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Answers to your questions from our colour experts, p. 99

Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 99

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online. 

Q: Why does the sky look blue? How do you match the colour of the sky in paint?

Red is a bright warm colour positioned at the least refracted end of the spectrum and the furthest away from violet.

Red sky at night sailor's delight, red sky in the morning sailor's warning… but what makes the sky turn from red to blue and back again? It's surprising how often we are asked this very question.

The sky changes from blue during the day to often red or orange as the sun rises and sets. This is because of the atmosphere surrounding the earth. It is made up of billions of particles that are so small they can't be seen with a human eye. Light hits the particles as it travels from the sun to the earth, bouncing off them and scattering around.

During sunrises and sunsets the sun is low in the sky which means it needs to travel through a thicker layer of the atmosphere. This means the sunlight is bounced off more particles so most of the blue and violet light is scattered leaving only the orange and red light to colour the sunrise or sunset.

During the middle of the day the sun is higher in the sky. Less sunlight is scattered leaving more blue light to travel through the atmosphere so we can see it.

When it comes to matching the blue of the sky, the exact blue is completely variable depending on a whole host of factors including where you are and the time of the year/day. The best idea is to either take a photo of the sky and get it colour matched or take your handy Resene Multi-finish palette colour set outside and match the desired sky colour up to a Resene colour chip to ensure you are getting a sky blue that matches your expectations.

Nov 2020

Q. How can I use paint to make a statement?

A. When being brave with colour, sometimes it’s hard to know where to be brave. If you’re new to using colour, the easiest place to be brave is with things you can change easily, such as your paint finish. Benchtops, carpet and laminates are hard or expensive to change regularly, so it’s good to think ahead and choose colours for these that go well with many other colours so that you can easily change your look in the future just by changing your paint colour.

Colourblocking is a popular way to combine a palette of favourite colours into one space. Rather than choosing just one colour, choose three or more and then use low tack masking tape to tape off a pattern on your wall, then paint the different parts of the masked off area with the palette of colours.

If you have colours that you’d love to use, but your other half just can’t stand them, consider painting them inside drawers, cupboards or inside your wardrobe. That way, when you open the drawer or door the colour will sing to you, but when closed the colour will be hidden. Sometimes all you need is a little hit of your favourite uplifting colour to brighten your mood.

If you love bold colour, then the sky is the limit. Floors, ceilings, walls and furniture can all be brightened with paint. While feature walls are still popular, it is becoming increasingly popular to use colour beyond one wall, such as colours that flow from wall to ceiling, colour that runs partway between two walls, or large blocks of colour that are almost artistic but aren’t defined by the edges of the wall. Upcycle old furniture with your favourite bold colour or combine a few colours into a colourblocking effect.

Wallpaper is a popular option in living rooms, bedrooms and powder rooms to bring in colour, texture and design. One wall of a feature wallpaper complemented by a colour picked out of the wallpaper as a complementary Resene paint colour on adjacent walls can transform a space. From sumptuous and bold, to graphic and retro, there are thousands of wallpapers to choose from at Resene ColorShops to dress up your home. Use wallpaper in place of artwork.

Colours wise, the most popular interior colours we are seeing at the moment are weathered and washed blues, such as Resene Duck Egg Blue and Resene Dusted Blue. These blues work beautifully with crisp Resene Alabaster to frame and bring out the colour. For bolder colour choices, jewel tones, such as Resene Coast and Resene Atlas, are also popular.

June 2020

Q. I want to update my kitchen and get away from boring and all white paint. Can you please suggest some ideas to make it more interesting?

A. There are many things you can do with your decorating to make your kitchen more interesting…

If you can't afford a new kitchen you can easily update your old one. Paint cabinetry using Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel, in your favourite Resene colours, and update your handles. Voila! A new look kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one. You can even paint over the floor using Resene Walk-on to hide keep your kitchen looking good.

Kitchens need special paint to withstand the moisture and wear and tear. Use the Resene SpaceCote Kitchen & Bathroom and Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom range. Make your ceiling easier to clean with Resene SpaceCote Flat – it's a matte waterborne enamel that can be easily wiped clean without burnishing the surface.

