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Answers to your questions from our colour experts, p. 94

Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 94

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Q. We have green bathroom tiles (not our favourite), while tiles and a brown blind. Which colour would you suggest for the walls that could somehow bring the two colours together. It's not an option at this stage to change the green tiles. The door is Resene Quarter Spanish White.

A. Because you have four colours in the room that are not going to be changed you are somewhat limited in what you can use.

  1. Green tiles
  2. White tiles
  3. Brown blind
  4. Door colour

The simple and very harmonious colour to use is Resene Quarter Spanish White – the same as the door. It would work well with all of the tiles and the blind.

Choosing another colour to work with all of the colours you have is slightly trickier – you could try Resene Quarter Tea.

February 2020

Q. I want to choose a dark wall colour for our home theatre reno. We are having a very dark red (merlot) carpet with some small gold accents. We don’t want to use black for the walls and ceiling, but want a mid-dark grey, with a darker shade on the skirting boards. We have a testpot of Resene Steel Grey (walls/ceiling) and Resene Element (skirting boards/trims), which I think looks ok. We will be having wall sconces probably in black with gold accents. Can you advise on any better colour combos?

A. You could try:

Option 1 – Resene Eighth Bokara Grey on walls with Resene Bokara Grey trims.

Or option 2 – Resene Half Shark on walls with Resene Bastille on trims.

February 2020

Q. I’m painting all the walls in my 1950s weatherboard house in Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream. Please can you recommend a white for the ceilings and trim?

A. Are you wanting to achieve a white on white look?

You could use exactly the same colour as the walls –Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream– in a semi-gloss enamel for wood work and matt acrylic for the ceilings. This is a subtle look that merges all surfaces together – i.e. no contrast.

But if you hoped to achieve a little more contrast you may find that even using real white – i.e. Resene White – doesn't show much variance at certain times of the day or night – it all depends upon light. Or – alternatively – you may decide to use real white for the ceilings and the same as the wall colour for all the painted woodwork.

February 2020

Q. Our house interior (walls and skirtings) are painted Resene Quarter Napa however the doors, window frames and sills are still the original satin polyurethane wood finish. Can I paint straight over that? What's the norm – to paint white or maybe a darker shade of the wall colour? We have black aluminium window joinery.

A. It is not recommended to paint directly over varnish. It doesn't adhere well and even if you managed to get the paint to stick any bump to the paint work would make it peel away or chip. If, after a light sanding, you use Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and then two coats of enamel paint you should get a nice finish that is resistant to chipping.

It is a matter of choice as to what colour you paint the doors and other woodwork.

Some people like the strong crisp looking contrast of a white – you could try Resene White.

Some people like the doors and woodwork trims to blend in so they use the same colour as the walls but in a semi-gloss enamel finish.

Some people like to use a slightly deeper variant of the wall colour so it is slightly contrasting but not as definite as using a white – try Resene Half Napa or Resene Napa.

February 2020

Q. I tried a testpot and didn't like colour. Do I need to redo the undercoat or just lightly sand back and reapply a different colour?

A. Acrylic paints don't sand well. I suggest that you undercoat over the test colour so it doesn't make itself apparent when you paint over it.

There is an easier and far more effective way of testing paint colours – I recommend painting all of the test pot (two coats) onto A2 card so the swatch of colour is 1 square metre in size.

The card can be moved from wall to wall/room to room so you can see how changing light and wall angles alters how the colour is seen. And it does to a surprising degree.

The other handy tip is to roll the card into a tube shape with the tested colour innermost. Looking into the tube the colour is seen deeper (or brighter depending upon the type of colour it is) and that gives you a good idea of what it would look like when all four walls are painted.

Colours in an interior always look stronger.

With the card you don't need to worry about splodges of paint all over the walls making it difficult to paint over.

February 2020

Q. I need suggestions for a wall colour. The room is sage green tweed carpet and two wardrobes with Rimu doors and Rimu window frames in south side bedroom.

A. South facing bedrooms can look cool or sour because of that particular quality of natural light. One of these light but warm neutrals colours may appeal to you – Resene Quarter Tea, Resene Eighth Bison Hide, Resene Eighth Drought or Resene Half Spanish White.

February 2020

Q. Most of my bedrooms are painted in different shades of blue, dark and lighter and I would like any suggestions on a hallway colour that would fit in with the scheme of 'French Country' please. I would like to bring the colour through into the lounge and dining room if possible.

A. My first initial thought is to go with a nice antique white to neutralise things a little bit and allow the blues to do their thing. Or are you wanting some colour? You could try these antique whites – Resene Milk White or Resene Albescent White.

