b'testpotsReseneCoastdid you know.A selection of Resene paints andaccessories can be purchased online?past meets present Resene You can choose to click and collect or get These vintage-inspired hues remind us of more relaxed and simpler times.Bismark your order delivered. See shop.resene.com.While the palette and textures in this space may have a strong nod to nostalgia, theyve been spun in a way that feels much more contemporary than retro. Pale pinks and blues featured heavily in the dining rooms of the 80s and were often combined together in a single scheme. These popular pastels of yesteryear have now been updated with muddier tones. This wall in Resene Duck Egg Blue has also been given a soft 80s-esque texture using Resene FX Paint Effects Medium mixed with Resene Rolling Stone while the sideboard in Resene Inside Back both coordinates and contrasts. The 80s revival chairs combined with furniture forms that are unquestionably contemporary seal the lookbut its the crisp Resene Half Orchid White lamp, Resene Half Villa White floor and accessories in Resene Kalgoorie Sands and Resene Wedgewood that make this room work.Resene TripleBlack WhiteResenePirate Gold ReseneManuka Honeyfurniture in Resene Moroccan Spice or Resene AyersAbove: This boho chic lounge makes use of aReseneRock to lock down the look. number of gorgeous Resene character neutrals.Lemon TwistSubtle spritzers of light lime greens like ReseneWall, shelf and skirting in Resene Black White, chequerboard painted floor in Resene Black Lemon Twist work well with a variety of other coloursWhite and Resene Triple Black White, coffee for the same reason that orange does it adds a pointtable in Resene Westar, jug vase in ReseneReseneMoroccan Spiceof differenceso these too have been squeezing theirGumboot (top) and Resene Black White way into the spotlight. Yellows, however, have either(bottom), large bowl in Resene Gumboot and gone golden like Resene Pirate Gold or turned towardResene Saltpan, geometric plant pots in Resene Saltpan and Resene Quarter Chicago, ombreResenemoresafarishadeslikeReseneSidecarorReseneplant pot in Resene Celeste (top), Resene TerrainUndercurrentManuka Honeymaking them the ideal pairing for(middle) and Resene Cobblestone (bottom) and the animal prints that have also been trending wildly. woven pendant lamp in Resene Despacito.Above left: Resene Wallpaper Collection KOS403ReseneTruly classic blues Dark Knightpicks up trending coastal blues and green blues While the Pantone Colour Institute may have declaredin its striped design. Try it with Resene Coast, Classic Blue to be the Pantone Colour of the YearResene Bismark and pops of Resene Pirate Gold.2020 to herald our way into a new decade of design,ReseneResene its deeper, murkier blues that have taken over theReseneReseneTangaroaKalgoorie Sands Ayers Rock Sidecarinteriors landscape locally. Coastal blues like Resene ReseneUndercurrent,ReseneBismarkandReseneCoastReseneResene Duck Egg Blue Black White Celesteremain popular classic options that are perfect for theReseneResene Halfhome or bach, whereas deep sapphires continue to beReseneReseneElephantOrchid White Westar TerrainResene among the most coveted jewel tones in our part of the Resene HalfWedgewood ReseneResene Villa White world. Look to shades like Resene Tangaroa or ReseneGumboot CobblestoneResene Elephant for building a dark tonal bedroom or useReseneReseneRolling Stone ReseneReseneQuarter ChicagoInside Back theminsmallerdosesonaccessoriesoraSaltpan Despacito8 9'