Try these ideas:

  • Interactive writing spaces – using Resene Blackboard Paint or Resene Write-on Wall Paint – so you can write funny messages for family, handy to do lists and help keep check on busy family life without hunting for paper.
  • Surprise colour – touches of colour where you might least expect it. Scullery and pantries are a clever way to add some colour that you can enjoy while you are using the kitchen but don't have to look at all the time.
  • Feature colours… but not necessarily on the wall. Think ceiling, cabinetry and also sections of colour that may run from ceiling to floor but only part of the wall, table legs in colour, the kitchen island, or the kitchen island end. It's a touch of colour to enliven a colour scheme without going overboard.
  • Lighter, natural timbers using Resene Colorwood Whitewash finish, which gives a white washed subtle scandi look while allowing the honesty of the woodgrain to show through.

April 2020

Q. Our feature walls are painted in Resene Quarter Taupe Grey (which I love, particularly the hint of moss green). Our main walls are painted in Resene Albescent White which I find is too cream. Can you please advise an alternate white (probably with green undertones)?

A. The following whites may be worth checking out – Resene Half Merino, Resene Wan White or Resene Half Black White.

April 2020

Q. I am painting the exterior of my house in Resene Grey Chateau. What is the lightest roof colour I could get away with (for a corrugated metal roof)? I'd also appreciate a suggestion of a nice light, bright colour to paint my front and back doors.

A. A light roof colour might be one of the following – Resene Half Tuna, Resene Gauntlet or Resene Mid Grey.

Roof colours often look a lot lighter due to the reflection of the angle of the roof to the sun.

Light, bright colours to consider for the front and back doors might be one of the following – Resene Moonlight, Resene Party Zone, Resene Drop Dead Gorgeous or Resene Mozart.

Resene Grey Chateau

(exterior wall)

Resene Moonlight

Resene Party Zone

April 2020

Q. My home is painted in Resene Foggy Grey. I am looking for dark grey paint for wooden front veranda.

A. You might check out the following colours to see if they appeal to you – Resene Masala or slightly softer toned – Resene Half Masala.

April 2020

Q. We are specifying corrugate cladding in COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod and want to colour match to painted James Hardie Stria cladding. What Resene colour should we use to match COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod?

A. Just to clarify your question – do you mean to match FlaxPod exactly? or a colour that looks harmonious with FlaxPod – but not as dark?

To match COLORSTEEL® FlaxPod we recommend Resene Element, which is the Resene version of that colour.

Some colours that look harmonious with FlaxPod (but are not as dark) for you to check out – Resene Windswept, Resene Masala or Resene Half Ironsand.

April 2020

Q. I want a colourful front door on my house. I was wondering which bright colour would go with Resene Half Pravda?

A. The following bright colours are worth checking out – Resene She’ll Be Right, Resene I Dare You, Resene Poppy or Resene Jailbreak.

April 2020

Q. I have painted my living room Resene Half Grey Chateau’ Looking out the room to the hall, the current Resene Bianca coloured hall no longer looks good. Which colour would you suggest will tone in well with Resene Half Grey Chateau?

A. I like the association between the lilac/grey of Resene Half Grey Chateau and the fleecy almost yellow undertone of Resene Bianca. I think that both colours – when seen in proximity – do emphasise their individual undertones.

If you aren't keen on Resene Bianca then a lighter white variant of the same colour might work – i.e. Resene Quarter Bianca.

Or alternatively a cool type of white may appeal to you – perhaps one of the following colours – Resene Quarter Iron or Resene Black White.

April 2020

Q. Can you please tell me the most common colours for soffits?

A. Soffits – because they are often not seen as they are under the edge of the roof line extension – are often a white.

Sometimes if the style of the house is a bit special and the soffits are much larger, and they are seen more they are picked out in a definite colour or stained tongue and groove timbers.

The following are a few that work with almost any colours on most houses – Resene Double Alabaster, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Merino, Resene Quarter Spanish White or Resene Waterborne Woodsman Heartwood.

April 2020

Q. I have repainted my small spare room/study. I was wanting it to be a soft/calming duck egg colour, but it has ended up a bright smurf blue – can you advise on what colours would create the fresh/soft/calming duck egg colour I am after? It's a small, West facing room.

A. For a soft calming duck egg blue you could try Resene Dusted Blue or Resene Periglacial Blue. We do also have Resene Duck Egg Blue.

April 2020

Q. I have an exterior Grey Friars roof, Resene Quarter Truffle Summerhill stone walls with Resene Half Black White soffits. I want to use a smoky blue/grey as window ledge?

A. The following blue/greys are worth checking out – Resene Raven, Resene Half Tuna, Resene Quarter Grey Friars, Resene Rhino or Resene Half New Denim Blue.

