b'bright ideas for kidsResene ReseneBroom AniseA motorway for boundless play Reading roadwaysWhen you love playing with cars, the world is yourWithjustacoupleofplywood motorway. Help pave the way for creative play bysquares and rectangles, toy cars using paint and masking to turn your childs bedroomandResenetestpots,youcan or playroom into a whole world for them to explore.put a pair of boring bookends The lower walls and floor in this room are painted inonthehighwaytofun.We Resene Highland while the road is in Resene Sharkpaintedoursintwocoatsof with dashed lines in Resene Broom and the mountainsResene Shark, allowing time to are in Resene Trojan with snowy caps in Resene Bubbledry in between coats. To speed White. To keep the space feeling light, the sky is inthings up, you can always use a Resene Saltpan. The upper shelves are painted Resenehair dryer to put the drying process Java with clouds beneath in Resene Bubble White, thein the fast lane.Paint Resene FX Magneticlower shelf is in Resene Japanese Laurel, the chair is inOnceyourpaintisdry,usehigh Magic beneath your colouredResene Anise, the toy box is in Resene Sebedee with aquality masking tape to create the dashed lid in Resene Broom, the hooks are in Resene Broomcentreline.Simplyfindthecentreofyour topcoats to add anotherand Resene Bubble White, and the plant pots, bowlsrectangle, apply strips of masking half a centimetreResenedimension of play. and vases (from left to right) are in Resene Broom,on either side, then use perpendicular strips ofSebedeeResene Shark, Resene Japanese Laurel, Resene Anise,maskingtocreatethegapsinbetween.We Resene Sebedee, Resene Bubble White, Resene Javapainted our dashes in Resene Broom. While your and Resene Sebedee. Even the peg pedestrians haveroads are drying, paint a few wooden or diecastReseneResene Resene Resene been painted to match in Resene Sebedee, Resenevehicles using Resene testpots in your favouriteUntamedHighland Trojan Saltpan Broom, Resene Japanese Laurel and Resene Java. colours.WeusedtwocoatseachofResene Resene Resene Resene Toaddanotherdimensionofplay,thegrassySebedee, Resene Untamed and Resene Mystery Shark Bubble White Japanese Laurelsection of the wall has been coated in Resene FXfor our cars. ReseneMagneticMagicthentopcoated.AttachstrongOnce everything has dried, use quick bond glueMysterymagnetstothebackofplywoodshapesorsmallto attach your road sections to the back of your woodentoyscars,trees,buildings,lettersandmetal bookends and each other so your shapes numbersand your kids can enjoy countless hourscreate an L shape. Then, glue the wheels of yourReseneplaying out stories on their walls. To make things evenvehicles onto your roadways so that they appearJavabetter, choose Resene FX Chalkboard Paint or Reseneto be driving up and down your bookends.SpaceCote Low Sheen for your tinted topcoat and the surface will also work as a chalkboard. Simply wipe itAbove: Kids who love reading as much as theyReseneclean with a damp cloth. love cars will appreciate these motorwayParadisebookends. Roads in Resene Shark and Resene Below: No hue is out of reach when it comes toBroom, toy cars in Resene Sebedee, Resene colouring these cute mountain bookends. We usedUntamed and Resene Mystery, wall in ReseneReseneHighland with road in Resene Shark and ReseneGulf StreamResene Japonica, Resene Sebedee, Resene Paradise,Broom, toy chest in Resene Sebedee with lid in Resene Gulf Stream and Resene Alabaster for ours.Resene Broom, and magnets in Resene Sebedee, The wall is painted Resene Trojan and ReseneResene Broom, Resene Anise, Resene Japanese Highland and the shelf is in Resene Java.Laurel, Resene Java and Resene Bubble White. ReseneAlabasterPeaky mindersThese mountain-shaped bookends are one cute way to keep your childrens books in line. We used Resene testpots in four different colours for our mountains to give them depthResene Japonica and Resene Sebedee for the orange ones and Resene Paradise and Resene Gulf Stream for the blue onesbut the sky is the limit when it comes to the colourskids Colour your home with28/05/19 9:19 AMyou can use to paint your mountains. Once youve painted on two basecoats and allowed them to dry, mask off the tips of the triangles and paint on the snow caps to finish the effect. P212909 HB+ Booklet Kids Rooms_v18.indd 1We used two coats of Resene Alabaster. From there, simply For more kid-friendlyglue your smaller mountains on top of your larger mountains,ideas, pick up a copyaligning the corners, and then use quick bond glue thatsof the habitat plussuitable for both metal and wood to attach the straight side kids spaces from yourof your mountains to the backs of basic metal bookends.local Resene ColorShop or Resene projects and styling Laura Lynn Johnston reseller, or view it online atJaponica images Bryce Carleton www.resene.com/habitatplus.54 55'