b'tips and tricksResene Porsche and the small vase in Resene Citron, injectinganelementofcheerfulnessinasmallyetTake a DIY approachpeaceful way. These highlights play off of the coloursWhether youve already settled on your scheme or have yet to start, another withinthetwooriginalartworks,whichwerealsosure-fire way to ensure that your artwork will match your interior scheme is created using Resene paints. to paint it yourself. Pick up some Resene testpots from your local ColorShop A stripe of Resene Jurassic follows the shape of thein colours that you love and let yourself get stuck in. Resene Concrete floorplate and takes the colour off the wall and out into the room; its straight lines contrastingNeed some inspiration? Visit www.habitatbyresene.com with the flowing curves of the chair, lampshade and large painting. It also moves your eyes around the room,for a host of DIY artwork projects and other creativeforcing them to take their time and soak it all injustpaint ideas to get you started.as a painting does. A mixture of different texturesshiny, matte, rough, smooth,hard,soft,knitandwovenbringtactile interest, adding to the cosiness of the nook. Kate was inspiredbythedifferencesintexturesinthetwo paintings and has expanded that dichotomy into the rest of the room to create contrast.When you choose more than one piece of artwork to go in a space, mixing up their scales is one way of creating contrast between works that share colours in common.Thesetwopiecesarealsosimilarintheir brushstrokes and how their layers were formed, so even though they are of different styles, they still carry a sense of continuity between them. The swirls of the paintings are picked up in the shape of the chair, too. Although its a large piece of furniture, its permeable structure ensures that it doesnt dominate the space, explains Kate.In the same manner, a long bench in Resene Cab Sav does the work of a shelf. It offers plenty of space to holdbooksanddecorativeaccessories,butitkeeps sight lines lower to the ground to leave more visual space for the artwork.Cart before the horseWhile the case for basing the design of your interior scheme on the artwork youll be displaying in it has been made,whataboutthoseofuswhoalreadyhavea scheme thats short on artespecially if youre looking for one or more originals? top tip Resene ReseneOriginal artwork carries an energy, almost like aJurassic Lola Always check your paint tiny piece of the artists soul. You can feel an original inResene Resene colour choices with a Resene a way that you cant with a mass produced artwork,Concrete Permanent Green testpot before you commit. says Jen Sievers. Resene Resene Paint an A2 size card, leaving Cab Sav Porsche a white border, and move it Georgina Hoby Scutt agrees. An original piece offrom wall to wall at different art is full of soul. It holds its own energy and projectstimes of the day and evening The Home of Storage Inspiration that into the space. It may sit as a quiet peaceful vibe,Above: Back wall in Resene Lola, return to see how the lightor radiate with huge energy. affects the colour.Whether youre looking to find something unique orwall with tongue-and-groove panelling inifyourestrugglingtofindanoriginalartworkthatResene Jurassic, floor in Resene Concrete withCome into Blums Auckland and Christchurch showrooms to seemeets your needs, the good news is that most artistsstripe in Resene Jurassic, bench in Resene Cab Sav,tall plant pot in Resene Permanent Green, short plant pot in Resene SPACE TOWER first-hand. While youre there, check out Blums full range ofare open to commissions. Approach an artist whosePorsche and tiny vase in Resene Citron. Chair from Freedom Furniture, European hardware for the latest in beautiful design and smart storage.style you appreciate with the dimensions and colourslamp from Citt, original artwork (Begin Again by Jen Sievers and Still Life Its sure to spark inspiration for your own project.yourelookingforandtheywilllikelyjumpatwith White Bottle by Georgina Hoby Scutt) from endemicworld.thechancetocreatesomethingspecialforyour @blumnewzealandparticular space. styling Kate Alexander Manypeoplethinkthatcreativesshouldjustbeimages Bryce Carletonallowed to do their own thing, but in actuality, a numberartists Alice Berry, www.aliceberrydesign.comofartistsreallyenjoythechallengeofhavingafewHannah Jensen, www.hannahjensen.co.nz constraints. It pushes them to grow and create things thatGeorgina Hoby Scutt, www.bellehawk.com Resenewww.blum.com they might not have done otherwise, explains Kate.Jen Sievers, www.jensievers.com Citron41'