b'bright ideas for kidsplaying up Resene shape,theyResene seeasquare,ReseneJust Right Mellow Yellow Thorndon CreamK ids have a special superpower. When they see a simpledontjust circle, rectangle or trianglethey see a robot, plywood flower, spaceship or tree, and all they need is a bit of paint to uncover its true form. A helpful adult can make a few simple cuts using a jig saw, scroll saw or similar tool to create basic shapes out of plywood and sanddownanysharpedges.Justwipeawaythe sawdust, then the real fun can begin!Rain or shineNo matter what the weather, this childrens nurseryShine onlookssoftandserenethankstoitsmutedReseneRainorshine,youandyourkidswillnevergettiredoflookingatthese colour palette. The wall is in Resene Thorndon Creamcheerful bookends. with cloud detail in Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream,DownloadthetemplatesfromthehabitatbyResenewebsite, the floor and shelf are in Resene Thor, the side table iswww.habitatbyresene.com/news/playing-up-plywood,andtracetheshapes in Resene Laser, the plant pots are in Resene Sandalonto plywood with a pencil (or draw your own) before cutting them out. We and Resene Just Right, the vases are in Resene Thor,also cut arched shapes to cover up the vertical side of the metal bookends. We With a few Resene testpots,Resene Just Right and Resene Vintage, the tea lightused Resene Quarter Frozen, Resene Bali Hai and Resene Undercurrent for the simple shapes can becomeholderisinReseneVintageandthewoodenclouds, Resene Mellow Yellow, Resene Laser and Resene Pirate Gold for the sun rainbowisinReseneVintage,ReseneJustRight,and Resene Undercurrent and Resene Pirate Gold for the arches. Once your fun kid-friendly accessories. Resene Laser, Resene Thor, Resene Undercurrent andpaint has dried, use a hot glue gun to glue the smallest cloud on top of the Resene Safehaven. medium cloud, aligning the corners, then glue the medium cloud on top of the largest cloud. Do the same with the sun, stacking and gluing the smaller Silver lining quarter-circle onto the larger one, then on to the rays.A popular nursery accessory of the 1950s, we think itsUsing quick bond glue, adhere your arches on to the front face of the high time for mobiles to make a comeback. Start bybookends, then apply glue to the vertical edge of the stacked clouds and stick cutting a classic scalloped cloud and a dozen or soit to the centre of the arch painted in Resene Undercurrent. Do the same for the raindrop shapes out of your sheet of plywood. Then,sun, adhering it to the centre of the arch that is painted in Resene Pirate Gold. using a power drill, make holes in the tops of each ofAllow your bookends to dry overnight to ensure the glue has set completely your raindrops, the top of your cloud and a line of holesbefore using them.across the bottom of your cloudwe made five holes along the bottom.Paint your cloud and raindrops using Resene testpotsdid you know.inyourfavouritecoloursweusedReseneEighthResene Zylone Sheen Zero is Environmental Choice approved and has no added Thorndon Cream for our cloud and Resene Vintage,VOCs, making it ideal for use in areas where occupants may be more sensitive Resene Just Right, Resene Quarter Frozen, Resene Thor,to other paints?Resene Safehaven, Resene Laser and Resene Sandal for our raindrops. You can even paint patterns onto someResene Resene Reseneof your raindrops, if you wish. We gave some of oursQuarter Frozen Sandal Vintagestripes and others ticks. Resene Resene ReseneUsing sparkly silver stringthough twine, thread,Pirate Gold Thor Undercurrentwool or ribbon will do the trick toothreadResene Resene EighthReseneLaser Thorndon Cream Safehaventhroughtheholesofyourraindrops, knotting them on at even intervals before knotting the end to oneAbove: Cloud bookend in Resene Undercurrent, of the holes in the bottom ofResene Bali Hai and Resene Quarter Frozen, sun the cloud. Then, thread abookend in Resene Pirate Gold, Resene Laser and longlengthofstringResene Mellow Yellow, wall in Resene Thorndon through the top hole inCream and shelf in Resene Thor.your cloud, knotting itLeft: Cloud mobile in Resene Eighth Thorndon securely.HangyourCream with raindrops in Resene Vintage, Resene mobilefromyourJust Right, Resene Quarter Frozen, Resene Thor, ceilingusingtheResene Safehaven, Resene Laser and Resene Sandal For full project instructions, templatesappropriatehardwareand wall in Resene Thorndon Cream with cloud and more great kids craft ideas, visitand high enough that itdetail in Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream.willbesafelyoutofResenewww.habitatbyresene.com/tips. reach of little hands. Bali Hai52 53'