April 2020

Q. I would really love some colour palette advice for my home. We will eventually repaint every room, and we've started off by repainting our three bedrooms in Resene Quarter Silver Chalice and our master bedroom in Resene Rascal.

I'm quite indecisive with colour and don't think strategically about what works cohesively. I'm worried that if I don't think about the overall combination of colours it'll eventually look mismatched. I'd love advice and suggestions of 4-5 colours that could go in other rooms e.g. living and dining, lounge, hallway that I could use as a guide that would complement the two existing colours I've chosen. We have a standard 1970s house with wooden trims.

A. I think it is easy to choose randomly when it comes to colours. You think that if you like the colours then they will naturally like each other and look great.

Sometimes if one room is radically different to the other colours in a house it is a case of 'never open the door' so they can't be seen trying – and failing – to associate with each other.

A deeper version of the colour used in the three bedrooms might need to be introduced and a few others like the following ones – Resene Silver Chalice (perhaps as a feature wall in a very large sunny room), Resene Half Athens Grey (a coloured white that is related to Resene Silver Chalice), Resene Shabby Chic (a warm velvety lighter version of Resene Rascal – less muddy toned – very nice in a cold or shady room or a dining room) or Resene Despacito (a paler velvet beige – similar to Resene Shabby Chic – could be used in a hallway).

Accessories and drapes or bed linen might be deeper charcoal based colours – i.e. similar to Resene Half Baltic Sea.

It would pay to take a sample swatch of the colour when you go shopping so you get the right charcoal.

April 2020

Q. I have painted skirting boards, round doors and windows with Resene Black White and now want a colour that will complement this and be light and bright. I was thinking Resene Alabaster or Resene Sea Fog.

A. The colours you mention – Resene Alabaster and Resene Sea Fog – are very very similar to the Black White. There would be certain times of the day or night where the very subtle difference between them would totally disappear. Is that what you are wanting to achieve?

If that was the case the simpler option would be to use Resene Double Black White which is slightly deeper toned – or a slightly lighter variant – Resene Half Black White.

April 2020

Q. We are painting our lounge and living area in Resene Half Sea Fog. We have a photo wall. The ceiling has just been painted white too. Our house is small. Should we add in a feature wall? Should we add a textured wall (vertical strips of wood panel)? We quite liked the colour called Resene Bali Hai. The doors and frames are also going to be the same white. Is this all okay?

A. Of course you can add a feature wall. But you already have one that is full of photos So that would make two feature walls in a small area. Is that what you had in mind?

What you might consider is painting the photo wall in Resene Bali Hai. This would mean that all the attention is drawn to one wall not two walls. The deeper colour would make the photos 'pop' more. This could be a nice touch.

If you did do a wooden panelled wall it may make a more attention seeking feature. You might have to consider where to put the photos – perhaps some other room.

Resene Half Sea Fog

(lounge and living area)

April 2020

Q. I have a very old bach with Rimu joinery and fake wood planking floors. I plan to do up the bathroom with new white tub, vanity and toilet. I can't afford tiles so plan to line the alcove around the bath with some type of Aquapanel – probably one that looks like white tiles. What colour would look good on the remaining three walls blending the stark white with the Rimu windows, timber floors and exposed beams. There is a lot of greenery around the house so I was thinking of a very light shade of green.

A. I think a light green would work well – try Resene Secrets or lighter Resene Half Secrets, Resene Green White, Resene Paris White or Resene Harp.

Green looks wonderful with wood and white.

April 2020

Q. I would like to stain my deck using Resene Woodsman Tiri on the seating along the edge of my deck and also the trellis. I would to stain the deck and steps a lighter shade to go with Resene Tiri. Which colour do you suggest?

A. You might look at this colour to see if it appeals to you – Resene Iroko. It looks very nice with Resene Woodsman Tiri.

As a much lighter option you might check out Resene Woodsman Natural.

April 2020

Q. We're after a red-orange stripe of colour on Resene Foggy Grey posts. We've looked at Resene Santa Fe, but it feels like it needs a little more oomph! Are you able to suggest something?

A. I think you may need a wee bit more depth and a bit more red or orange in your colour. Resene Sante Fe is more of a mid-tone gingery/tan colour. One of these options may be worth considering – Resene Apple Blossom, Resene Prairie Sand or Resene Sunbaked.

