b'editorialwelcomeThe cooler months are a great time to take inventory of what Less is More we have: what should stay, what should go and whats missing altogether. When we see the same things day after day, its easy to become unconscious of them. The objects in your home become Esceas DS Series gives you less of everything to give you more than everjust a couch, just a chair, just a cushionand you might stop feeling before. Less frame and unnecessary detail for more focus on the flames.a connection to them because youre not even really seeing them.Less wasted heat with a higher efficiency rating. And less depth to give youWe can create more meaning inside and outside our homes a sleek gas fireplace that uses a small footprint in the home.through the things we collect, by choosing objects to reflect exactly who we are: representing our cultures, aesthetics, travels, wishes, Available both single and double sided.dreams and treasured memories. When done well, this process takes some time. So if you feel uninspired by your surroundings, Learn more at escea.com/DS-Series its a good sign that your decorating isnt doneor maybe, it never even really started.To kick things off, take stock of what you like and dont like, then pick one way to enhance your favourite space. Pick a new paint colour or wallpaper, purchase a piece of original art, paint over that boring plant pot or splurge on one dream piece that is reflective of the type of life you want to liveso long as its something you really, truly love.ThatonesimplechangewilllikelyinspireotherchangesThree of my favourite colours from to follow, allowing you to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.the Resene Multi-finish rangeYoull not only be able to see all the pieces that are part of your larger decorating equation, but it can also be an opportunity toResenelearn more about yourself and the things that influence you andGreen Meets Blueyour choices.We hope what you find in this issue of habitat helps inspire a positive shift towards something thats in better alignment withReseneeverything that makes you, you. MatakanaHappy reading!Laura Lynn Johnston editor ReseneAviatorReseneEdgewaterTheressomethingimmenselysatisfyingaboutfinishingwallpapers and how to go about getting all of that onto the wall, a decorating projectthat sense of pride and achievement thatceiling, floor or whichever area is being transformed.youvetrulytransformedsomething.ThencomesthejoyofIts easy to get over that hurdle. There is plenty of inspiration sharing the story of your decorating journey with others as theyand ideas out there just waiting for you, and our experts in store, admire the new look. online and over the phone are always happy to provide you with Just as a new haircut can make you feel like a new and improvedadvice and ideas, every single step of the wayjust reach out and you, so too can a new look for your home. Sure, no one likesask for their help when you feel like you need a little guidance or the cleaning and sanding bit; but once thats done, lifting the lideven just reassurance that youre on the right track. on that luscious colour you chose and watching it swirl as youTake your time with your choices and immerse yourself in the stir it brings with it a definite sense of anticipation. Even a new coatdecorating journeyyou might surprise yourself with just how of the same colour over an existing one still adds a freshness thatmuch you enjoy it.you can feel. Happy decorating! the Resene teamThehardestpartisoftengettingstartedinthefirstplace. Sometimes the fear of getting it wrong stops us from making any progress at all. Where to start, which colours, which paints andReseneParadise3'