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Answers to your questions from our colour experts, p. 114

Here's a taste of some of the Colour Expert questions and answers to help you with your own colour scheme.

If you would like more colour advice for your project, please ask our Colour Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller. Colours are a representation only.


Q&A   p. 114

Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.

Q. We are repainting our 1900s farm villa and are currently doing the formal lounge which has 3m high ceilings. We have installed tongue-and-groove on the bottom third of the wall which we intend to paint Resene Siam and are looking for a neutral or very pale green tinged shade for the top half of the wall. Our furniture is tan leather and a green suede that looks very similar to the shade Resene Hemlock. We have tried Resene Eagle which is too dark and Resene Moon Mist which looks too minty green.

A. I like the organic feel to your space and Resene Siam is a long term great sage green!

See if any of these appeal: Resene Bud – might be a bit too much colour for you – but looks great paired with Resene Siam. It’s slight change in tone, which makes the scheme complex and interesting, and it is trending at the moment. With your high stud, and being the formal lounge – the room can take it. Alternatively – if you like this tone of green – enquire at your local Resene ColorShop to see if there is a half strength that could be mixed, but please test the full strength version in your space first – paint A2 card using a Resene testpot (available at Resene ColorShops) with two coats and pin to the walls.

Other options to test are: Resene Ash, Resene Titania, Resene Celeste or Resene Terrain.

August 2022

Q. We have a bach that we're doing a reno on and would like some advice on the outside colour scheme. The roof and joinery are New Denim Blue. On three sides of the house we're using Titania but we've got an area under a big covered in porch with three ranch sliders and a different cladding that we'd like to make a feature of. We were thinking along the lines of Resene Half Chicago. The inside will be painted Resene Athens Grey.

A. Resene Half Chicago is a fantastic exterior grey with a warm undertone – it should look superb – of course always test the colour first using a Resene testpot.

Testing similar colours in slightly different tones is a good way to judge whether the undertone of the Resene Half Chicago is working – test one or two of these along with the Resene Half Chicago – try Resene Cobblestone, Resene Lattitude or Resene Condor.

August 2022

Q. We are painting all our interior with Resene Sea Fog, but are considering doing a painted feature wall in our bedroom. I'm considering a navy or dark green or perhaps a lighter blue (without looking baby blue). Could you recommend some complementary colours please?

A. Most bedrooms have lower light than the rest of the house so therefore complex greens and blues that are either deeper – so they appear warmer than lighter clean colours, or paler muted tones with a hint of warmth work better. Resene Sea Fog is a great colour which allows for a lot of decorating options – but especially pairs well with grey and blue tones.

See if any of these colours appeal – Resene Shadowy Blue from the Karen Walker Paints collection – a blue which has character and changes with the light – teal in brighter daylight and navy in low light, Resene Tangaroa – a deep marine blue – peaceful and complex, Resene Powder Blue from the Karen Walker Paints collection – a warm muted blue, true to its name – powdery and calming, Resene Half Dusted Blue – a lighter variant, Resene Tundora – a warm complex dark grey, Resene Quarter Fuscous Grey from the Karen Walker Paints collection – a warm blend of grey and taupe or for a deep green – Resene Family Tree – rich and traditional, neither too green or blue.

August 2022

Q. I have a very light coastal space open plan kitchen dining lounge room with glass doors to the water, picture windows to the beach and bush in the outskirts of Sydney.

I want the L shaped kitchen to be the same colour as the walls so it blends in. I am looking for a warm white – not too pink, not too yellow – a light beige neutral sort of colour. The splashback will be the same colour glass. The only highlight will be the kitchen bench which will be stone of some sort. The floors will be engineered wood with yellow and grey tones and the carpet in the bedrooms is medium light grey. What colour would you suggest for the walls and kitchen cupboards? Please veer away from grey – I find it depressing.

A. Your space sounds divine and a light beige will create a soft, calm harmonious space, with the benchtop and wood adding organic luxury!

The bright natural light will take any grey out of these tones and brighten the colour, they are a little more saturated than a warm white – but I feel they will create the right ambience and in cooler rooms, create warmth. I have included a couple of cooler tones too as these work well with stone and can balance the warm, bright light of the open plan spaces.

Please test these colours onto A2 card using Resene testpots (available at Resene ColorShops) and view in the space if possible. These complex neutrals can change depending on natural and artificial light.

