreference.However,ifyoudooptforSavvy homeowner Trudy Dickinson recently gave her deck a quick and easy cutting everything down, be sure to leave at least sixrefresh. While she had only had it installed just 12 months ago, she knew she inchesofstemandleaves.Checkwithyourlocalneeded to maintain it properly if she wanted it to keep it looking beautiful.garden shop or consult with a landscaper if youreIn parts, the deck was already showing signs of moss or mould establishing. unsure how best to go about it. It was quite an investment, so I want to look after it and make it last, as well as Resene If your herbs grow in your main garden, transplanthaving it look good year-round, says Trudy.Paddock some to pots or planters near your door so that youTrudy first used Resene Timber and Deck Wash before giving it a fresh coat dont have to venture so far out when its cold and wetof Resene Furniture and Decking Oil.to get them. Pick up a few Resene testpots to repaintI followed the instructions to the letter; applying the cleaning product, Resene your planters in colours that contrast or complementleaving it and then scrubbing and rinsing it well was easy. I was surprised at how Kamikaze your exterior palette or choose autumnal hues such asmuch muck came up after only 12 months and with it being mostly under cover Resene Paddock, Resene Kamikaze or Resene Mai Tai.and then how dull the deck looked as it dried. Applying the oil was simple and Most Resene testpots are Resene Lumbersider, which isvery rewarding as I could see where I had been and saw immediately how good Resene durable for outdoor use. If youd prefer a higher glossit looked. I used a wide lambswool pad from my local Resene ColorShop on a Mai Tai finish, you can apply an overcoat of Resene Clearcoatbroomstick so it was fast and easy to apply.UVS or Resene Concrete Clear.It was a warm breezy day so the cleaning, rinsing and drying took a morning. Application of the oil was less than an hour. Clearing the deck of the Touch-up paint furniture and pot plants was the hardest part!Resene TripleSea Fog Remember, paint needs enough time to cure withoutTrudy says her deck is once again an asset to the house and the improved being exposed to drastic temperature and humidityarrangement of furniture has made it more attractive.changes in order for it to last. Cold conditions canI am enjoying it more, as it looks great. Clearing off all the furniture and Above: Make sureforprolongedperiodsoftime.Ifatanytimeyour Coatthecookinggrates,heatplates,warmingcause standard waterborne paint to crack or powderplant pots gave me the chance to rethink the layout. I also made sure to put feet your outdooroutdoor cushions do get wet, ensure you let them dryrack and burners in cooking oil to repel moistureand lead to premature paint failure, which could makeor plant trolleys under all the pots so that the deck doesnt get damp and furniture andproperly prior to storing them away, says Tracey. and prevent rust. allyourhardworkfornought.Whenusingpaintstained from watering run off. decking is in good repair before theIf the finish on your outdoor furnishings has worn Ifyourgrillusesanelectronicignitionsystemduring cooler months, keep an eye on the temperature, cool weather arrivesthrough or if a change of colour is in order, autumn isremovethebatterybeforestoringthegrillboth on the surface and in the air. Remember a surfaceespecially timbera great time to repaint or stain to ensure they will betopreventcorrosionofthecontactsandthecan be a lot colder than the air that surrounds it so you surfaces. If theyproperly protected over the colder, wetter months.battery itself. may find its best to change your order of work and could use a freshForsolidcolours,chooseReseneLumbersideror If you are storing the grill outside, reconnect thework on surfaces like plasterboard in the early morning coat, look to ReseneResene Lustacryl or look to Resene Woodsman timberpropane tank and make sure the valve is in the offand move to areas like concrete, which tend to be Lumbersider or Resene Lustacryl forstains for semi-transparent colours.position. If you are storing the grill inside a garagecooler in cold weather until they have had a chance to solid colours andor shed, which is ideal, leave the propane tankwarm up a little.Resene WoodsmanChill your grill outside,closedandinanuprightposition.ForIf you do need to apply paint when its cold, Resene timber stains forIf you know you