b'paint it rightChoose the right Resenecolours and paints for the job.prep it properlyJust like Jane said, putting in the work to prepare surfaces prior to painting is well worth the effort to get a quality finish. Once old paint and wallpaper have been removed and holes have been repaired, seal any old stained plasterboard with Resene Sureseal. style tip ReseneMany of JaneWoodlandand Pims colour choices were inspired by Resenetheir beautifulFlaxsurroundings. Try bringingthe outsidein with theseReseneearthy hues. ThistleAbove: Jane and Pim share their gorgeously restored home with Darcy the cat, and Sully and Danny the rescue dogs. Inside, the walls are painted Resene Cab Sav. Outside, the weatherboards are painted Resene Jet Stream. Both are trimmed with Resene Quarter Villa White.Above top: Looking at it now, its hard to believe that Jane and PimsWaiuku farmhouse villa is a century old. Resene Jet Stream was used on the weatherboards while the door and the vertical boards that surroundthe base of the house are in Resene Destiny. The trims, lacework, flashingand railings are all in Resene Quarter Villa White.finishes throughout the home, while exhausting, were also worth it to get the perfect paint finish.For Pim, the hardest part was making a start withReseneJet Streamonly a little building experience under his belt and becoming aware of the increasing size of the project as new jobs piled up each time they opened a new Pandoras box. Waiukus tightly knit community were an important part of getting the job done. We werea velvety finishluckytolearnmanyskills,suchasplasteringandResenereplacingweatherboards,fromlocalbuildersandDestiny Dark coloured walls look handy people, he says. particularly impressive in Resene SpaceCote Flat, which reflects less Forothersembarkingonarenovation,Janelight and creates a soft, velvety suggests doing what you love and having fun with it.finish on interior walls. Remember Dont worry about what other people think, sheto check your lighting as it may saysand we couldnt agree more.Resene also need to be adjusted or Quarter Villaredirected for your dramatic colour White to work its magic. For a more images Jessica Gernat, www.jessicachloe.com cocooning effect, continue your wall colour onto your ceiling.turn the page for alternative looks Resene Resenefor this homes spare bedroom. Hint Of Grey Cab Sav47'