See if any of these appeal: Resene Quarter Truffle, Resene Half Truffle, Resene Quarter Cougar, Resene Eighth Napa, Resene Eighth Pravda, Resene Quarter Perfect Taupe or Resene Triple White Pointer.

August 2022

Q. I am looking to paint the outside of our red brick home and would like to know what colour to use as we have just painted the window trims with Resene Tea.

A. Resene Tea is a very versatile colour and will work with most colours – if you don’t want your windows to be a feature then I recommend going deeper on the brick. The colour of your roof may decide which tone will work, but without seeing the windows, location and exterior, here are some possibilities to get you started: Resene Tapa, Resene Triple Tea, Resene Napa, Resene Bronco, Resene Half Stonehenge or Resene Half New Denim Blue.

August 2022

Q. I am painting a main bedroom with Resene Half Chill Out but it seems just a little bit too yellow. Is there a similar colour that is still yellowish but maybe more white with a yellow tinge?

A. Try Resene Lime White, Resene Rum Swizzle or Resene Elderflower.

August 2022

Q. Our ceiling is Resene Half Sea Fog. We are looking for colour combinations for the walls in shades of white. We are also looking for a colour shade of blue (more like teal) for a feature wall.

A. Resene Triple Sea Fog looks great with Resene Half Sea Fog and will look fabulous with teal.

Resene Sea Fog, Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Triple Sea Fog are all options, which you can use in different areas – Resene Sea Fog for low light areas and Resene Double Sea Fog or Resene Triple Sea Fog for brighter open spaces – or use one strength throughout.

Going lighter than Resene Half Sea Fog is not recommended, as grey whites will appear greyer – due to the shadow effect of light on the ceiling – than the walls, unless this is the look you are going for. In that case a crisp white will work for the walls and balance the teal feature wall – try Resene Alabaster, Resene Half Alabaster or Resene Quarter Black White – these whites can be used together.

For the feature wall see if any of these colours appeal: Resene Teal Blue, Resene Dauntless, Resene She’ll Be Right, Resene Maestro or Resene Freelance.

August 2022

Q. We are repainting the exterior of our older house as a part of a bigger renovation. The existing colours are Resene Half Napa (walls), Resene Thunder Grey (roof), trims unknown (some sort of cream) and Resene Poppy (door). We are considering a slightly different colour scheme for walls and trim, but are keeping Resene Poppy for doors. We like the Resene Half Napa, but don't like how yellowy the trim colour is. Do you have any suggestions? We were looking at Resene Double truffle (walls)/ Resene Half Sea Fog (trim); or Resene Truffle (walls)/ Resene Quarter Black white (trim) – but are very open to suggestions! We don't want anything too clinical or 'new' looking, particularly given the age of the house.

A. Resene Half Napa is good. Resene Truffle and Resene Double Truffle also have a warmth to them, to stay away from these tones, and to not be too clinical as you say, given the style of house, then I recommend a cool toned white for the windows that isn’t as stark as Resene Quarter Black White, and a slightly cooler tone for the walls.

Try Resene Cloudy, Resene Cloud or Resene Half Napa with Resene Black White or Resene Half Black White for the windows/trim. Resene Poppy for the doors will pair really well and give life and warmth to the scheme.

August 2022

Q. We are repainting our lounge (and a new second lounge). The floors are going to be a honey oak wood look. I'm after a white that has a hint of beige maybe – would a yellow based white like Resene Eighth Truffle look more yellow if the floors are a yellowy tone? There is lots of sun in the lounge. We won't be repainting the ceilings so will stay that white.

A. If you keep the ceiling and trims pure white, then this will help to neutralise the wall colours appearance with the tones of the wood. A warm beige will embrace the tones of the wood and create a soothing, neutral colour scheme.

You might like to try slightly cooler tones too. Try Resene Eighth Truffle, Resene Quarter White Pointer, Resene Half Cloud or Resene Eighth Tea.

August 2022

Q. We are going through the new build process and can have up to three colour options as part of the package.

We will have a warm beige carpet, honey oak vinyl and grey sofas with lots of wooden furniture and big windows. It's open plan with a warm white kitchen, one wooden bench top and the island is marble laminate.

Our past house had Resene Double Sea Fog with various feature walls – which we liked but I'm wondering whether to warm it up a bit with Resene White Pointer? I’m not sure if it's too beige.