February 2020

Q. I am painting our house Resene Quarter Arrowtown – can you recommend a colour to go with this please?

A. The following colours may be worth checking out to see if they appeal to you – Resene Half Karaka, Resene Gordons Green, or darker Resene Dark Web, or lighter Resene Double Pravda or warmer/red toned – Resene Scoria.

February 2020

Q. I am painting some of my rooms Resene Half Kumutoto, one Resene Double Merino and one Resene Rice Cake. Can you please advise what colours I should use for ceilings, doors and trims?

A. I think a whiter variant of Resene Rice Cake may work well for you. It looks very fresh and provides a lovely contrast to the other colours that you have used. Try Resene Eighth Rice Cake.

February 2020

Q. We have painted a 34 metre fence with one coat of Resene Double Mondo. It is browner than I had expected. It there a colour that we could paint over it that would add more of a charcoal colour?

A. Resene Double Mondo is a dense rustic brown. You might use one of the following colours - applied very thickly if only one coat is to be applied – Resene Ironsand (a smoky grey/olive/brown charcoal) or Resene Baltic Sea (a warm dark charcoal).

Try a testpot first so you get the best idea what the new colours are truly like.

February 2020

Q. I’m hoping you might be able to help us pick some colours for our 1900s house. We originally looked at white with green trim but after the first coat of white I’m not and people think it will look too 1950s.

My husband is preferring the blues to the beiges we looked at and we both don’t like grey.

Our house is quite small with low porches both front and back so can’t be too dark, the roof is a light grey that can’t be painted so we need to work with that. It’s also very close to the road with no front fencing. The white makes it look closer! We could perhaps keep the white and do the trims something that really pops. We are looking for something that isn’t too in your face but stands out in its own way.

A. If you and your husband like bluer colours you may need a slightly cleaner colour if you want your house to have that dreamy look – i.e. Resene Conch, Resene Eskimo or Resene Longitude.

A small plus factor with using blues – it causes your eyes to think the colour is further away – it is referred to as 'receding' not advancing and this may appeal to you.

Existing colours that are not being changed (like the roof in your case) do need to be taken into account. Using a very crisp true white on a house like yours helps to make any other colour look deeper. Corner boards, door frames, windows sashes, door frames, guttering, barge boards and under soffits might be highlighted in white.

February 2020

Q. We're building a new house and are going to use either COLORSTEEL® Ironsand or COLORSTEEL® Slate. Can you suggest a warm white or just off-white colour to paint the exterior bagged brick walls? We are also trying to decide on joinery and we are considering Canvas Cloth. Does this tie well with the roof colour? Also can you suggest some options for interior wall colour based on this joinery colour?

A. Either of the colours that you have mentioned would work well for the roof. They are dark enough to work well with a lot of other colours. Ironsand has a definite dark olive/brown undertone and Slate is a black based charcoal.

If you do decide to have Canvas Cloth for the window joinery – because it is a definite strong earthy cream – it may limit your colour options for the main house colour. The following colours are paler – more off white – so they will make the colour of the windows look more dominant. Is that the look you are wanting to achieve? Try Resene Quarter Spanish White, Resene Half Merino, Resene Half Truffle or Resene Milk White.

February 2020

Q. I have painted our slate tiles Resene Napa. Which colour would be the best colour for the grout to match?

A. You could try Resene Napa. If that appears a little too light because the grout absorbs it - due to its porosity - then you could test Resene Double Napa to see if it is a better match.

February 2020

Q. We have a 1970s architecturally designed concrete and timber home. The roof is orange (like a Spanish bungalow colour). Above and below the window is timber painted or stained a brownish mahogany.

Around the wooden windows is a dull brown which I would like to change and give a boost to.

I have tested Resene Karaka on the ledges only (which tie in with the colour on our fences), but am debating what colour to paint around the windows and doors. I was thinking perhaps a darker form of grey than that used for the mortar for the concrete blocks, but am unsure.

A. A dark grey is a definite possibility. But which one is similar to the mortar? You may have to check out quite a few in order to match up with the mortar.

Another possibility is to use a lighter variant of Karaka – i.e. Resene Quarter Karaka to create a tight co-ordination of tones. Or a grey/green – i.e. Resene Double Tapa or Resene Quarter Gravel. These look good with Resene Karaka.

February 2020

Q. We are reroofing, putting in new double glazed windows and repainting the house so the colour of everything can be changed. The house is currently an off white colour with off white aluminium joinery and a mid-grey tile roof. We are switching to COLORSTEEL®. We are on the coast and have great views so don’t want the window colour to detract. I am thinking silver pearl or sandstone grey. We get very hot here and while I would love a white house again (it will be on inside) I am wondering if it is contributing to the heat on the deck along with the reflection from the water.