April 2020

Q. At present we are painting our lounge. We have a dado right around the room. We are using Resene Thorndon Cream at the top of the dado and Resene Quarter Thorndon Cream at the bottom. The windows, skirting and dado is Resene Eighth Rice Cake. We have cupboards in the lounge, some are full length. What is your suggestion for colour of these out of the colours we have used?

A. Usually when this question is asked the answer is one of two options –

The wall colour is chosen because it disguises the cupboards and they merge with the walls. The trim colour is chosen so it relates to the skirting, door frames, doors etc and stands out a bit like a feature wall colour.

In your case you have two wall colours – not one. I think you must ask of yourselves – are the (full length) cupboards like the other painted larger upper wall areas – Resene Thorndon Cream. Or if you choose the lightest trim colour – Resene Eighth Rice Cake – you must ask yourselves are the frames/carcass/cupboard doors like the windows, skirtings, door, door frames etc?

A test to see if that is a good option might be to undercoat all of the cupboards white and leave until all the painting is completed. That way you get a 'dress rehearsal 'of the whitest colour.

If you don't like it then it indicates that the upper wall colour is what you should use. And if you don't like either of those options the default is the wall colour under the dado.

April 2020

Q. We are building a two-storey beach house with white cladding. It’s east facing and has a national park across the road (high trees). We get a little morning sun, but the front of the house is pretty shaded from the trees. We are looking for a suitable white – one that doesn’t turn blue in the shade or look grey. A bright white but not a blinding iceberg!

We’ve come down to Resene Double Alabaster (Resene Alabaster seems a little stark and Resene Half Sea Fog seems a little grey). Just want to ask if that sounds like a suitable choice... I don’t know about undertones etc so just want some advice whether it sounds like this colour may suit our needs. A nice bright white that won’t look stark nor look blue/grey in the shade all day.

A. You mention correctly the different qualities of natural light and how that may influence colour (any colour including a white) and especially about east facing aspects. East facing light (sunrise) does reflect a blue or green in any colour so for you to spend some time painting up a large A2 colour sample and watching how the colour alters would be wise. It can be moved around each side of the house so you can see how light and shade alter the colour.

I like Resene Double Alabaster. I think this may be right for you, but it is all about testing colour – in the manner I have mentioned – so there are no surprises later when it may be too late to alter a decision.

April 2020

Q. I need to find a complementary colour for a feature colour for my entry areas to go with my Resene Half Emerge exterior. They are currently in Resene Double Napa. I would like a dark grey green tone or a turquoise deep tone.

A. The following are a few deep grey/green colours that work really well with Resene Half EmergeResene Rolling Stone or Resene Dark Slate, or more of a brighter turquoise tone – Resene Ming, or soft/muted blue/green/grey – Resene Fast Forward or mysteriously dark – Resene Woodsmoke.

April 2020

Q. We have just finished painting our house in Resene Bokara Grey and are unsure which colour to use for the base. Is there a grey toned paint you could recommend for the block base?

A. You might check out the following greyed/whites and some light greys – Resene Double Black White, Resene Half House White or Resene Barely There, or slightly more grey – Resene Whiteout, Resene Half Surrender or Resene Rakaia.

April 2020

Q. I have painted my kitchen in Resene Alabaster. What is a slightly different shade to give the walls and cupboards a bit more depth?

A. You might look at the slightly deeper variants of Resene Alabaster (Resene Eighth Sea Fog) to work a tonal/related scheme – try Resene Double Alabaster (Resene Quarter Sea Fog), Resene Half Sea Fog (Resene Triple Alabaster) or Resene Sea Fog. Alternatively, lighter variants might also be considered – Resene Half Alabaster or Resene Quarter Alabaster.

April 2020

Q. We have just painted the external walls of our house with Resene Ash as the roof is green so it tones well. The trouble is we have cream windows which we don’t like but they have to stay. Because of this we don’t want to add any more cream so we’re thinking of doing the posts and the external doors including the screen doors in Resene Triple Ash as we feel the house needs some darker accents. Do you think this will look ok or should we go darker? If so, what colour please would you recommend that will tone with the Resene Ash?

A. I think Resene Triple Ash would work but before you decide perhaps you could check the following deep shades also – try Resene Tapa or Resene Quarter Gravel. These are deep and greener/stone/grey and are interesting.

April 2020

Q. I am painting my hall walls Resene Merino and I want to pant the trims Resene Alabaster. Should I paint the ceiling and doors Resene Alabaster also or can I use white on the ceiling? Also what colour should I paint the doors?