Please advise which white you would choose to go on the woodwork and ceilings. We are having Appliance White joinery. The exterior is weatherboard and rumbled brick, we like a more classic, country style. It will be a rural house.

A. Resene White Pointer is a little warmer (more of a grey/taupe) than Resene Double Sea Fog and I do think you should head in this direction, considering your design and location. It is definitely not too beige. If you held samples of Resene White Pointer and its deeper variants against a true beige you will see the slightly warm grey undertone.

In rooms with low light or south facing (grey light) it may appear more grey/cooler – so in these rooms you might also consider looking at a deeper variant such as Resene Quarter Truffle.

If you don’t want to change colour in these rooms and prefer feature walls then you can accent with warm colours. Resene White Pointer pairs well with warm tones – black reds, berry reds, chocolates, burnt terracotta, indigo and deeper warm beiges are all options for walls or small touches within the room which can really make it feel overall warm.

Next to lots of wood furniture Resene White Pointer can throw a ‘mink’ tone – but because of your aspect and lots of large windows it should stay a lovely warm grey/taupe.

For the woodwork and ceiling I recommend Resene Alabaster or Double Alabaster which pairs with most colours.

Alternatively you can match the Appliance White joinery for the woodwork. The closest match is Resene Half Sea Fog (pairs with Resene White Pointer) or Resene have a custom match to Appliance White which can be tinted for you. The ceiling I recommend to keep a little lighter – try Resene Alabaster.

August 2022

Q. I am hoping you might assist me with some trim colours. We are keen to paint the weatherboards of our Federation cottage in Resene Shady Lady for the weatherboards on our Federation cottage, after hunting for the perfect lavender grey. I’m now trying to work out trim colours. I am thinking soft whites/greys. I’m not keen on making it look like a Hamptons style dolls house. This is what I am thinking: weatherboards in Resene Shady Lady, front fence/veranda posts/fascia details/balustrade/etc in Resene Silver Sand or maybe it needs to be a triple strength white or something else? We’d like the windows/door to be an off-white – if you have any recommendations? The roof will be changed to COLORBOND® Windspray and the house faces directly south, so is quite shaded.

A. Resene Shady Lady is perfect – a lovely smoky lavender grey – muted enough that combined with any other neutrals – it won’t look like a dolls house!

I feel the roof needs to relate to the bargeboards and fascias and to balance the scheme use this colour on the fence – but this is optional – look at Resene Grey Seal or Resene Gauntlet, or keep the fence (only) in the recommended white.

The fretwork, posts, balustrades, windows and door should be a white. I recommend a cleaner/slightly warmer white which will look whiter outside – try Resene Eighth Pearl Lusta.

August 2022

Q. We have just bought a house and are stuck with a blue roof and blue joinery. We are going to reclad it in weatherboard and I would appreciate some ideas as to what colour. I was thinking perhaps of a white with a grey tint but am very open to ideas and would appreciate any advice you can give me.

A. Yes a light grey/white will work – and a good option to pair with the blue and modernise the overall appearance. See if any of these appeal: Resene Poured Milk, Resene Quarter Iron, Resene Half Iron, Resene Surrender or Resene Black Haze.

Colours do appear lighter/whiter outside and will change depending on substrate.

August 2022

Q. We have open planned our old villa and we love warm cosy feeling rooms. We embrace used timber, recycled rimu floors, benchtops and shelving and an old pink brick coal range surround which will remain in the kitchen. I would like to do a black kitchen with rimu benchtops and I'm struggling to define the black for the cabinetry and a warm tone to match the walls staying away from purple pink and blue hues, and then a deeper tone for the lounge. We have a lot of earthy texture leathers, wool in decor and predominantly warm oak furniture. I'm leaning to Resene Bokara Grey for cabinets, and perhaps an earthy green for the lounge, and the main wall a light colour. Would Resene Quarter Spanish White work without looking dated? I have lots of windows with a north facing look out to a garden of greens and a deep autumn stain fence with black stain trim. I've tried cool tones on the walls to balance the wood’s warmth as suggested by a few but these cool modern tones aren’t very warming.

A. If you love earthy rich textures and lots of wood – then a cool white won’t work for you.

Embrace the warmth and create a modern twist like you are doing with deeper colours and on trend greens. Colours like the Resene Spanish White family have a place, and warmer cocooning neutrals are on point. It is how you combine colours, textures and furnishings which can make a room look modern or dated.