We are currently considering Sandstone Grey or maybe a darker grey for the roof although again we are concerned about heat as the house has a second storey that looks down on a large piece of roof. I would love to know what grey/white mix you recommend. I do like a restricted palette. I had thought I would use a bright colour on the front door but have decided to go a textured door in grey or white.

A. Firstly a white house exterior would be much cooler than a definitely coloured one. However it could be glary as it has maximum light reflectance.

If it is very hot on the deck it is because of the site/sun not the white house colour.

Colours on an exterior often look lighter or brighter than what you would expect them to due to the sun reflecting off the surface.

If you did use COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey on the roof it could look light. The only roof colour that might be lighter is COLORSTEEL® Gull Grey.

Window joinery could match the roof – as you have mentioned – or be lighter like Silver Pearl. Or it might be Appliance White. White windows do allow you total flexibility with house colours. A restricted palette might be like the following –

Option 1 – Resene Quarter Atmosphere for the house with Appliance White windows and COLORSTEEL® Gull Grey roofing.

Or option 2 – Resene Triple Black White for the house with Silver Pearl windows and COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey roofing.

The slightly grey toned white recommendations as a main colour on the house may help with sun glare.

A textured grey door may be more interesting.

You could always have bold coloured planter pots, deck furniture, awnings, sun umbrellas etc to add that pop of colour.

February 2020

Q. We are about to paint the exterior of our 60s weatherboard home Resene Triple Rakaia as the main colour and due to the harsh sun (the front of the house faces north west), we want to keep everything else to a white but feel a warmer white than we currently have would be better. We will be painting out the current contrasting trim colour in this white. The garage door is closest to Steel Grey and the front door paving is dark grey/black. What white would look best? What colour for the fascia? We are not painting the roof so the top of the iron colour will remain visible here. Also can you advise on colour for the front door – keep it clean and white or match the garage door colour maybe – or something else?

A. This all sounds really good. I would probably advise painting the fascia the same white as you use on the other white areas. I would do the front door in Steel Grey to tie the garage door in. Try Resene Rice Cake or Resene Bianca.

February 2020

Q. We are creating a geometric feature wall using Resene Red Pepper and Resene Bahama Blue. The third colour in this feature will be white, which shade would you suggest? We don't want it to blur into the three white walls surrounding it (yet to be painted/colour chosen).

A. You could try Resene Double Alabaster or Resene Quarter Wan White.

For the main walls you could then do these corresponding whites – they are a couple of shades darker but still considered an off white – try Resene Sea Fog or Resene Wan White.

February 2020

Q. We will need to paint our plaster home later this year. I am not good with colours so would you know what outside colours are the popular choices to go with Karaka aluminium.

A. The following colours are popular and work well with KarakaResene Triple Merino, Resene Thorndon Cream, Resene Rice Cake, Resene Fossil, Resene Tea or Resene Eighth Arrowtown.

There are a great many others but these may be a start point.

February 2020

Q. I am trying to work a fence and kerb colour, between two properties. One is painted in Resene Napa and the other Resene Double Tea, and we want to go darker. Would Resene Masala and Resene Half Masala work?

A. Yes Resene Masala and Resene Half Masala would work. Alternatively you might also check out these colours – Resene Triple Stonehenge and Resene Double Mondo. Though they are not from the same palette of colours they are related by colour codes.

February 2020

Q. I want to paint my deck. My house exterior colours are Resene Foggy Grey (walls) and Grey Friars at the top. I have a poppy red door. The deck is large and gets hot so preferably would like a lighter colour. Do you have specific paint for decks?

A. Yes we do have a specific paint for decks. It is called Resene Walk-on paving and deck paint. It can be made as any colour at all – not just those that are featured in the colour chart for the product. If you don't want the deck to be too dark then one of the following colours might appeal to you – Resene Quarter Foggy Grey, Resene Off Piste, Resene Tapa or Resene Quarter Friar Grey.

I strongly recommend that you use the CoolColour version of your colour to help reflect more heat than a standard colour would.

February 2020

Q. I'm wondering which colour to paint our bathroom door (sliding door). The bathroom has nice Rimu floors but dark blue carpet on the other side. The landing into the bathroom has creamy doors which we don’t want to repaint. The house is quite different – green outside doors, quite small, bach like, small stairs and has orange wall paper. Any hints/ideas of colour to paint the door is much appreciated!

