b'maintenance featuremakeyourseasonaloutdoorchoreseveneasier.help reduce the risks of accidents. But just when youtop tipstop tip InstallaMarleyOutletStrainer.Thisinexpensivethought safety and style couldnt go hand-in-handThe bright sun tends to device will stop larger debris and tennis balls gettingthink again. Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path can also be If you are using a make exterior colours look lighter, intoyourdownpipes.Or,installaMarleyCurvetinted to complement your exteriors current dcor. dark exterior colour, so make sure your exterior colours a leaf and debris diverter that removes matter fromNaturalwoodisastunningmaterialtouseremember to askhave enough contrast so that they thewaterasitpassesdownyourdownpipe.Itisfor decking, but to keep it looking spick and span,for the Resene dont all look the same outside. Alwayseasy to install, self-shedding and will help stop theproperprotectionisamust.ReseneWoodsmanCoolColour formula. test and view your colours outdoors riskofstormwatersystemsandretentiontanksDeckingOilStainispenetratingandcanbeeasilyIt reflects morefirst by painting a full Resene of the suns UV, testpot in two coats onto a large gettingblockedupwithleavesandsediment,recoatedovertime.LooktotheReseneExteriorprotecting the paint piece of cardboard, leaving recommends Nigel. woodcare colour chart for the full range of stains toand the claddingan unpainted border choose from.around the edge.Uphold your heat sourceDont forget that its proper preparation that willby minimisingThese days, we are spoilt for choice when it comes tokeep your deck looking its best the longest. If any ofheat stress and elegantoutdoorfireplaces,andtheycanbeanyour paint is flaking or blistering, its going to need apotential damage.important element in making sure your backyard isthoroughscrapetoremoveasmuchpaintas Clean-up your comfortable enough to enjoy year-round. But of course,practicable to make the stripping stage easier. Usetimber surfaces your fireplace will need to be maintained to keep itResene Strip-Off to remove the remainder. ready for fresh looking beautiful and working safely. For solid colours, Resene Lumbersider low sheen orwood stain or paint WhetheryouuseyouroutdoorfireplaceReseneSonyx101semi-glossareidealforawidewith Resene Timber year-round,inthelongersummernightsorinrange of outdoor projects. Remember that our harshand Deck Wash. the middle of winter, there are certainly a few thingssunlight tends to wash colours out, so chances are youSimply apply it to you can do to maintain it, extend its life and keep itwill need to opt for a shade darker than the one youthe surface, leaveburning at its best, says Matthew Cuffe, Architecturalare initially drawn to.it, then scrub and Advisor at Escea. rinse off. Allow to Aswithanyhouseholdgasappliance,makeFix up your furnishings dry and then you sure you get your outdoor gas fire serviced every 1-2TraceyJohnstonofJohnstonImportsrecommendscan apply your years (depending on how often the fire gets used). Ifgiving your outdoor furniture a good clean every fourchoice of Resene the firebox or fascia is showing signs of rust or hasto six months and treating outdoor timber and wickerwood stain or paint. For a quick clean-up conserve Winter is coming. Ismarks,youcancleanitwithasuitablecleaningproducts with a sealant that has a built-in lichen andof outdoor surfaces, product. With some outdoor gas fires, like the Esceamoss inhibitor to prevent stains and repel dirt andeither before EF5000OutdoorGasFireplace,youcanactuallywaterwhilealsokeepingthenaturallookofpainting, or to wash replace the fuel bed or fascia if it needs it, or if youthe surface. your home every simply want to change the look. 6-12 months, use MatthewsaysthatolderoutdoorfireboxesareClean and repelResene Paint Prep Above: A stylishand rotect itsyour backyard ready? asprone to rust, but you can sand and repaint the fireboxOutdoor surfaces gather up lichen and the like and itand Housewash.and make it look as good as new.can be surprising just how quickly this can make Foroutdoorwoodfireplaces,makesureyousurfaces look dirty. regularlyscooptheashoutofthepantopreventSlow acting Resene