b'tips and tricksget from mass produced art. To be able to feel theReseneToreaBayandReseneSail.AnditsthisReseneChoosing the right colourspaint, see the shadows and the textures that exist atattention to detail that really solidifies the cohesivenessHalf Alabasterfor your home is such different times of day. Its incomparable. thatof the rooms design.But with that being said, Alice also believesResenea personal journey. theres nothing wrong with mixing it up.A subdued sanctuary Blue NightIn my home, I have a mix of commercial/massChoosing the right colours for your home is such a produced prints I love along with original pieces frompersonal journey, says Hannah Jensen. someofmyfavouriteartists.TheoriginalsalwaysA home is a safe place for you to relax, unwindResenebring me joy, and each time I look at them, I noticeand hold joy-filled memoriesand how you expressNew York Pinksomething neweven within my own works! that is the fun side of decorating. Hanging original When Alice is seeking out colours, she often findsartwork is such a special addition to your sanctuary, her inspiration comes from within. As an abstractand finding a piece that evokes emotion within isReseneexpressionist, I paint what I feel and experience.always a great way to choose a work. CornflowerMy recent body of work A Midsummer NightsKates design of a calming conservatory to house Dream was inspired by my experiences in Samoa. MyHannahJensensuniquecarvedpaintingtitled palettes expressed my memories, so they were veryChrysanthemum and Peonies certainly plays to theResenerich and vibrant as they reflected my time there, whichidea of sanctuary. Hannah builds up between 25 andWax FlowerI loved. 75layersofResenepaintonhercanvasesbefore In that collection of works, the blues of the ocean,carvingawaydesignsthatexposethecolours thefreshgreensofthetropicalforestandtheunderneath. This piece features 34 layers comprisedReseneenergisingpinks,orangesandearthytonesfromofReseneAlabastertoppedinResenePoloBlue,Romanticgardens and traditional Tapa clothes, all play a part ininspiring the rooms restful colour palette.her colour palette. Ratherthanstickingtothosetwocoloursonly, Painting is a real joy for me. I dont ever sketchKatealsobroughtReseneTimeOut,ReseneLinkReseneout a painting before I start. I just gather the coloursWater, Resene Bunting, Resene Flotsam and ReseneTriple Alabasterthat feel right and see what happens. I also paint onFrozen into her design to bring more texture into the all the frames of my pieces to signify freedom and notspace. The result is a room that matches in a literal being stuck inside the box, explains Alice. sensewith the right wall in Resene Polo Blue and theReseneKate designed a small home office space featuringarchandfloorinReseneAlabasterbutdoesntLolaoriginal artwork Calm of the Sea/Laolao by Alice Berry,convey the feeling that its overly matchy-matchy.which is part of her aforementioned A Midsummer Nights Dream collection and was created exclusivelyThe more, the merrier Reseneusing Resene colours. It was painted using ReseneKates relaxed reading nook with its grown-up EnglishJurassicAviator,ReseneBlueNight,ReseneCornflower,country vibe shows how far your choice of hues can go Resene Wax Flower and Resene Half Alabaster. Notincreatinginterestinaroom.Restful,receding only does the repetition of these same colours acrosscolours were used for the backdrop, with the mainResenea number of different surfaces within the room createwall in Resene Lola and a return wall with tongue-and- Porschea sense of rhythm, so do the many horizontal lines,groovepanellinginmoodyandbroodingResene including the horizon line that divides the wall, theJurassic, to create an inviting space to wind down with rectilinear shape of the desk painted Resene Sail anda book, explains Kate. Resenethe picture frame. These angular forms have beenThesesereneshadeshavebeenpunctuatedbyCitronbalanced with rounder shapes, such as the tray inpops of bright fluoro, including the plant pot in Resene Cornflower, the curve of the Resene New York Pink chair and the concentric circles of the woven rug, Resenewhich are also painted Resene New York Pink. TheseKates top tips Torea Baydetails, too, play off the dots and shapes within the painting itself. If you have a space where you cant step back very far, such as in a hallway, it By painting the lower portion of the wall in themight just be the perfect place to hang an original painting. You wont have same mid-value colour from the artworkin this case,to deal with the glare off glass and will be able to get up close and personal Resene Aviatorit grounds the artwork more thanwith all of the details.had it been displayed just on a wall painted from topIts common for homeowners to want to hang their artwork quite high on to bottom in Resene Triple Alabaster, which was usedthe wall, possibly to keep it up out of harms way and reduce the risk of for the top section of the wall.itbeingbumped.However,youshouldntbeafraidtohangartwork OnthefloorislighterReseneRomantic,which especially larger pieceslower on the wall, which will allow you to view visually reads as a lighter version of Resene New Yorkthe details comfortably at eye level. After all, artwork that cant be seen Pink. Though it isnt a colour directly used in theproperly cant be enjoyed properly!Chrysanthemum and Peonies by Hannah Jensen inspired the colour paletteResene Resene Resene artwork, says Kate, it feels enough the same that it and unique design in this space, and its round shape inspired a painted wallAlabaster Link Water Bunting still works with the palette while also acting as a pointVisit www.resene.com/artistgallery to learn more about design to frame it. Wall in Resene Flotsam, arch and floor in ReseneResene Resene ReseneAlabaster, right wall in Resene Polo Blue, stripe at left in Resene Bunting,Polo Blue Flotsam Sail of difference from the rest of the scheme.some of the talented artists who incorporate Resene chairs in Resene Link Water, vase in Resene Time Out and coasters in ReseneResene Resene Resene To finish the look, Kate painted smaller accessories Frozen. Table from Jardin, trolley from BoConcept. Time Out Frozen Aviator and accents in Resene Aviator, Resene Cornflower,paints and products in their incredible original work.38 39'