b'bright ideasa little Expand your horizonsgoes a long way Create a room with a view with a landscape-inspired mural in your lounge or bedroom. Depending on the look youre going for, you can keep your lines as literal or abstract as you like. Even simple, wavy lines are enough to get the effect. But be sure to use a high-quality paint brushpicking one with plenty of soft bristles makes Mini murals make for smoother lines. From top to bottom, this landscape is in Resene Zulu, Resene Antidote, Resene Sorrell Brown and Resene Lone maximum impact inRanger. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, the side wall is in Resene Half Wood Bark, the bookcase is in defining a space. Resene Zulu, the plant pots are in Resene Lone Ranger and Resene Antidote and the vase is in Resene Merlot. Chair and sheepskin rug from Homage.Resene Resene Resene HalfZulu Merlot Wood BarkResene ReseneAntidote Lone RangerResene Resene Colorwood Sorrell Brown Mid GreywashDifferent strokesIn this lounge, a wall in Resene Solitude has been givenagorgeouspainterlytreatmentwitha watercolour-stylemuralinshapesandcolours inspiredbyanartisticcushion.Createdusing ReseneFXPaintEffectsMediummixedwith ReseneTussock,ReseneSaratoga,Resene Elephant,ResenePirateGold,ReseneCalico, Resene Cobblestone and Resene Bubble White,top tipthe key to nailing this style of mini mural is not toUse a Resene waterborne overthink your brushstrokes and to use the rightenamel, such as Resene tools. Keep movements soft and fluid, work upLustacryl semi-gloss or your layers and use a high-quality painters brushResene SpaceCote Low plus a small flat artists brush to add more details.Sheen in busy areas for The icing on the cake? Paint the rest of yourmaximum durability.surfaces using the same colour palette so that everything ties in together. This floor is in Resene Chino, the sideboard is in Resene Elephant with drawers in Resene Half Copyrite and handles inDefining linesResene Chino, the nesting coffee tables are inWith an open plan layout, you dont always have walls to rely Budding inspiration Resene Saratoga and Resene Tussock, and theon to provide definition between different areas and activities. Whether youre a proper plant lady or lad or simply wish you had a green thumb,accessories are in Resene Half Copyrite, ReseneA minimalist mini mural like this one is a great solution for there is no wilting or overwatering this succulent-inspired mini mural. Created withCalico, Resene Elephant, Resene Kombi, Resenesetting up a small reading nook within a larger space. Two a continuous line in Resene Midnight Express, this wall in Resene Rice Cake withSolitude, Resene Tussock and Resene Gimblet.parallel lines diverge into triangles that frame floating shelves tongue-and-groove panelling in Resene Smoke Tree has been completely broughtChair and pendant lamp from Freedom Furniture,to hold books and accessories while reflecting the shapes in to life. Take the look a step further by making a companion piece of artwork usingcushion and throw from Adairs. the statement rug. Simply add a comfy chair, a small surface testpots in Resene Mariner and Resene Alabaster in a frame painted in Reseneto place your tea or coffee and pull up your favourite throw Midnight Express. The floor is finished in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, theResene Resene and youll have the perfect place to bury yourself in a book. shelf, side table and coaster are in Resene Bunting, the coffee table and round vaseTussock Bubble White The wall is painted in Resene Quarter Truffle with mini mural, are in Resene Felix, the tall woven vase is in Resene Grey Olive and the tiny budResene Resene floor and shelves in Resene Bismark. The large vase, tea light vases are in Resene Grey Olive and Resene Bunting. Sofa from Nood, cushions andSaratoga Chino holder and horse decoration are in Resene Nero, the plant throw from H&M and un-killable faux plants from Freedom Furniture. Resene Resene pot is in Resene Kabul and the small vases are in Resene Pizza, Elephant Half Copyrite Resene Kabul and Resene Dusted Grey. Chair, rug, side table Resene Resene Resene Resene and cushion from Freedom Furniture.Midnight Express Mariner Pirate Gold KombiResene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene Resene ReseneRice Cake Alabaster Felix Calico Solitude Nero Bismark Quarter TruffleResene Resene Resene ReseneResene Resene Resene ReseneSmoke Tree Bunting Grey Olive Cobblestone Gimblet Kabul Pizza Dusted Grey32 33'