A. Is there any reason that you wouldn't paint the sliding door into the bathroom the same colour as the rest of the doors? Are you wanting to highlight it in some way and make it a feature? An alternative thought or two – sometimes sliding doors are painted the same colour as the walls, but in a semi-gloss enamel, to make them less like a door and more like a wall. Or the same colour as the architraves, skirting boards and other painted woodwork.

February 2020

Q. We have a cream coloured kitchen (think Resene Spanish White – but perhaps even 'creamier' – but that might be the age of the joinery) – and need to refresh the kitchen and open plan living room (walls and ceiling). Which wall and ceiling colours would you suggest? The lino in the kitchen and the carpet in the living area are all neutral/ brown tones. There will be new curtains (not yet selected).

A. It can be tricky when we seek to make a change when there are existing elements in a space that are not being changed. It can be about compromise not total freedom of choice.

If the cabinets are a definite creamy colour – similar to Resene Spanish White or even creamier – then the following colours may work for the walls – Resene Bianca, Resene Half Villa White or Resene Double Alabaster.

Lighter/whiter related colour options for the ceilings would add contrast and freshness – Resene Quarter Bianca, Resene Quarter Villa White or Resene Half Alabaster.

February 2020

Q. I am using Resene Innocence on the weatherboards of my 1920 house with Resene Black White for the trim and around the windows. I would like to paint the doors a different colour, something a little quirky.

A. One of the following colours may be the quirky colour that you are looking for – Resene Salsa, Resene Sunbaked, Resene I Dare You, Resene RSVP or Resene Rococo.

Resene Innocence

(weatherboard colour)

Resene Black White

(window trim colour)

Resene Sunbaked

Resene I Dare You

Resene RSVP

Resene Rococo

February 2020

Q. We are thinking of using either Resene Foundry or Resene Double Foundry as a feature colour on the exterior James Hardie LINEA® vertical oblique weatherboards. The rest of the house is clad in concrete panels that will be plastered. Which is a good colour for the exterior plaster that would complement the Resene Foundry? We were thinking along the lines of Resene Alabaster or Resene Double Sea Fog, or something similar.

A. The whites that you are considering for the exterior are very nice. You might check out Resene Poured Milk and Resene Black White. If you can pop into your local Resene ColorShop to view the A4 colour swatches in their colour library and compare all of the whites it may be easier for you to choose the best option.

February 2020

Q. We are painting floorboards throughout our house (except bedroom). We want a fun beach house vibe. Our home has sisal floor rugs and a timber dining table. We want something fun or French classic.

A. One of the following colours might be considered for the floors – Resene Time After Time, Resene Green Smoke, Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Indian Ink.

February 2020

Q. I want to repaint the exterior of my house in neutral/grey tones. It is an older weatherboard house. We are replacing the roof with Grey Friars so I would like the colour palette to match. I have no idea where to start.

We are planning to paint the basement a darker grey (possibly Resene Grey Friars), white trim around the windows and a lighter grey for the weatherboards.

A. The following are two options that may appeal to you –

Option 1 – Resene Iron as the main colour with Resene Poured Milk for trims etc and Resene Quarter Grey Friars for the basement.

Or option 2 – Resene Double Concrete for the main colour, with Resene Quarter Black White for trims etc and Resene Quarter Grey Friars for the basement.

I have suggested a lighter variant (Resene Quarter Grey Friars) for the base of the house as I was fearful that using anything deeper (like the roof colour) might make a 'sandwich' of the house. Also keeping the main house colour a soft pale grey – apart from maintaining a cooler surface temperature – stops that hard edged industrial look that many mid toned greys create.

February 2020

Q. Which colour could I paint the tiles in a toilet area? The walls are Resene Quarter Tea. There is plenty of light in the room. The vanity and toilet are white with chrome accessories and a white ceiling.

A. You could use Resene White on the tiles. Or alternatively you could use the same as the walls –Resene Quarter Tea– so they would merge in. Or a deeper variant of the wall colour – Resene Half Tea – or a similar but slightly deeper colour – Resene Quarter Napa.

February 2020

Q. I’d like to use a FlaxPod roof colour but need a colour on the weatherboards to complement. What would you suggest that isn’t a grey? The house is surrounded by native bush.

A. FlaxPod looks really nice with the following colours – Resene Double Ash, Resene Half Cougar, Resene Truffle, Resene Rice Cake, Resene Triple Merino, Resene Napa, Resene Jacko Bean or Resene Half Evolution.

February 2020

Q. We have a roof and fascia in Sandstone Grey. The house is board and batten with flat soffits. We are looking at Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Triple Sea Fog for the exterior. What colour should we use for the soffits?

