b'garagesGarage design top tipsWhile each garage design that Pimp My Garage completes is tailored for the specific homeowner, herearesomekeythingsTodandJeremy recommend time and time again:Workoutwhatyouwanttodowithyour garage. Clever design can allow the space to be used for multiple purposes: parking and rumpus, office and storage, second lounge and a place for all your sports and leisure equipment, etc. Work out what youll keep. Before reorganising yourgarage,workoutwhichlargeitemsor furniture need to remainand be ruthless! IfSpectacular you havent used something in a year or more, do you really need to keep it? Separate your space into zonesplay, storage,Above: The garage walls are all painted in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, aPorirua harbour garden tools, sports equipment and other leisuredurable finish that can be easily cleaned. The right wall is painted in Resene toys. If you use your bikes often, keep themDuck Egg Blue, the architraves and hook rack are in Resene Alabaster and the close to the garage door and the golf clubs closetimber ceiling is finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash with battens in to where the car boot will be positioned. Resene Woodsmoke. The whiteboard was created by first painting basecoatsTakeitallout.Pickafinedayandclearin an eighth strength of Resene Duck Egg Blue, to coordinate with the wall everything out and then re-organise it. Trying tobehind, then topcoating with Resene Write-on Wall Paint.The frame was move everything around everything else is likelypainted in Resene Woodsmoke. Choosing a darker colour (Resene to end in tears, frustration and the temptationWoodsmoke) for the wall behind where Rebecca hangs the family bikes and to give up. gardening toolswhich can sometimes be soiledhelps to mask theWaking up to that view was the long-held dream of Brent and appearance of dirt or marks. Resene Jeanette Tuohy. They bought their property in Plimmerton, PoriruaUsethespace!Ifyourenotusingaroom regularly, it tends not to receive the same respectMystic twelve years ago, with the intention of building their ideal family and care as other rooms that are always used. home to make the most of the spectacular site. And thats exactlyReplaceyouroldfluorotubeswithenergy- Resenecupboards and the gear wall have transformed thewhat theyve done.efficient LED battens. These provide better lightWoodsmoke space. Everything now has a place to go.and will save you money in the long term. RebeccarecommendsplanningforevenmoreThe old 1930s house has been replaced by a very elegant andA garage reno is often the best time to patch upstorage than you think you are going to need. We all those holes in the walls and give the room ahave enough space for all the things we have now andspacious 342m 2Lockwood home. Even though there were a few fresh coat of paint. Our painters and electriciansResenealso space for the futureas the kids get older andweather issues (it is Wellington after all) Brent and Jeanette managed areoftenworkinghand-in-handwithus,Alabaster their equipment gets bigger. Its also great to know weto complete the entire project in just 10 months.maximising the opportunity created by havingcan store things that we only use seasonally and wont the garage cleared out for a re-fit. run out of space. I hate clutter, so it is great to be ableAs a Lockwood home its built from New Zealand grown Radiata Pine.Consider your flooring options carefully. GarageReseneto put everything away.carpethasitsadvantages,butithasDuck Egg Blue JeremysaysthatheandTodsfavouriteaspectIts a fantastic looking product. We love theAnd you cant get much more sustainable than that. The cladding and disadvantages too and there are other optionsoftheprojectwaswhentheteamreturnedtoexterior brackets and the Titanium colourjoinery is all recyclable aluminium. The windows are all Low E (low available.Ifyoudogoforcarpet,dontphotograph the finished space and found the additionemissivity) double glazed and the space between the panes filled with makethemistakeofgettingcheapgarageof a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a karaokegoes with everything, and of course,Argon gas to improve their ability to keep the heat in and the cold out. carpet that may have to be replaced in twomachine all set up and that the kids had written allit wont rust!years time. over the whiteboard they had created using ReseneWhen youre this close to the sea and exposed to the occasionalMakesureyourstorageoptionsFX Write-on Wall Paint. Wellington breeze your choice of building materials becomes suit your current needs but areOur initial brief was to create a break-out room also flexible enough to changefor the kids, while using the available storage space incredibly important. Brent and Jeanette lead very busy lives so as you doespecially if youand that included maximising the roof space. The factminimising maintenance was top of mind. Marley Stratus Design have a young family!that the kids had turned the transformed garage in toSeries Typhoon spouting and RP80 downpipes was a no-brainer. their space was truly satisfying! And the Titanium colour was to chosen to complement both the sky Right: Tod Crosby andSincetheirbusinessiscommittedtoonlyusingand the cladding. Jeremy Davis, owners ofqualityproducts,Jeremysaysthatincorporating Pimp My Garage, helpResene products into their builds is a natural fit. The homeowners to maximisecustomer already had Resene paint finishes throughoutIts the attention to detail that really makes this home special. Brent their most underutilised,their home. Using classic Resene colours allowed us toand Jeanette were incredibly particular in what they wanted in their yet most versatile, room. be able to create a unique space while tying the wholehome. When asked if they would they have done anything differently Resene space back to the rest of the house.in hindsight, their answer was a very succinct, No!Which goes to Vanilla Ice prove that this home is everything they imagined.Resene Colorwooddesigner Pimp My Garage, www.pimpmygarage.co.nz Whitewash images Jessica Gernat, www.jessicachloe.com68'