Deep Clean gets right down to fireplace, such as therusting when the fire isnt in use. And just as you wouldthe roots of the problem, destroying lichen and mildew EP1350 Outdoor Fireget your indoor wood fire chimney swept, its a goodgrowth and is ideal for use on paths, patios, decks and Table from Escea, idea to get your outdoor wood fire swept regularly too.otherexteriorcementitious,timberandpainted can help make yourWe usually recommend getting this done once a year.surfaces. For areas like terracotta tiles, seal with ReseneResene CoolColour patio enjoyable forMonitor your wood stack and make sure its stored in aAquapel&TerracottaSealer,awaterrepellentDouble Gravelentertaining year- T he end of spring marks the beginning of a tryingSmooth spouting your spouting system willdry place, ideally off the groundand ensure you havetreatment that will provide a water-beading effect andResene CoolColour round. Exterior cladding in Resenetime for homeowners. Thanks to our favourableRegular maintenance ofa hose or fire extinguisher handy, just in case a loghelpkeepsurfacescleaner.Thisisalsoidealfor CoolColour Concreteclimate, many of us dont have to worry aboutprotectlooksandhelpensureitperformshappens to roll out while youre using it. terracotta plantersmake sure you seal them inside and Resene CoolColourthe ground freezing or snow falling, but that doesntguaranteed, says Nigel Montgomery, Senior ProductMatthewalsorecommendscheckingifyourandoutbeforeyoupaintthemtostopthewaterConcreteDouble Gravel. Protectmean there arent plenty of things to do around theManager for Marley.outdoor fire comes with a weather cover or if you cancoming through the pot.exterior concretebackyard to get ready before the mercury beginsCleaningrequirementswilldependonyourpurchase one for it. A weather cover will protect theOutdoor cushions should be removed and stored pavers with ReseneReseneConcrete Conserver to drop. external environmentsuch as the number and typefirebox from the elements when its not in use andover the colder months. Do not leave them to be wetEarthstonefor a clear finish orIn some way or another, nearly every element thatof trees around your property, or if you are in a coastalhelp prevent rusting.rejuvenate the youhaveinyourbackyardcan(andshould)beregion subjected to windblown sand and salt spray. colour with Resenewinterised in order to protect your investments, rightBut,tomaintainitsappearance,spoutingcanbeWeatherproof your walkways Resene HalfConcrete Stain. from your lawn furniture and grills to your swimmingwashed at least once per year, and autumn is the idealNo matter what time of year it is, youll want all thedid you know. Hammerheadpool and garden accessories. Plus, there are plenty oftime to do it. Use warm soapy water and a soft bristledsurfaces you traverse on your property to be bothReseneUmbrellaAdditiveisanadditiveforexteriorwaterbornecoatings projectsyoucandotohelpmakeyourpatioanbrush or cloth and simply rinse it off with clean water. clean and safe, but wetter, colder weather can causeproviding rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has enjoyable place to spend time year-round. When it comes to maintaining the inside of youroutdoorpathwaystobecomeextraslipperydried? Once applied, a coating containing Resene Umbrella Additive quickly When you properly winterise your backyard, it canspouting, Marleys website has plenty of useful tips onespecially if you live where it can drop below freezing. startstobuildaprotectiveshellthatthenextendsthroughoutthewhole save you a lot of time and energy when spring comeshow to flush your system and clear any blockages toLook to Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path, especiallycoating. Water is able to evaporate from the coating allowing it to dry but light Resene around again. Try these ideas to preserve and maintainhelp things run smoothlybut they also have twoforsurfacesthatareonaslope.Thelightgrittedshowerssimplyrolloffleavingthestill-dryingcoatingfirmlyattachedto Tussock your backyard during the winter season. special products that can help keep things clean andtexture offers extra grip and slip resistance that canthe substrate. 62 63'