Resene Bokara Grey is what I would recommend for your kitchen cabinetry – it has warmth, depth and enough yellow in it to work with warmer whites.

Resene Quarter Spanish White is worth testing as the neutral, and even other deeper variants of Resene Spanish White may work for you. They pair well with wood and homes with traditional character details, and are particularly good for rooms with lots of reflected green from trees or plants.

If you find the Resene Spanish White family too yellow – especially in a north facing room and with the fabulous pink brick of the coal range – then I recommend trying Resene Albescent White or Resene Half Albescent White from the Karen Walker Paints collection or Resene Cararra or Resene Half Rice Cake – these are slightly less warm. An earthy green will balance well in the lounge – see if any of these appeal: Resene Paddock, Resene Evolution, Resene Raptor, Resene Kelp, Resene Scrub or Resene Cabbage Pont.

August 2022

Q. We are fixing up a small room. The existing colour in the house is Resene Quarter Parchment (or it may be Resene Eighth Parchment) on the roof and Resene Half Parchment on the walls, doors etc. The room is small and also on the ‘cold’ side of our house. I wasn’t sure if the existing colour combo will work well. Our child has requested a blue and orange room also. So we wondered about trying to find a warm off white with one warm blue wall then add orange accessories.

A. Resene Half Parchment is a lovely colour but may not be giving you the warmth needed. Resene Eighth Parchment on the ceilings and trims will work and create a bit of warmth as well as changing the doors to a deeper variant – such as Resene Double Parchment.

As an alternative you could investigate Resene Half Sandspit Brown or Resene Albescent White from the Karen Walker Paints collection for the walls and the quarter variants (Resene Quarter Sandspit Brown or Resene Quarter Albescent White) for the ceilings, trims and doors.

Blues that may appeal are: Resene Raindance, Resene Awash, Resene Blue Moon or Resene Halcyon – team these with Resene Umber White or Resene Rice Cake.

August 2022

Q. I am limited to what I can afford to change in my combined lounge room/kitchen area, but the wall colour is a definite. I have a charcoal grey lounge suite, grey kitchen chairs, light grey terrazzo benchtops, very light grey kitchen cabinetry and vinyl plank flooring. I feel I already have too many greys to consider grey on the walls, I don’t want anything that looks like white or cream so am a bit confused about my options. The room faces east so we lose sunlight around 11am, which means the walls need to be fairly light I would think. My skirting boards and window frames are maple and my husband says you never paint maple so they stay natural unfortunately. The lounge suite is new and I loved the cushions and throw they had in the showroom so bought the whole package – some cushions are a mid-grey and others are gold – the throw matches the gold cushions exactly. I feel this is not an ideal colour arrangement overall but hope there might be a wall colour that can at least attempt to tie this all together. I have been looking at some grey/beige colours but am just nervous about getting it very wrong as I can’t afford to redo it.

A. East facing rooms suit complex neutrals so you are on the right track thinking grey/beige. The maple trims and vinyl plank flooring will break up the greys. See if any of these neutrals appeal – they will pair with gold accents too – which will brighten and keep the space feeling warm.

Try Resene Half Tea, Resene Eighth Friar Greystone, Resene Half Truffle or Resene Eighth Stonewashed.

Resene Eighth Friar Greystone

Resene Eighth Stonewashed

August 2022

Q. I am soon getting my kitchen gutted and new joinery. My cabinet maker has asked me to choose colours from Resene and was hoping to have some help choosing.

I like a pale green like Resene Aspiring but a white for the top wall cabinets. Our stone benchtop will be a very pale terrazzo pattern and white and the splashback will be matt white subway tiles straight stacked.

We are not getting the entire house repainted at this stage however the kitchen window will be replaced with a white frame bifold servery. Floors will be pale birch floorboards. At the moment the walls are a colour similar to Resene Half Cararra but will be repainted in a few years.

Can you recommend a green and a white which complement each other that will not clash too much with our current walls.

A. Resene Aspiring is lovely and is worth testing. You may also like to try these pale sage greens: Resene Celeste, Resene Green Spring or Resene Secrets.

Subtle tones create interest but are not overpowering in a smaller space and sage greens are classic for kitchens but on trend at the same time.

