b'feature houseI love the character wehave created in each separate space. It feels as if each room has its own personality.ReseneQuarter Villa WhiteReseneAbove: After testing outNorway separate space, she says. It feels as if each room hasWallpaper Collection Z4153 (this design is from an a range of Resene greens,its own personality. older wallpaper collection; for a current alternative, try Jane and Pim decided onThe only room we wanted to keep somewhatResene Wallpaper Collection WM2565 or 36898-5) Resene Norway for theneutral was the massive hallway so that it can alsoalongside a quarter strength of Resene Nebula, a hue walls of their diningbe used to exhibit paintings. It led them to choosewhich was also used in half strength in the guest room. The ceiling andReseneHalfWheatfield,ableachedbonewhitebedroom, while the laundry and second bathroom trims are in Resenethatsbothwarmandsoftmakingforthehave been almost entirely collaged in old newspaper Quarter Villa White.idealbackdrop.Thisdecisionalsobenefittedsightarticlesandadvertisementsthepairhavecollected Right: The hallway wallslines when looking in and out of rooms to and fromover the years. Janes art studio is in Resene Quarter and ceiling were keptthe hallway, as the hue works well with each of theirVilla White with panelling in Resene Pale Prim, creating neutral in warm Resene wall colour selections. a bright and sunny atmosphere for her to paint in.Half Wheatfield toJane says that the design for the living room wasOn the outside of the house, Jane and Pim chose respect the sight linesinspired by a private mens smoking lounge. It featuresResene Jet Stream for their weatherboards, which has between different spaces and provide a neutralplenty of rich textures, including a vintage velvet sofa,since become their favourite colour.backdrop for art. an ornate rug as well as an antique desk and cardBeing surrounded by broad skies up on a hill, cabinet. Their artful antiques are complemented byit felt like a seamless colour to fit in with the area, Above: The guest bedroom looks especially restful and relaxing in atop tip ReseneCabSavonthewalls,acolourthattiesJane explains. half strength of Resene Nebula. Architraves and skirting boards in Resene Minimise fly spots onexquisitely into the stunning stained glass door whichIn keeping with the classic villa style, the cladding isQuarter Villa White frame sweeping views of the surrounding farmland ceilings with Resene FlyPim and Jane rescued from a rubbish heap left behindcomplementedbythefrontdoorandaccentsina colour which was also used on the ceiling and crown moulding. Deterrent. Designed toby previous tenants. ReseneDestinyandtrims,lacework,railingsand discourage flies from sittingThe dining room and kitchen are Jane and Pimsflashings in aptly named Resene Quarter Villa White.Top left and right: Resene Norway was carried from the dining areaon the painted surface, itmain socialising areas and the couple wanted them toDespite uncovering a number of surprises alonginto the farmhouse kitchen, which is complemented with trims, ceilingsreduces the appearance offeel cosy and relaxed while embracing the originaltheir journey, Jane found being without a kitchen forand cabinetry in warm Resene Quarter Villa White.unwanted fly spots and isfarmhouse character. several months, after the discovery of asbestos in the especially helpful for highWe must have tested out about fifty shades oflinoleum,wasthetoughestchallengetheyfaced ceilings like this. Resene Resene ResenegreenonthewallsbeforewedecidedonReseneduring their impressive renovation. But in the longCab Sav Pale Prim NebulaResene Norway for both rooms, laughs Jane. run, shes glad its been sorted. The countless hoursResene ReseneHalf Wheatfield The master bedroom has a feature wall in Reseneshe and Pim spent sanding to peel back the agedDestiny Jet Stream44 45'