A. If you use Resene Alabaster for the ceilings it may look slightly deeper toned and there would be less distinct difference between walls and ceiling. This is because of the way the light falls creating shadow on the ceiling.

Are you wanting a subtle difference between ceiling colour and wall colour? Or a bit more clean, crisp contrast? If it is the latter then you might be better using real white – Resene White or the lightest variant of Resene Alabaster – i.e. Resene Quarter Alabaster. You could use the same (in a full gloss or semi-gloss enamel) for the doors, door frames, skirting boards to create a traditional look.

April 2020

Q. We have a large two storey stucco house with a terracotta tile roof. The double-glazed aluminium windows are Matt Titania. We are looking for a colour to paint the exterior.

A. If you want to make the Titania windows appear lighter/whiter then you could use one of the following tonally related colours – Resene Bone, Resene Quarter Grey Olive or Resene Quarter Taupe Grey.

If you wanted the windows to stand out a bit and have a lighter/whiter house then these colours might be considered – Resene Half Titania, Resene Quarter Titania or Resene Rice Cake.

April 2020

Q. We need to paint our house and would live a blue grey colour. What would you recommend?

A. You could try – Resene Tuna, Resene Raven, Resene Revolution or Resene Steam Roller.

All of these colours look really stunning with lots of real crisp white as trims.

April 2020

Q. Which is lighter, Resene Alabaster or Resene Half Black White? We plan on painting our ceiling with the lighter shade and the walls with the darker one.

A. Resene Half Black White is very slightly deeper/greyer in tone than Resene Alabaster. Resene Alabaster is a cleaner type of white.

April 2020

Q. We live rurally... surrounded by open grasslands (so brown, yellow, green) and a few random beech trees. Our house is approx 19 years old and presently painted in shades of yellow and cream (very 90s and never been into it!). Living spaces are large and have a lot of light. The bedrooms are smaller but 3/5 also get a lot of light/sun. We have chosen Resene Black White for the ceilings as it was the white that worked well with other colours that appealed the most. I have also just purchased Resene Volcano for the master bedroom having seen it every time I’ve visited our local Resene ColorShop... it kept appealing! Can you please recommend a base colour for the balance of the interior (apart from the rooms/walls I might go a little bolder)? I think the current trend of all white would be too bright especially in the open north facing rooms and shows little homeliness and imagination. Our main tiled floor appears to be a mix of warm browns and grey (splotched throughout each tile). Our window frames are a light grey (tending blue tinged if put with certain colours) and we have natural wood trims (not going to paint out sorry!). Carpet and curtains are also on borrowed time so won’t really need factoring in.

A. Resene Black White can show a little shadow or greyness especially when a lighter crisper colour is seen close to it. You may need to carefully trial several colours before the perfect one presents itself.

It is a bit tricky knowing that if you choose a colour that works really well now – with your existing flooring, drapes etc – it may look quite different when you choose other flooring and drapes.

Here are some suggestions that are not too white or stark, homely and versatile enough to work with all other colourful things that you have now and or will have in the future – try Resene Double Black White (a friend for the ceiling colour), Resene White Pointer (a warmer type of colour compared to the Resene Black White family), Resene Quarter Truffle or Resene Quarter Tea (warmer than Resene Quarter Truffle).

April 2020

Q. I'm unfortunately on a tight timeline as my painter has requested a colour today! We are painting a large timber fence (in CoolColour) and I'm after a beige/stone colour. Nothing too yellow or blue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A. Choosing colours in a hurry can be tricky as it often means you won't have the time to be able to test the colours to see what they really look like and how bright natural light strips back the depth of the colour.

The following colours might be considered – Resene Sandstone, Resene Triple Truffle, Resene Stonewashed or Resene Triple Stonehenge.

April 2020

Q. My aluminium windows are Matt Canvas cloth, window architraves are painted Resene Half White Pointer. If I was to remain with Resene White Pointer, what degree of shade i.e. quarter, half should the walls, cornices, skirting, ceilings and internal doors be? Or I have read that Resene Double Alabaster on ceilings go with any paint colour, is this correct? If so then what shades of Resene Alabaster should go where?

A. If you did stay with Resene Half White Pointer on the window architraves you might use it also on the skirting boards, door frames and doors. The cornices and ceilings could be Resene Double Alabaster – it is a very versatile white that can work well with many other colours. The walls could be Resene White Pointer – this would be slightly more coloured than the woodwork trims but may look a bit deeper in corners or close to the whiter ceiling and cornices.