A. I would probably lean towards Resene Double Sea Fog to keep it a bit lighter and fresh looking. I would then suggest using Resene Half Sea Fog on the soffits.

Another option (it is quite similar) would be Resene Triple Black White for the exterior and Resene Half Black White for the soffits.

February 2020

Q. I was wondering what the subtle differences between the Resene Half Black White and Resene Quarter Black White would be? I need to select one of these colours for kitchen cabinetry and was hoping to do all my walls and skirting all the same colour.

A. Resene Quarter Black White is just one shade whiter than Resene Half Black White. If you are wanting a really clean light/bright white then I would go for Resene Quarter Black White. They both have a very subtle hint of grey to them.

February 2020

Q. We want to paint the exterior of our house it is painted in Resene Grey Friars I think and the windows are trimmed in Resene Black White but can’t quite remember. Our joinery and roof is New Denim Blue. We have just painted the deck in Resene Pitch Black stain as it was old and blotchy browns. The house is north facing. I was thinking of going for very dark grey or going from grey and going light to whites. Our neighbour has painted their new house in a very similar palette to our current colours so I want to move away from that. We are on a lifestyle block and the front of the house is hot and the joinery. We would like to give it a bit of character.

A. You mention that your house is north facing and gets hot and paint fades. You may be better to opt for something lighter or whiter.

If your joinery and roof is New Denim Blue the following light colours may appeal to you – Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Quarter Stack, Resene Black White or Resene Quarter Surrender.

Using a cool crisp white with an undertone of blue in it – i.e. Resene Poured Milk – would work really well with the New Denim Blue joinery for trims, the barge boards and the gables.

Resene Poured Milk

February 2020

Q. I have a combined kitchen and lounge and I want a light blue to complement Resene Quarter Akaroa with a white ceiling paint? I live amongst the sea so I wanted real soft light colours.

A. You could try Resene Duck Egg Blue or Resene Periglacial Blue.

February 2020

Q. We are renovating a lake bach and want to paint it that traditional bach red colour – is this Resene Pioneer Red? The roof will be standard zinc – what are the optimal white trim combinations?

For the inside we are looking for a warm white with slightly contrasting skirts and architraves – can you recommend any warm whites that will give freshness without being too yellow?

A. Yes either Resene Pioneer Red or Resene Red Oxide would look appropriate for the traditional look. You might check out the following whites for the exterior trims – Resene Half Albescent White, Resene Half Merino or Resene Double Alabaster.

In the interior it depends very much upon the other colours (flooring, drapes, kitchen cabinets/worktops etc) as to which warm white would work best. I suggest you paint up all of a testpot/2 coats onto A2 card leaving a narrow border unpainted all around the perimeter. This unpainted portion (white card) allows your eyes to focus on the reality of the tested colour. The card can be moved from wall to wall/room to room and viewed throughout the changing natural light of day and artificial light of night so you can see how it alters. And it does – often to a surprising degree.

You could try Resene Sea Fog, Resene Merino or Resene Chalk Dust.

It may look crisper and more defined if the skirting boards, architraves, doors and ceiling etc. are true white – Resene White.

This would make the wall colour (whichever one you chose) look slightly more coloured.

February 2020

Q. Which colour white(s) would you recommend for use in a south east facing bathroom? I have chosen a vanity unit that has black drawers and a white top. The bath is white.

A. South facing rooms make some whites take on a cool grey or sour look. East facing rooms make all colours look a bit green toned and sharp.

I think you may need a really mellow warm white to add the ambiance you want. The white top of the vanity and the bath will be much crisper compared to the wall colour.

Perhaps one of the following may appeal to you – Resene Quarter Spanish White, Resene Eighth Fossil, Resene Quarter Albescent White or Resene Half Orchid White.

February 2020

Q. We have a client with a Georgian Style weatherboard home with COLORSTEEL® New Denim Blue roof. They would like options for a light grey or grey blue colour to paint the walls. They want to keep their white windows.

A. The following are some options that may appeal to them – Resene Iron, Resene Half Duck Egg Blue, Resene Surrender or Resene Half Gull Grey. Or lighter whiter/greys to check out – Resene Quarter Iron, Resene Quarter Surrender or Resene Mystic.

If your clients want a definite something on the window trims, the roof line fascias or areas like gables, they might consider using a lighter variant of the roof colour, such as Resene Quarter New Denim Blue or a deeper toned blue edged grey, such as Resene Rhino.

February 2020

Q. What could I paint ceilings if I painted walls with Resene Poured Milk? Or could I use the same colour for walls and ceilings?

