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From Habitat plus – wallpaper

Don’t limit your wallpaper to your walls or using just one design all over.

Resene Wallpaper Collection GP5973
Resene Wallpaper Collection GP5973.

Wallpaper can be used in a variety of unexpected and fun ways, big and small. Cover books and old tins to use as pen pots, or decorate the front of a chest of drawers or the back of a set of shelves.


The Anaglypta wallpaper on the left, design RD335, has been given an antique effect by painting it in Resene Avalanche, then lightly rolling over with Resene Alabaster.

Use the texture of this Anaglypta wallpaper below, design RD80103, to create a unique chevron design. It has been painted all over in Resene Solitude, then clusters of chevrons picked out with an artist's brush in Resene Dust Storm, Resene Jaguar, Resene Pirate Gold and Resene Glorious.

Textured and anaglypta wallpaper
Left: Resene Wallpaper Collection RD335.    Right: Resene Wallpaper Collection RD80103.

Off the wall

Paint is always a good way to smarten up furniture, but adding wallpaper brings a whole new dimension.

Use wallpaper offcuts or samples to cover the back of some shelves or the front of a chest of drawers. Or how about using a cheeky print on the side of the drawer? The shelves, at left, are painted in Resene Gold Dust from the Resene Metallics and special effects range, then the backs are wallpapered in three different designs: 378003 (top), 378022 (middle) and 378031 (bottom). The wall is in Resene Putty, the peg stool is in Resene Teak, the pot is Resene Castaway and the blue pot is Resene Coast.

The front of these drawers, below left, are covered in design 366011 from the Resene Wallpaper Collection, while the rest of the unit is painted Resene Half Coriander. The wall is Resene Half Coriander too.

Open the drawers and voila, a lemur. Have fun with wallpaper design 12401 on a set of drawers that have been painted in Resene Half Coriander.

Wallpapering furniture
Left: Resene Wallpaper Collection 378003, 378022, 378031.  Centre: Resene Wallpaper Collection 366011.   Right: Resene Wallpaper Collection 12401.

Patchwork wall

Why have just one wallpaper when you can use a variety? This patchwork wall is a creative way to use a range of fresh floral wallpaper designs, cut into squares and rectangles and pasted to the wall for a feature wall. Simply buy 3-5 different rolls, or for a smaller room, use the Resene wallpaper cut length service, available for selected wallpapers, to order smaller quantities from your local Resene ColorShop.

Patchwork wall
Patchwork wall

The designs used here are (top row) EB2101, WT4544, WT4503, WT4559; (second row) WT4559, WT4603, WT4503, WT4518 hung sideways; (third row) WT4518 hung sideways, WT4503, WT4613, EB2101; (bottom row) AB2155, WT4544, WT4613.

Small things...

Transforming small everyday objects with a bit of wallpaper is super-easy. These pen pots are old tins covered in wallpaper design GP5973. The clipboards are designs 34134-4 (left), 32456-1 (standing) and 34137-8 (on side), and the covered exercise book is in design 605631.

Did you know...

That there are a series of quick videos showing you how to do some of these projects on

Small things in wallpaper!
 Left: Exercise book - Resene Wallpaper Collection 605631.   Top Right: Pen pots - Resene Wallpaper Collection GP5973.   Bottom Right: Clipboards - Resene Wallpaper Collection 34134-4 (left), 32456-1 (standing), 34137-8 (on side).

Of butterflies and blooms

Head back to craft class and fashion these fluttery butterflies out of wallpaper design 606874, then let them fly up the wall (painted in Resene Urbane).
Or make some romantic floral blooms out of wallpaper designs TP1011 and GP5945.

Instant art

Many wallpapers are so pictorial and detailed, they can become pieces of art. Either wrap the wallpaper around a readymade canvas or pop it into a suitable frame. This triptych of herons was cut from samples of wallpaper design 98631, while the toile-style wallpaper is design 98570. The wall and hall table are painted in Resene Coast while the vases are in Resene Ashanti and Resene Double Sea Fog.

Create instant art with wallpaper!
Left: Resene Wallpaper Collection TP1011, GP5945.   Centre: Resene Wallpaper Collection 98570, 98631.   Right: Resene Wallpaper Collection 606874.

Tips and tricks:

  • Whenever the surface you are about to wallpaper is discoloured, sunburnt or has water soluble stains, apply a full coat of Resene Sureseal pigmented sealer to the entire surface. Once dry, sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper to give a good key/grip for your size and paste to stick to. Dust the entire surface.

  • Most modern wallpapers are strippable but when stripping an older wallpaper use a wallpaper stripper such as Metylan Wallpaper Remover. Don’t use liquid detergent.

  • Never assume that windows and doors are straight or true or that the height is the same all the way around the room. Always measure and use your plumbline to ensure your wallpaper is hung true and straight.

  • Always allow your wallpaper to dry naturally after hanging. Do not try to hurry the drying process by using a heater. Force drying the wallpaper will cause the joins to open during the drying process. In cold, damp, unventilated conditions, drying may take up to one week.

  • Change the water in the trough after every three lengths or 10 minutes.

  • Do not use a seam roller and don’t apply too much pressure to the seams or you will squeeze out the paste and the edges will lift.

  • Wipe off excess paste and water after each length. A towel under the water trough is a good idea.

  • It is not necessary or recommended to repaste ready pasted wallpaper.

  • Anaglypta and Paint On wallpaper instructions must be carefully followed.

  • Read the instructions on the rear of the wallpaper label before starting.

  • Before you begin, check your wallpaper roll by roll to ensure that you have the correct pattern, colour and sufficient quantity of the same lot number.

  • If after hanging three lengths defective wallpaper is discovered, stop and contact your Resene ColorShop.


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