b'on trendResene colours and materials that are head-to-toe that reallymost widely embraced of the three. Its a more casualas a chair you cant wait to sink into.Duck Egg Blue matter, says interior designer Sylvia Sandford. Walls,concept, one thats hard to define yet simple to agreeThe senses should be heightened as the room Resene windows, doors and openings, how they are decoratedonif it gives you the warm fuzzies, its hygge. wrapsaroundyouandwelcomesyouwithan Inside Back and what is beyondvistas, views, gardens and streetoverwhelming calm.Resene scenescanallprovideasenseofnurtureifColour me tranquil As the sun rises and sets, the mood in a room Dragon planned thoughtfully. The journey to designing a restful and relaxing roomchanges. Whether it be through artificial sources or Resene WhileFengShuiandWabiSabicanbeyourownspecialhyggekrogwhereyoullwantwindowcoverings,lightingisacontrollableand Secrets acknowledgedwhenyouredesigningatoputyourfeetupbeginswithchoosingthepowerfully manipulative tool that can be helpful in Resene spaceyourself,Sylviasaystheyneedtoberight colours. nailingdownthetranquillityyoureafter.Harsh Double Sea Fogproperly understood to really work the way theyreEachcolourhasanenergyandanemotionaldownlighting needs to be avoided and replaced by a Resene supposed to. aspect to it, says Tracie Rodwell-Dunne, who workedvariety of light levels, recommends Sylvia. Try adding BalderdashResene Isubconsciouslyseekharmonyinanyschemeasaninteriordesignerandnowhelpsshareherdimmerswitches,sconces,layeredcurtainsboth Celeste and use these principles as a guide when required. Iimmense knowledge with other aspiring designers assheersandsolidsuntilyoubuild Resene think one can draw from these practices in the pursuitthe owner and principal of Courses 4 Creatives. up the right atmosphere. And dont forget to hunt Terrain ofathemeandintegratethemforthedesiredCertain colours are innately restful and calming,down some candles you love for when you really want Resene outcome, she explains. likeblueandgreen.But,whenwhiteisadded,itto chill out.Cobblestone This is perhaps why hygge has recently become thesoftens all colour energies. This is the case with tintsTouch,too,canhaveabigimpactonhowa like pale blue, pale green, pale pink and the like. space feels. Scandinavian design is inspired by nature, Green, in particular, can evoke powerful emotionsso natural fibres fit particularly well within the concept ReseneHalf Carefree and has the strongest association to wellness. Look toof hygge.Tranquil trios nature and youll see the seemingly endless variety ofLinen works especially well in an interior design When searching for the right hues for you, interior designer and renownedshades of green expressing growth, renewal, life andscheme where this relaxed look is emphasised and colourexpertDebbieAbercrombierecommendstakingyourownpersonalabundancy. Its also the colour that conjures thoughtsit has a remarkable way of keeping cool in summer definition of wellness into consideration.of refreshment and peace for most of us. Performersand warm in winter. Because of its absorbent qualities Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choicesare invited to relax in the green room before goingand ability to breathe, linen is hypoallergenic making toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, wellness can mean a healthyon stage, and many doctors even use green in theiritapopularfabricchoiceforbedlinen.Itisalso balance, wellness can mean nurturing, wellness can be calming and wellnessoffices to help put their patients at ease. naturallyanti-bacterialwhichcreatesasafer,more can be what makes you happy, she says. To some, however, green can also be perceivedhygienic environment.Dependingonyourassociation,DebbierecommendstryingthesenegativelywhenassociatedwithmaterialismNatural fibres can be layered together to create Resene colours: whether it be money, envy or possessiveness. Whileeven more texture and depth within a room. With aResene Resenethese associations are more the exception than thechunky wool rug, some beautiful cushions and anJuniper Rose Goldrule when it comes to its use within the comforts ofeasy-on-the-eyescolourpalette,youcanmakeaResene Resene Colorwood Healthybalanceyour home, Tracie says its still worth noting that whilehome feel very hygge. Natural fibre rugs are