A. Yes you could use the same colour – Resene Poured Milk – or just 'real' white – Resene White. Real white is crisp and could emphasise the very subtle cool edge to the wall colour.

Resene Poured Milk

February 2020

Q. We have a ply and batten hut surrounded by bush. The roof is Karaka and the windows are Resene Pioneer Red to give a pop of colour. However we are thinking maybe the roof and windows could be Resene Karaka.

A. You could have the same colour on the windows and roof line fascia as the roof – Resene Karaka – or a lighter variant – Resene Half Karaka or Resene Quarter Karaka. Or similar but with a slightly more bronze green undertone – Resene Squall.

If you really like a contrasting colour to pop you could try Resene Castlepoint or Resene Pavlova.

All of these colours look good with ply and batten and Karaka in a bush setting.

February 2020

Q. We am looking to paint the exterior of a house we are building by the beach. The cladding is Hardie Flex panels with battens in the two storey part of the house and horizontal Hardie Linea® board in the rest of the house.

We have been considering using Resene Half Silver Chalice for the body. We like the shade of grey but find that the undertones are slightly green to our eye. Do you have another grey that is the same shade with neutral undertones?

We plan on using something like Resene Grey Friars for the roof and for the aluminium window and door frames. The windows and doors will also have a wood trim and we would like to paint this white.

A. The following are some greys about the same depth as Resene Half Silver ChaliceResene Quarter Stack, Resene Surrender or Resene Double Concrete.

These greys pick up blue undertones like the Grey Friars does.

If you have Grey Friars for the roof, guttering, windows and doors a white wood trim may pop a bit. The following are a few whites that may associate well and not be too stark – Resene Quarter Black White, Resene Half Athens Grey or Resene Poured Milk.

Resene Poured Milk

February 2020

Q. We are about to have our house exterior painted next week. It is a light/rough brick house currently with a 80s dark brown trim. The front of the house has a plastered facade with a textured swirl pattern and arched windows (Spanish vibe). We have no front door as such but a wooden double door gate with a wrought iron gate in front of it that opens to our courtyard and ranchslider which opens in to our lounge. We have painted our fencing outside near the house black. The roof is an orange/terracotta tone. We would like to modernise the exterior but still kind of nod to the Spanish style that it was built in in the 80s.

A. When the style of the house is very definite and existing elements on the house aren't being changed then your freedom of choice is compromised. Perhaps you might consider a lighter/whiter look as a way to modernise but still relate to the Spanish style of house – Resene Half Thorndon Cream, Resene Eighth Parchment, Resene Half Orchid White or Resene Triple Black White.

February 2020

Q. We have a house which has Karaka green aluminium window joinery and also has Karaka green roofing and spouting, what colours would work to paint the house with?

A. Karaka works well with a great many colours. Some options to try are – Resene Triple Merino, Resene Thorndon Cream, Resene Quarter Napa, Resene Foggy Grey, Resene Tea or Resene Half Wheatfield.

February 2020

Q. I'm looking to repaint my house exterior, and I'd like to update the colour scheme. I was thinking of matching the Hardiplank® to the roof and garage door which are COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey. Then doing the concrete at the bottom and the window trim in a dark grey, with some stuff in white too, but I don't know which bits to do white or very dark grey. What do you think?

A. The following are two options that you might consider –

Option 1 – Resene Double Sea Fog as the main colour with Resene Kensington Grey for the foundation and window trim, and perhaps doors, and Resene Half Sea Fog for under the soffits, for the door frames, garage door frame, handrail and posts.

Option 2 – Resene Half Gauntlet as the main colour with Resene Half Ironsand for the foundation and window trim, and perhaps doors, and Resene Half Barely There for under the soffits, for the door frames, garage door frame, handrail and posts.

February 2020

Q. We have a weatherboard villa. We have recently painted our front door Resene Fringy Flower and our roof is Grey Friars. We are looking to paint our weatherboards and trim white. Which white would you recommend?

A. The following whites fall into the cool and warm palettes. Either option would work well with Grey Friars and Resene Fringy Flower.

For a cool option try Resene Poured Milk for the main colour with Resene White for trims. For a warm option try Resene Rice Cake for the main colour with Resene Eighth Rice Cake for trims.

February 2020

Q. We are building a new house. We are planning to paint Resene Half Rakaia on the walls of the open plan living area. The wooden floor is mid-range in colour. There is floor to ceiling glass along one north facing wall so a lot of light coming in. We want advice on a colour which will contrast nicely with Resene Half Rakaia for a fake chimney feature which will contain a fire and TV above.

A. You don't mention whether you want a bold colourful statement colour, a slightly softer colour or a deep moody colour for this chimney feature.