If you weren't keen on having the doors look slightly lighter than the wall colour – because of possible finger marking and the need to wash them often – you might use the same colour as the walls – Resene White Pointer but in a semi-gloss enamel. The walls might be a low sheen or a matt acrylic finish.

April 2020

Q. I have an old weatherboard home with a small lounge and hallway with high dark wooden ceilings and not much natural light at all. It feels cold. Which colours do you recommend to brighten and warm it up? Also, my bedroom which is average size but again does not get much natural light, which colours would brighten it up?

A. Light, warm or sunny colours can help with dim or shadowy rooms that feel cold. You might consider the following to see if one of those colours appeals to you – Resene Quarter Spanish White, Resene Half Orchid White, Resene Half Cararra or Resene Double Bianca.

The hallway may always seem dark because of the dark wooden ceilings. Better lighting might help and mirrors also. They help by reflecting light around spaces especially if they are opposite doors that lead into brighter rooms.

April 2020

Q. We are painting our living room walls with Resene Quarter Rakaia and Resene Alabaster white ceiling and trim. Keen to hear any suggestions you have for a warm coloured feature wall.

A. Resene Quarter Rakaia has a mysterious undertone of mauve in it. Perhaps a red/violet that emphasises that undertone might be worth considering – Resene Half Aubergine or alternatively a deep rich burgundy – Resene Cab Sav.

If the darkest colour in the couches is a real black you could use a slightly softer shade of that, such as Resene Charcoal.

April 2020

Q. I have completed our lounge that has three large windows with Resene Rice Cake walls. We are now preparing to do the adjoining kitchen and dining room. It’s a little darker. No walls connect into the lounge as its connected by glass French doors . I was considering doing this slightly lighter in Resene Double Alabaster.,. would this go together?

A. Yes you could use Resene Double Alabaster. It is just a thought but have you considered using one of the much lighter (and slightly brighter/warmer) variants of Resene Rice Cake??

Resene Eighth Rice Cake could work well.

April 2020

Q. We have a large low light hall and passage area with chocolate brown floor tiles and kauri doors. We would like it to be brighter, lighter, warm and welcoming. Ceilings will be white. We have used Resene Albescent White in a bathroom which looks good, also Resene Alabaster.

A. Full strength Resene Albescent White may look a bit deeper toned in the hallway because of the dimness of the area plus the brown tiles and kauri doors. It works really good in bathrooms with lots of 'white' bathroom fittings.

I think you could use a lighter variant of the colour – Resene Half Albescent White, or even lighter – Resene Albescent White, or alternatively a very similar colour that is slightly warmer/brighter – Resene Eighth Spanish White.

April 2020

Q. Are you able to help us with colour ideas to repaint our exterior? We like colours like Resene Pravda, Resene Ironsand, Resene Black White and Resene Masala, so natural colours but open to suggestions. Also, would you paint the bottom half of the house a darker shade of the top colour or a different colour, and what colour would you suggest for the deck surround?

A. If you were to stay with the same placement of colours as you have now then the bottom storey, the gables and the infill panels might be a deeper colour. The upper storey might be lighter.

If the colours were related tonally that is a tidy, well balanced look. Using a slightly more çoloured version of Resene Black White stops the sudden hard contrast and softens the transition between colours.

Like this perhaps – Resene Double Masala – bottom storey, the gables and the infill panels in the deck, Resene Half Masala – upper storey and garage doors and Resene Triple Black White – under soffits, barge boards, deck surrounds.

But if you wanted a layout of colours that was slightly more contemporary then you might consider this scenario – Resene Pravda – both lower and upper storeys of the house, Resene Half Ironsand – garage doors, deck surrounds and gables and Resene Double Black White – under soffits, barge boards, possibly the infill panels in the deck.

April 2020

Q. Our house needs repainting. It has a brown tiled roof. I have been looking at colour charts for a while now but don't know what would look good.

A. Any colour scheme would have to work with the existing brown tiled roof as you don't mention changing that.

The following are two options – quite different to each other – that you might consider.

