b'testpotsReseneHot AugustReseneGreen SmokestatementpieceoffurnituretoaddapunchofAbove: Background in Resene Innuendo and painted accessories in contrast to define a more neutral space with stone(clockwise from bottom left) Resene Slate Brown, Resene Double tones like Resene Half Nomad and Resene Chino. Wheatfield, Resene Valour, Resene Marionette, Resene Green Smoke, Its the green blues, though, that are the fastestResene Lemon Twist, Resene Avalanche and Resene Deluge.rising in popularity, blending the best of both colours.Left: Resene Wallpaper Collection IUM002 marries well with three popular Were sure to see more of the likes of Resene Greentrends: animal motifs, art deco and spicy earthy shades. Try it with accents in MeetsBlue,ReseneThorandReseneJuniperovera ruddy red like Resene Hot August and a smoky grey olive green such as previouslypopularemeralds.CombinethemwithResene Tom Thumb.trendy bitter orange like Resene Smoke Tree balancedReseneResene DoubleResene withsofterReseneDestinyorReseneTiaraasaInnuendo Wheatfield Marionettegorgeous base for your main living space. ReseneReseneResene Slate Brown Valour AvalancheNew age greigeInspired. Designed. New age greigea grey-beige blendalso falls intoStockiststhecategoryoftrendingcharacterneutrals.Itcan shine in both cool and warm colour schemes and its a Renovated. Guaranteed. relaxing colour to live with. Try Resene Quarter BisonPage 6: Sunday Armchair from Me & My Trend. Bloomsbury Cushion Cover, Hide, Resene Half Cougar and Resene Half Truffle forTwill Throw with Fringe, Fenris Rug, Moon Table Lamp, Veranda Candle and Grove Tall Marble Dish from Citt. Hannah Vessel and books from Father truegreigesorgoforthosewithredorvioletRabbit. Page 7: Dine Linen Napkins, Moroccan Shopper and Mesh Linen Blend undertones such as Resene Swiss Coffee or ReseneTea Towel from Citt. Sophie So Cool Sunhat from Good Thing. Purse, wallet Dover White to add the interest that your walls, floorsand sunglasses from H&M. Page 8: Radial Extendable Dining Table and Talo and ceilings have been missing.Dinnerware from Citt. Saigon Dining Chairs and Nebraska Wool Floor Rug from Me & My Trend. Someplace Magique Print from Father Rabbit. Books fromPaperPlane.Page9:Dax3-SeaterSofa,McMurdoThrow,Flaxmill Cushions, Leblon Cushion and Tussock Cushion from Me & My Trend. Jute Pouf from Mocka. Page 11: Towel and cushion cover from H&M.ReseneTiaraFor a complete listing of props featured in images created for this issue of 2111 - HAB Mastercraft Services Limitedhabitat magazine, visit www.resene.com/habitat.styling Gem Adams, Laura Lynn Johnston, Annick Larkin, Melle Van Sambeekimages Bryce Carleton, Wendy FenwickReseneReseneResene Quarter Tom Thumb Juniper Bison HideFor more trend-focused tips, pick up a ReseneReseneResene Half Nomad Destiny Half Cougarcopy of the habitat plusdecoratingand colour trends from your local ReseneReseneReseneResene Chino Deluge Half TruffleColorShop or reseller. Its packed full of ReseneReseneResene ideas for how you can incorporate todaysGreen Meets Blue Smoke Tree Dover Whitefashionable colours into your home. Or view ReseneReseneResene Get inspired!it online at www.resene.com/habitatplus. Thor Lemon Twist Swiss CoffeeOrder our free 2020 Look Book at28 locations nationwidewww.mastercraft.co.nz/kitchens/hab Visit us at www.mastercraft.co.nz or call 0800 67 67 6711'