It will already have two features – a fire and TV – on it so you do need to consider how a bold or deep colour will look with them. Here are a few colour ideas that might start you thinking – Resene Aubergine, Resene Machiavelli, Resene Rocky Mountain, Resene Sixth Sense or Resene Quarter Bokara Grey.

Resene Half Rakaia

(wall colour)

Resene Machiavelli

Resene Rocky Mountain

Resene Sixth Sense

February 2020

Q. I am looking for an exterior colour to paint my house that matches Ironsand joinery. Possibly a light grey that doesn’t have a blue or purple tone.

A. Ironsand is warm, earthy and a dark olive/brown based charcoal. You mention a colour that matches Ironsand but that would mean it would be exactly the same. That may be too dark.

But a lighter grey that co-ordinates well and is harmonious may need to have undertones of earthy warmth to it. The following are some greys that you might check out to see if they appeal to you. They all work well with Ironsand. Try Resene Taupe Grey, Resene Foggy Grey, Resene Friar Grey, Resene Grey Area, Resene Eighth Masala or Resene Half Gauntlet.

If you visit your local Resene ColorShop to view the large A4 colour swatches in their Colour Library it would help you. It helps to be able to compare them with each other and a sample card of Ironsand (yes Resene do have one of those in the colour library) it may help you judge the reality of the colours and make a decision.

February 2020

Q. I would like to know which colours go together nicely for a new exterior colour scheme that utilises a mid to dark grey for the roof and soffits, and changes to a lovely sandy colour (with no yellow tones) for the walls. We have white aluminium joinery. I have concrete tiles and a rendered brick exterior. I want to get rid of all the yellow and blue on my house. I would also like to design a new entry way that perhaps uses slate or stone colourings, and a new door. Another colour that I might like to incorporate for sentimental reasons (like the pop of a different front door colour) is an outback red, like the orangey red of the outback sand).

A. The following are some options for you to consider –

Option 1 – Roof in Resene Half Fuscous Grey (this could be used for the guttering as well), main house colour – Resene Grey Area, garage door – Resene Element (this could be used for fences as well), under the soffits, fascias, barge boards and any decorative details – Resene Triple Merino and house doors – Resene Scoria.

Option 2 – Roof in Resene Windswept (this could be used for the guttering as well), main house colour – Resene Stonehenge, garage door – Resene Windswept (this could be used for fences as well), under the soffits, fascias, barge boards and any decorative details – Resene Quarter Stonehenge and house doors – Resene Desperado.

February 2020

Q. We have recently moved into a new house are thinking of painting the full interior Resene Rice Cake. Would you recommend window edgings and skirtings the same colour, or a plain white (as we will probably use for the ceilings)?

A. If you are using Resene Rice Cake (full strength) as the main interior colour you could use Resene Eighth Rice Cake (whitest/lightest variant) for the wood trims. You might also use it for the ceiling. It would give just a tiny hint of your main colour and be a soft slightly coloured white.

February 2020

Q. I have forest green aluminium windows to work with. I want to paint the outside of my house and roof without painting windows. What modern colour schemes would go with?

A. I would recommend that you kept the roof the same green as the window joinery. If the only green was the window joinery it would call attention to itself and stand out either as a 'big green' statement or it would sit sadly unrelated and slightly discordant with no green 'friend'.

Some modern colours that you might consider are these ones – Resene Bone White, Resene Triple Sea Fog, Resene Quarter Arrowtown or Resene Foggy Grey. Some roof colours if you really wanted a new look – Resene Element or Resene Windswept.

February 2020

Q. I’m keen to know what your best most popular teal is. I’m looking for a deep rich true teal, not pastel. I’m planning on using a matt not gloss teal on an internal standard size door.

A. There isn’t just one that is popular. Try these options to see what you prefer – Resene Retro, Resene Kitsch, Resene Maestro, Resene Teal or Resene Yowza.

February 2020

Q. A friend wishes to replace Resene Tea on her walls with a crisp white. However the curtains and carpet are chosen to blend with Tea. What whites do you suggest that will be light and clean looking but somehow not clash with her carpet and curtains?

A. Because your friend is very keen on seeing a crisp white on her walls she could have a dress rehearsal and undercoat them all with white – Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat. Seeing the white undercoated walls will be helpful. If the white undercoated walls look fine then topcoating with Resene Alabaster will give her the crisp white she has her heart set on.

But if it really doesn't suit her curtains and carpet and looks very cool or stark then she could test some of the following slightly 'coloured whites' to see if they appeal to her – Resene Sea Fog, Resene Quarter White Pointer or Resene Quarter Albescent White.