Option #1 – Resene Quarter Lemon Grass – main, Resene Quarter Rice Cake – under soffits, barge boards/fascias, window frames, door frames, French doors, foundation of the house and Resene Lemon Grass – window sashes/sills, door surrounds, possibly front door if it is painted. Or:

Option #2 – Resene Half Truffle – main, Resene Quarter Black White – under soffits, barge boards/fascias, window frames, door frames, French doors, foundation of the house and Resene Triple Truffle – window sashes/sills, door surrounds, possibly front door if it is painted.

April 2020

Q. I have an older cottage and like soft but liveable colours. I have done all interior walls in Resene Concrete with a feature wall in Resene Soothe in the hallway and a feature wall in Resene Duck Egg Blue in the lounge. The kitchen I will be painting Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue. Can you please advise some darker pinks/greeny blues that would go with this palette for painting some old furniture? I like Resene High Tea and Resene Vintage. Do these work? I want to keep the same soft feel but add some variation in tones.

A. I love your colour preferences – I call them the new romantic hues.

They can take on an indecisive/muddy look – it really depends where they are situated in a room and how much bright natural light enhances them. They take on quite a different look when they are the only colours seen with a much whiter main colour.

Using slightly more definite hues may be better. Darker pink options might be like these colours – Resene Cosmic, Resene Finn or Resene Strikemaster. Or deeper greeny/blues might be like these colours – Resene Destiny, Resene Breaker Bay or Resene Artemis.

Resene Concrete

(interior walls)

Resene Soothe

(feature wall - hallway)

Resene Duck Egg Blue
(feature wall - lounge)

Resene Triple Duck Egg Blue

April 2020

Q. We have a 1930s weatherboard villa in the country. We want to update the deck colour and roof colour. The weatherboard is painted in Resene Titania. The window trims are white. The deck roof and roof trims are painted in Resene Rivergum. I'm after a more modern green, grey or blue to complement the Resene Titania.

A. The following colours are worth checking out to see if they appeal to you – Resene Templestone, Resene Tuna or Resene Half Fuscous Grey.

April 2020

Q. I want to stain my deck. I have chosen Resene Woodsman Tiri to stain the seating (which runs along the deck) and also the trellis. Which colour do you suggest I stain the base of the deck? I wonder about Resene Woodsman Whitewash but am very happy indeed to hear what you suggest.

A. I am not 100% certain about Woodsman Whitewash. It may not achieve the look you want. Have you considered using Resene Woodsman Equilibrium or Resene Woodsman Smokey Ash? They are lighter than Resene Tiri but nicely related.

April 2020

Q. My parents are having their house done up. The roof is Ironsand and so are the aluminium windows. Which colour would go nicely on the cladding and gable ends?

A. Perhaps these colours might be checked out –

Option #1 – Resene Half Napa – main colour and Resene Eighth Ironsand – gables. Or:

Options #2 – Resene White Pointer – main colour and Resene Triple White Pointer – gables. The second option is much lighter– a softer look – and the first option has a bit more depth and relates tonally to Ironsand roof and window joinery.

April 2020

Q. We are wanting to paint our 1930s bungalow white. The windows have been recently painted Resene Half Black White. Would you recommend full Resene Black White for the weatherboards? Or we also like Resene Sea Fog.

A. The difference between Resene Black White and Resene Sea Fog is very marginal as you can see from their colour codes. You may not see the difference.

On the exterior these colours – when seen in bright natural light – may not look very different to the Resene Half Black White.

If you wanted to see a slight bit more contrast it might be a case of using a slightly deeper toned white.

Perhaps one of the following – Resene Double Black White, Resene House White, Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Barely There.

April 2020

Q. We have a two storey 70s house painted all in Resene Bison Hide with ironsand steel roof and aluminium windows. The downstairs is painted brick. We are recladding upstairs (and some of downstairs) with Linea weatherboards and facings. We are considering whether to paint the weatherboards a different colour (possibly a dark grey such as Resene Masala) while keeping the Resene Bison Hide painted brick. There will also be a new deck which we will use Resene Kwila Timber Stain on.

A. I like the idea of introducing a contrast on the Linea weatherboards. I think Resene Masala could work really nicely however here following are a couple of other suggestions for you to consider: try Resene Half Gravel or Resene Half Baltic Sea.

April 2020

Q. We have Titania as the window trim/frame colour, Ironsand as the roof and exterior door colour and am wondering what grey would look best on the house walls? It’s a stucco home built late 50s with a picket fence out front.

A. I recommend you try Resene Half Tapa or Resene Delta.

Resene Titania

(window trim/frame)

Resene Ironsand

(roof and exterior door)

April 2020

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Colours are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.