wont be firing up your barbecue oversafetyreasons,propanetanksshouldneverbeWintergrade Additive can be added to Resene exterior semi-transparentthe winter months, there are some easy steps you canstored inside your house, garage or shed. waterborne coatings to provide extra protection for colours. Rockcotetake to ensure your gas grill will be ready to roar Lastly, invest in a cover for your grill if it didntpaintapplicationthattakesplaceincolder wall painted in Resene Triple Seacome springtime: come with one to help protect it from moisturetemperatureseven when it dips as low as 3C.Fog and timber Firstly, be sure to disconnect the propane tank oryear-round whenever its not in use. Where you can, get to those touch-up tasks in cladding in Wood-Xnatural gas line before starting any cleaning.early autumn while the weather is still decent so you Kauri Gum, available Removethecookinggrates,heatplatesandTend to your plants can maximise your painting time.from your localwarming rack and brush them clean as best youA gardeners work is never done, and autumn is the Resene ColorShop. can with a wire grill brush. Then wash them intime to start getting your growing space ready forAmp up your all-season enjoymentRemember to applywarm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.winter. Most of New Zealand falls within HardinessJust because its colder and wetter out doesnt mean Resene Deep CleanAbove: Freshly cleaned and to patio areasRemove the burners and set them aside. ScrapeZones 8a to 9b whereas Australia, which is prone tothat you need to say goodbye to your backyard orresealed in time for winter, like pavers to helpthe inside of the burner box making sure to removemore extremes, has Zones 7b through 10b. If youvepatio until springeven if it isnt covered. There areTrudys deck looks good as clean off the as much build-up as possible.moved to a new house during the last year, its worthplenty of ways you can make your space one that cannew. She used Resenelichen over theRemove the drip tray and grease cup and washchecking a Hardiness Zone Map online to see whichbe enjoyed year-round. More permanent structuresTimber and Deck Wash colder months. them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.Zone you live in now as things can be quite differentlike wind walls or roofed pergolas can do wondersbefore giving it a fresh Wipe down the inside of the grill and remove anyeven in a seemingly small geographic region. Certainfor blocking out less desirable weather, if you havecoat of Resene Furniture top tip food particles, dirt or leaves that have accumulated.plants that you might not have had to give specialthe space and budget, but there are plenty of flexible,and Decking Oil. Exterior Keep timber furnitureBuild up at the bottom of the grill cabinet will trapattentiontoatyourlasthomemightneedtobetemporary stylish options like screens, gazebos andcladding in Resene Half Mondo and trim in Resene looking good withmoisture and can accelerate deterioration. protected from frost or brought in over the winter inumbrellas that can help keep you dry and protected.Black White. Resene Woodsman, Clean the outside of your grill using the mildestyour current locale. Plus, you can often find them on sale in autumn.Resene Furniture cleaning solution that will get the job done. If youWeeding is also more easily done in autumn thanEvensmallthingslikerepaintingyourpotsorResene Resene Reseneand Decking Oil orhave maintained the grill, you should only need aspring, when strong mature roots are easier to see andplanterswillhelpmakeyourtimeoutsideduringHalf Mondo Black White HamptonResene Timber andmixture of water and vinegar to clean away surfaceyou can pull them out whole. Give your entire gardenautumn and winter feel all the more enjoyable. Youllimages Trudy Dickinson, Escea, Registered Master Builders Furniture Gel. impurities.Fortougherstainsandspots,useaa once-over and clear up any leaves, twigs or otherbe much more likely to want to use a space that looksbuilders GJ Gardner, www.gjgardner.co.nz cleaner specifically designed for use on gas grills,debris that might have blown in while youre at it. Yougood, and using cheerful hues will help to add a bit ofG Barr Construction, www.gbarrconstruction.co.nzResene following the manufacturers instructions.might also choose to take the time to completely clearcolour while flowering plants are dormant.M O Brown Builders, www.mobrown.co.nz Gull Grey64 65'