February 2020

Q. We have painted our kitchen wall Resene White Pointer which I love. We are going to paint our bottom cupboards a dark colour. What would you suggest that would go with Resene White Pointer? The room has good light.

A. The following are some colours that may appeal to you – Resene Diesel, Resene Half Ironsand, Resene Fuscous Grey, Resene Quarter Bokara Grey or for something a bit different – Resene Fast Forward.

February 2020

Q. I am thinking of painting a bedroom Resene Half Pearl Lusta or Resene Half Spanish White. Which colour would suit round windows, the ceiling and door? I want to keep it neutral.

A. You could try Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta or Resene Quarter Bianca.

February 2020

Q. I am trying to decide on a colour for the Linea® board of our new build. The roof and joinery are Grey Friars and the cladding is a combination of Linea® board and vertical cedar. We were thinking we would like to keep the cedar natural (so will stain in natural to keep its colour over time rather than letting it get the weathered grey look).

We would like grey for the Linea® board but are struggling to find a grey that is not too light, not too dark, not too blue, not too green etc. What would you recommend? And also what colour for the soffits?

A. Try these suggestions:

Option 1 – Try Linea® in Resene Foggy Grey with soffits in Resene Wan White.

Or option 2 – Try Linea® in Resene Quarter Tapa with soffits in Resene Half Sea Fog.

February 2020

Q. We are looking at exterior paint colours for the weatherboards of a character home. The roof is Grey Friars, so are the fascias. We plan to paint the sills and window trims white. What colours would you suggest to paint the rest of the house that would go with those two colours we already have? We are thinking along the lines of Resene Caraway.

A. Resene Caraway is a really nice colour and could work well. You could also try Resene Ash or Resene Double Thorndon Cream to see how they compare.

February 2020

Q. I'm looking for colour advice for wardrobe interiors. We have painted the walls of hallway and bedrooms Resene Half Bianca, and we are in the process of painting the trims and wardrobe doors in Resene Quarter Bianca semi-gloss. The overall effect is 'very white' and I'm considering painting the interior of the wardrobes a different colour. It's a 1940s house with a lot of inbuilt wardrobes and cupboards in the hall and bedrooms and I feel like a change from all the white. Can you recommend colour/s for the wardrobe interiors that will complement the Resene Half Bianca/Resene Quarter Bianca and the door hardware which is antique brass and bronze? I prefer softer colours rather than bright.

A. Some soft hues to try are Resene Eighth Lemon Grass or Resene Tasman.

February 2020

Q. Which of the following is closest to Resene Stack – COLORSTEEL® Gull Grey or COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey?

A. Have you have already painted the house Resene Stack and want a grey for the powder coated joinery? Gull Grey is possibly the best of the two – though it does pick up a undertone of yellow. Would that worry you?

If you are still at the considering stage in regard the grey on the house then you might look at these colours that do work well with both COLORSTEEL® Gull Grey and COLORSTEEL® Sandstone GreyResene Foggy Grey, Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Quarter Delta, Resene Kensington Grey or Resene Half Friar Grey.

February 2020

Q. I'm building a new house and am planning to paint the outside plaster Resene Half Dutch White. I was wondering if that will make the house look very yellow? Also I wanted to enquire what roof colour would go well and what window frame colour would match.

A. Resene Half Dutch White is a definite yellow. If you aren't keen on a yellow house you might look at Resene Half Pearl Lusta or Resene Bianca.

These options are creamy, light and warm but are a lot less yellow than Resene Half Dutch White.

If the roof and the window joinery are metal and powder coated then you could look at COLORSTEEL® Grey Friars for the roof and Appliance White for the window joinery.

February 2020

Q. We are hoping to use Resene White Pointer for the walls of our new build. What we would like to know is for the ceilings and skirtings do we use Resene Quarter White Pointer? Would you then use Resene Half White Pointer for the internal doors?

A. All colours in an interior have the potential to look deeper (more intensified) than you might imagine they will do.

Ceilings in particular, because of the angle and the way the light falls away leaving shadow, if they are painted the same colour as the wall, look deeper. Using a much lighter variant of the wall colour is the appropriate choice.

Resene Quarter White Pointer is a perfect 'coloured' white for the ceiling. You might also use it for all the woodwork trims. Doors could be the same colour.

Some people choose to use the same colour as the walls for the doors (but in a semi-gloss enamel) so that they merge in. But you might use Resene Half White Pointer if you wanted a very subtle shift in colour for the doors.

You may not always see it as a different colour to the walls and trims – it depends upon the quality of natural light in the rooms.

February 2020

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