hardDover White Mid GreywashResene Resene Resene one hue might make you feel a certain way it can havewearing and great for high traffic areas. Plus, they are Peace Smoothie New Leaf a completely adverse effect on other people. alsoeasiertocleanthanviscoseandcreatemoreAbove: A restful space that is as minimal and toned down as it could be. Whether we like a colour or not is mostly drivenvisual texture within the spaces where theyre used. Pared down to the un-fussy essentials, this relaxing-looking bedroom seems byourownemotionalprogramming.OurlikeorA timber floor stained in Resene Colorwood Midto embody the principle of hygge right to its core. A Nordic blue green, dislike of a colour is very personal. For example, oneGreywash gives off a soft weathered look thats just asResene Juniper is a shade that falls firmly in the category of hues that evoke person might find pale grey calming while someoneideal for a casual bach as it is for an elegant home.a sense of serenity. Used on this bedrooms walls, it pairs perfectly with the else might find it depressingits normal for individualsThanks to its hint of colour, the stain makes for a moretimber floor finished in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash, a headboard in to have different responses.interesting choice than a simple whitewashed floorResene Dover White, a bench in Resene Balderdash and a pendant lamp in Nurturing Calming HappyGenerally speaking though, colours that are mostbut is much more neutral than other coloured stains,Resene Double Sea Fog with a gold leaf effect created using Resene Rose Resene Resene Resene Gold metallic paint. The bedside table and woven basket (housing the large Soulful Artisan Meditation commonlyconsideredrestfulareonesthatarewhich means it goes well with virtually anything. plant) are painted Resene Double Sea Fog, the vases are painted Resene neithertoolightnortoodarkthosethatsitBecause youre not going to be relying on colour soBalderdash (left) and Resene Double Sea Fog (right) and the small ombre somewhere in middle ground are ideal. Their beautymuch to create contrast within your space doesntplant pot is in Resene Celeste (top), Resene Terrain (middle) and Resene Cobblestone (bottom). Rug and cushions from Me & My Trend, artworkhas a subtlety in what may be called a veil of grey.mean that you should eschew it altogether. Instead, Resene Dusted Blue, Resene Duck Egg Blue, Resenelook for ways to incorporate contrast visually so thatand tote from Kmart.Inside Back, Resene Dragon and Resene Secrets are allyour restful room remains interesting. While simplicityLeft: Bathrooms are at the forefront of the wellness design great options, and they work well with colours closeisgenerallythenameofthegameinawellness- trend. A simple textural wallpaper design, such as to them on the colour wheel. Those shades and tintsoriented space, subtle patterns can still be includedResene Wallpaper Collection E376049, is another Resene Resene Resene can be lighter or darker and used in varying proportions and often should be to ensure there is enoughoption for creating a calming bathroom space Sambuca Earthen Napaespecially when used to back a tonal colour tosupportthekeycolour,butitsbesttoavoidvisual interest in the spacethough its best topalette in different shades of indigo, such as anything with too much contrast, adds Sylvia. stick to more restrained versions. Resene Lucky Point, Resene Midnight Express Even if youre not completely redoing yourand Resene Bullitt.Finishes that factor in space, incorporating plants is an affordable and Otherkeyfactorsincreatingarestfulroomeasy way to bring in a breath of fresh air Resene Resenearehavingspaceandasenseofopenness,literally. Some live plants can help to purify theLucky Point Bullittincorporating privacy and avoiding high gloss surfacesair in your home but all will help increase theResene ReseneResene Resene Resene or busy, repetitive patterns, says Sylvia. That meansoxygen levels. Even better? Pick up some ReseneMidnight Express Dusted BlueThumbs Up Wild Thing Pink Ribbon getting rid of clutter and looking for ways to bringtestpots in shades that you find soothing and paintstyling Gem Adams, Kate Alexander, Annick Larkinin comfort and lightness with leggy furniture, suchthe pots youll be housing them in.images Bryce Carlton, Wendy Fenwick30 31'