b"colourful peopleLeft: Julie loves craft Resene Resene boxes painted in Pink Ribbon Horizon Resene colours for Resene Resene adding extra storage Ciderhouse Dusted Blue to rooms. The soccer Resene Resene Half ball shelf is in Resene Stack Duck Egg Blue White, the landscape clipboard and wooden decor camera is dipped in Resene Horizon, the driving centre open box isin Resene Cut Glass, the bottom right box is in Resene Horizon and the top right force box is in Resene Julies favourite coloursAbove: Dcor Handleds Half Duck Egg Blue.Right: Dcor Handleds Dragon Shelf Ledges inWhether for her business or home life, Julie isdipped hooks in (front row, Resene Koru andleft to right) Resene Moon always applying pops of Resene colour.A passion for a Resene Seaweed. pretty time poor, so I focus on things that will makeI love Resene Koru and Resene Seaweed Glow, Resene Pearl Lusta, Resene Tide, Resene Sante colour and customResene my life easier or keep our home tidier. A product hasespeciallyoncoatracks.GreensmakemeFe, Resene Ciderhouse, to work in our home first. It has to be visually pleasing,happy, as I love gardening and plants and canResene Seaweed, (back row, home dcor spurs aCosmos but also function usefully and not be wasteful. So, ifenvisageplantshangingfromtheminleft to right) Resene Blue one of our products can do that, then we will add it tosomeones entrance. Night, Resene St Kilda, creative livelihood. the range we offer, says Julie. JulienamechecksReseneSanteFeasaResene Full Monty, Resene Resene Their children help with product testing, makingcolourshegetsexcitedaboutwhenordersUnicorn, Resene Ballerina, Wax Flower Resene Pink Ribbon and requests,usingeachdesignandofferingfeedbackcomethrough,sinceitcomplementswoodResene Adrenalin.forimprovements.Wewouldnthavecreatedsowellandlooksgreatwithleather.SheBelow: From left to right, some of the shelving we currently have today if italsonotesrequestsforReseneFullMontythese engraved wall hooks by Resene wasnt for them. always make her happy, especially seeing how St Kilda Dcor Handled are painted in Tocolourtheirbeautifulproductrange,whichthemoodydepthofitchangesthefeelofResene Stack, Resene White includes everything from drawer handles to clothinga product. and Resene Cosmos.racks, Julie looked to Resenea choice that she saysHer absolute favourite, though, is Resene Resene came down to one simple thing. Wed tried severalGeyser. I find it so calming and clean and love I ts fair to say that Julie has always been destined forSante Fe differentpaintbrandsduringourrenovationsandthe crisp line of it on a shelf ledge front. Resenea colourful life, having shown a talent and passionknew that Resene could withstand wear and tear fromFull Montyfor the creative industries since she was young. Fastthedailyuseofourboisterouschildren,threeof forwardthroughacareerinretailfashionandaResene whom are boys.Moon Glowpromotionintovisualmerchandising,JulieandherAdding to each products allure is Julies chic colourJulie also added Resene Moon husband Mark bought their first home, kicking herpalette. Selecting just the right hues is something sheGlow,ReseneKoruand love of interiors into overdrive. Resene takes very seriously as a way of putting her customersReseneBlueNightthanks It was a constant struggle to find things that fitBlue Night first, and she considers their feedback and requests toto her children. They have what I wanted for our renovations and within ourbe one of the most vital parts of her business. One ofall been extremely popular tight budget, especially once our twins were born, soher sayings is, I cant fix what I dont know about,choices, she says.we ended up designing and building a lot of what weResene and I cant improve what I dont know to improve.Asforwhatsnextfor wanted along the way, says Julie. I kept designingPearl Lusta While Julie is personally drawn to whites and greys,Julie and Mark, she says thatResenewhat I wanted for our home, and I could see severalshe makes sure to bring her fans into the fold, postingthey always have a workshopWhitegapsinthemarketforitemsthatIthoughtwerecolourchartsontoDcorHandledsInstagramtoandfolderfullofideas. functional and minimalist. Resene gaugeresponseandgaininsight.ThatshowweEngraved styles will be added toReseneAfter joining a mum-trepreneur group, and plentyGeyser addedReseneCosmos,ReseneDustedBlueandthe brands current range of drawerTideof peer pressure from friends, Julie became inspired byReseneHorizontoourrange.Ialsoloveitwhenhandles, which will also be increased with like-minded working mums. She and Mark now runcustomersemailandaskifwecanaddaspecificnew shapes, symbols and customisation options. DcorHandled,theirownonlinebusinessanResene colour to our range, such as the peachwhich is whyThe rest of our focus for the next month or two isReseneendeavour that puts both Julies love for design andKoru we offer Resene Wax Flower, she says. to showcase more of our products in a wider range ofUnicornMarks knack for engineering to good use. Together,Likesomanyinteriordesignlovers,JulieisntResene colours so our customers can see more of the theydesignandmanufacturewall-mountedhomeimmune to the attraction of trending colours. Shechoices on offer. storage products and customisable dcor from locally- Resene frequents Resene ColorShops with her latest purchasesReseneBallerinasourced supplies and ethically-minded products. Seaweed to find the perfect colour match, which is how ReseneTo see more of Julie and Mark's work, Above: Julie and her husband Mark run their ownFindinginspirationcomeseasyforJulie,whoSt Kilda joined her palette. Her childrens input alsovisit www.decorhandled.co.nz.online business, Dcor Handled, with the help of theircontinuestoexamineherownfamilysneedsandResene extends to colour choices, with her youngest choosingResenefour children and a pretty Resene colour palette. desireswhencomingupwithnewproducts.ImCut Glass Resene Sante Fe as Dcor Handleds go-to terracotta.images General Collective, Julie Clark Adrenalin56 57"