The improvements you are making are going to make a huge difference – these whites will tone with the Half Cararra and greens – try Resene Eighth Thorndon Cream or Resene Half Rice Cake.

August 2022

Q. I have a board and batten house stained with Rustic Oak stain with a Karaka green roof and Karaka green aluminium plus garage door. What other colour stain would you suggest to stain my house?

A. You might like to investigate these stains: Resene Iroko, Resene Treehouse or Resene Bark.

August 2022

Q. We are renovating all the internal doors in our 1908 villa and would really appreciate your help with a colour. Our first choice is a white/neutral but we're also open to 'brave' ideas. The main rooms of the house are Resene Half Tea with white ceilings and trims, though some of the rooms still have stained wooden trims. There are some bolder colours in the bedrooms and bathroom (Resene Azure, Resene Pizazz, Resene Sushi).

A. Fabulous you have used colour in rooms – and brighter colours pair well with Resene Half Tea as a backdrop.

There are a few things to consider – villas generally have a lot of doors in quick succession upon entry, so they do impact the spaces and the first decision is whether you like the doors.

They are usually solid wood, so if you are renovating them and they are in good condition – have you considered leaving them wood – with satin finish, rather than the old gloss varnish? You could paint the internal side of the doors white – or just in the rooms with the bolder colours you have to keep the theme modern and clean – leaving them wood will draw attention to them, but in a natural cohesive way.

This will also depend on the internal side of the front door – is it painted or wood? If it is wood and you like it – then definitely paint the internal doors – or paint the front door a bold colour, so it leads you into the bold colours in some of the rooms.

The skirtings etc can still be white and I recommend painting the stained timber skirtings to match the others. If you feel leaving them is too classic, then I recommend using a deeper neutral which relates to the overall colour palette for the home – and will introduce some colour into the rooms with Resene Half Tea on the walls. The skirtings and trims can remain white for either solution (timber or neutral doors) and I recommend painting the stained timber skirtings white to simplify the scheme.

See if any of these colours appeal: Resene Triple Tea, Resene Napa, Resene Raven, Resene Half Shark, Resene Kensington Grey, Resene Double Gravel, Resene Gull Grey or Resene Oilskin.

August 2022

Q. I'm looking for expert advice on an exterior colour paint for our new build in a few months. It's a two storey house with brick (vintage Coach House Cream) on the lower level and Linea weatherboard on the upper level. We are quite keen on a modern look on the upper level like a dark colour, some sort of black/dark grey/dark but are not sure what. The window and door joinery are black, the roof, gutter, fascia are black satin, the soffit is in Resene Black White and the entrance door is in Resene Armadillo. We were thinking Resene Double Stack for the Linea but are now not sure. Is Resene Armadillo too dark?

A. Resene Armadillo pairs perfectly with the brick and black and will look stunning on the Linea too – it is not too dark – as long as you don’t mind having the Linea the same as the entrance door.

Resene Double Stack won’t sit right with the brick – investigate lovely dark grey Resene Chicago, as an alternative to Resene Armadillo on the Linea.

August 2022

Q. We have a single level Hardiplank house at Omaha. We will be painting both the roof and exterior. It has brown aluminium joinery. We’re not keen on ‘beige browns’ to tie in with the joinery. We would prefer charcoal, dark greys or deeper blue colours for walls. We would appreciate suggestions for both roof and walls please.

A. See if any of these combinations appeal:

August 2022

Q. We are repainting our previously black house in Hawke's Bay and can't go a dark colour again as the climate is too sunny and the plaster is cracking. LRV has to be >40. I am just so stuck as we also have to paint out the cedar wood trim as well as it just needs too much upkeep. We will keep the wooden garage door and front door. I was thinking maybe Resene El Nino (although LRV is 39) but want to love the house colour as much as I did when it was black and this may be a chance to do something quite different and stunning.

A. A colour such as Resene El Nino can definitely work! These types of grey blues always look good on NZ houses as they represent the sky and sea – plus they will suit your architectural style. Going lighter is wise with plaster. The specified LRV rating for new builds/substrates so you don't forfeit warranties. Resene CoolColour is an option to you which can help to reflect more of the sun’s heat.

In saying that I would still advise that you choose a colour as close as possible to the 40% range for your exterior as going lighter is the main thing you can do to protect your paint coating and substrate.

Investigate these tones as well – they are similar to Resene El Nino – try Resene Neutral Bay (LRV 35%), Resene Clouded Blue (LRV 37%) and Resene Half Raven (LRV 34%).

August 2022

Q. I've recently bought a 1950s cottage. Its previous owner lived there for 20 years and the paint job was not great. I'm looking to freshen things up as much as possible, while still retaining its old charm. I'm looking to paint the majority of the walls Resene Eighth Rice Cake – I'm looking for a warm white but I don't want yellow undertones (I don't want to veer into the cream territory) and I also want to avoid anything too grey or dark. I'm aiming for something bright, but not stark. For the room that will eventually be the baby's room – I'm after something that's in the sage green family – this has been tricky to lock down! The closest I've found from the samples has been Resene Coriander, but I'm still not sure if that's right – it might be too yellow? I'm also not sure if we want to paint the whole room, or do a feature wall, or a half and half. There’s one main window, but the room doesn't get too much direct light. I definitely want to keep things bright.

I've also received samples for Resene Bud (close as well, like Resene Coriander), Resene Rivergum and Resene Kelp (both were too dark). Similarly, I've tested, Resene Linen, Resene Cashmere, Resene Quarter Akaroa, Resene Half Spanish White, Resene Cargo, Resene Siam and Resene Alpaca, and none were quite right either. Though I did like Resene Alpaca with Resene Coriander. I've also considered doing the hallway with Resene Conch but I'm not sure if that will darken the space and clash with the green that's in the spare room off the hallway. How many colours do you recommend in the house? I don't want too many, but also I don't want the colour to look odd as there isn't enough?

Finally, I'm looking to paint the wardrobe doors in the main bedroom a slightly darker green than what's in the baby/spare room. I want the rest of the room to be a white/neutral colour with the cupboard as the feature.

A. Your ideas are gorgeous and they just need a little tweaking.

Resene Eighth Rice Cake will be perfect as your backdrop colour. 3-4 colours will work well generally. Colour shifting – slightly changing tones – or using the same colour family i.e. green and blue undertones with accents in warmer tones – can create the illusion of using more colour, while retaining harmony.

See if any of these combinations work for you: Resene Coriander or Resene Aspiring with Resene Bud in the baby’s room – half and half – probably start with the lighter tone on the window wall and adjacent wall then Resene Bud on the other two walls. Bring in tones of Resene Alpaca into accessories and bedlinen.

For the hall, try Resene Aspiring or Resene Coriander and the wardrobe doors could be stunning in Resene Eagle or Resene Cobblestone.

Alternatively if you want a more sage green try: Resene Secrets for all baby’s walls and Resene Green Spring for the hall or Resene Peace for two walls in the baby’s room with Resene Shabby Chic or Resene Alpaca on other walls and Resene Cobblestone for the wardrobe walls.

Resene Siam is a lovely colour and will work for wardrobe walls too or you could investigate Resene Paddock or Resene Cabbage Pont – both are popular, deeper sage greens.

August 2022

Q. I am about to redecorate our new home – a country house, built in the 1890s. It has reddish coloured floorboards. The living room is on the south side of the house and while it has large windows, the bull nosed veranda does make it a bit dark. My decor is fairly warm in hues, traditional and eclectic. The furniture is both cherrywood and black, with a variety of artwork and a fair bit of antique bronze in light fittings, mirrors, chairs etc. There is natural coloured fabric on sofas and deeper coloured fabric on cushions. I'm looking for a lovely 'pure' white tone for the walls. Do you think Resene Alabaster would work? Am I right in thinking it's a fairly authentic and classic white tone that doesn't throw very much to other hues (yellow, pink, green etc)? What whites would you suggest to use with Resene Alabaster for ceiling, window trims, doors etc? Are there any other white paints you'd suggest for walls? I would also like to repaint the kitchen cupboard doors etc (they're presently a creamy slightly yellowish look with a sort of textured finish).

A. Resene Alabaster is a true, classic white and will balance the warmer tones of your decor, however, it is a cool toned white with a hint of grey – which is evident in some aspects. In a south facing room which has obscured light, a true white like Resene Alabaster may throw a grey shadow on the walls making the room feel a bit cold and uninviting.

All whites will reflect adjacent colours – the only way to neutralise this is by using other neutral accents in the room – greys, blacks, metals – which you have, so that is going to help neutralise other undertones like your reddish floors which can also reflect off a white/off white wall colour.

If you are going to choose Resene Alabaster – then I recommend using Resene Alabaster for the ceiling, trims, doors, window sills etc – simply because you have a traditional home which probably has lovely solid doors and distinctive windows/trims etc. Also using Resene Alabaster for all areas will help to keep it looking white, as you are not putting a pure white with it, which will highlight any undertones of grey. Using a different sheen level such as Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss will visually alter the appearance of the same white on these areas (low sheen is commonly used for walls). If your ceiling is the standard 2.4 stud height – Resene Half Alabaster is an option – as colours shadow on the ceiling and may appear darker. Of if the ceiling is higher, then use Resene Alabaster. Ceiling paint is generally a matt finish using Resene SpaceCote Flat or Resene Ceiling Paint.

I recommend you try a slightly warmer tone too. A clean off white with the palest hint of yellow will help to lift the room and reflect more light. Try Resene Quarter Bianca an almost white neutral – I recommend using this on all areas once again with Resene Quarter Alabaster on the ceiling. Resene Quarter Bianca will also work with the colours existing in the room.

For your kitchen cupboards – complementing the natural textures on the sofas might be nice, but it does depend on your benchtop. To start try a natural tone like Resene Eighth Friar Greystone, Resene Silver Sand or Resene Quill Grey. These pale warm greys are on trend and also work with a lot of colour schemes.

Or you could opt to paint the cabinets in Resene Half Alabaster.

August 2022

Q. We would like to replace our front door and repaint our garage door and are looking for some colour advice. Our house is 1970s brick and weatherboard with clean lines and a new COLORSTEEL® roof. The weatherboards have been painted Resene Quarter Pravda and the roof is Ironsand. We would like a change from the current door colour (Resene Fahrenheit). We are having trouble deciding whether to paint the doors neutral or liven things up a bit with some colour (but nothing too crazy and not red). Your suggestions for door colour and also the framing around the front door would be much appreciated.

A. Keeping it simple is best with a house that has clean lines like yours.

I recommend that you choose a tone lighter than the Ironsand, and pairs well with the Resene Quarter Pravda. Going darker or too light, will highlight the windows at the front. The front door will work best in the same colour – painting it another colour is basically the same effect as the red, just a different colour! You can use a gloss on the front door and a semi-gloss on the garage to create visual difference. The door frame will be best the same colour as the eaves – a white.

Try Resene Half Ironsand, Resene Quarter Ironsand or Resene Half Masala, if these do not appeal, you can test a deeper tone of the Ironsand – Resene Dark Web.

For the eaves, try Resene Black White.

August 2022

Q. We are looking for a purple to paint a north facing small bedroom. A friend has given us what he had left from a tin years ago, it’s the colour Resene Prelude. Is there a colour on your charts now that is similar to that? Just wondering as we have got your samples to see if we might just buy a whole new colour and I’m wondering if the one we are leaning towards is actually very similar (Resene Fog/Resene Fairylight). We want a nice purple that’s more from blue tones/not too pinky to look nice in a girl’s room with a big window in the north side.

A. Resene Divine is basically the same – slightly lighter and Resene Mozart is very similar but a little deeper. Purples and violets are great for a north facing bedroom with big windows and this colour is on point!

You may also consider a slightly cooler tone – taking advantage of the light and try a paler, blue violet such as Resene Dreamtime, which could look fabulous.

Resene colours are available to be tinted even if they are not on a current chart, so Resene Prelude can still be mixed at a Resene ColorShop if you would like that.

August 2022

Q. I have two old oak dining chairs that I want to paint to go in with four other mismatched dining chairs around a very solid, Scandinavian blond table in my bnb. At the moment the oak chairs have red/orange fabric on the seats and it’s in good nick. Two of the other dining chairs are black and I'm thinking about painting the oak ones a metallic dark green, almost black. The curtains behind the table are full length white-cream and the carpet is a blue-grey.

A. Either a blue black or dark green will work!

However, the colour needs to have a life to it to differentiate from the black chairs. With the table and fabric I don’t feel a metallic is quite the right look, and you have enough texture to create interest. I recommend a semi-gloss finish. This will give a lustrous look (rather than a matt finish) which is probably what you are trying to achieve with a metallic.

Try Resene Atlas or Resene Twilight Zone.

Resene Twilight Zone

August 2022

Q. We are recladding a 1960s Summerhill stone bungalow with Rockcote, reroofing with corrugated iron and putting aluminium joinery in for windows and doors. We are thinking of using Grey Friars for the roof, guttering, downpipes and aluminium windows and doors. We want a main house colour and a trim colour (timber gables and timber around the front door area) that provide a nice contrast but which are not too cold/clinical looking. We prefer greys, blues, greens rather than taupe, beige or brown tones.

A. Rockcote has an LRV rating of 40% or higher – which means colours chosen for the cladding, must be no lower than 40% – so dark colours are not suitable as such. Resene colour charts have the LRV (light reflection value) listed with each colour, the colours I have recommended fall within this range.

If you choose to go darker – you may forfeit warranties etc and heat may cause damage to the substrate.

See if any of these combinations appeal:

August 2022

Q. We are going to paint our cedar house but will not be replacing the spouting and roof which is a dark green colour. Are you able to advise what colour might be best for the cladding please?

A. You might like to see if any of these colours appeal: Resene Taupe Grey, Resene Quarter Chicago, Resene Archive Grey, Resene Castle Rock or Resene Copyrite.

I recommend you aim to use a Resene CoolColour – this looks like a normal colour, but thanks to special pigment technology it reflects more heat, so it doesn’t get as hot as the normal colour would. Check with Resene ColorShop staff whether a CoolColour is right for your project.

August 2022

Q. Our Federation weatherboard is south facing and will have a COLORBOND® Windspray roof. I would really like a suggestion for a dusty lavender grey to paint the weatherboards. I have been looking at Resene Neutral Bay, but only because it’s the only colour in this spectrum on the colour chart I have. I don’t really want a ‘purple’ house. We have a deep front setback and want something that will create a beautiful backdrop to the garden.

A. Resene Neutral Bay is nice – but may appear a bit bluer than you want. See if any of these dusty lilac greys appeal: Resene French Grey, Resene Greywacke, Resene Santas Grey or Resene Spun Pearl.

They may look lilac, but south facing means that a lot of these complex colours will appear greyer, so a balance of grey with a lift of lilac is needed.

August 2022

Q. I have a black kitchen and it’s moody and gorgeous. I want to paint my dining area white, but warm. I have accents of gold silver white and my living room walls are dark grey. Can you recommend the best white to use. I thought perhaps Resene Merino.

A. Resene Merino is a Resene colour is a cool toned white, as it has an undertone of grey and green. Try Resene Chalk Dust, Resene Half Cararra or Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

August 2022

Q. We have just moved into a new home and are hating the colour of the wall in the media room. We are thinking a blue/teal instead. We have considered the currently trending black but don’t think it is for us! We have tried Resene Ming but are not so sure. We also want to paint the shelves in a complementary colour – the recommendation was Resene Charcoal. We have teal/turquoise in artworks in the entryway and family room hence we felt a Resene Ming-kind of colour would help tie it together but we also want it to feel on-trend.

A. Media rooms suit moody dark colours – especially on one wall. This creates a cinematic ambience. It is good you are bringing through the blue/green tones of the teal and turquoise, as this creates rhythm, however the colour doesn’t have to match the artwork in the entry or family room.

I recommend trying Resene Green Meets Blue. It is a muted green with a hint of blue, with Resene Blue Charcoal or Resene Twilight Zone for the shelving. The shelving looks good dark as it blends with the TV, but black is harsh in this room, so a deep blue will give it some life. You can bring these colours through in furnishings etc. with pops of other bright colours that you are drawn to. Resene Green Meets Blue will work with the walls and carpet and of course will be anchored with a rug. I suggest adding pops of colour to the neutrals.

I also recommend painting the feature wall to both inner corners of the wall. This will anchor the wall, rather than painting to the width of the shelving.

Once you have chosen your feature wall colour – take an A4 colour sample with you shopping for soft furnishings, and you will be able to coordinate in store, taking inspiration from similar colour combinations in fabrics and textures.

August 2022

Q. We have just bought a new house and I want to paint the red brick. The roof and joinery are a light grey aluminium. What colours would go well with this? We do not want to change the roof or joinery only the brick.

A. Darker or lighter tones will complement the light grey.

Try Resene Stack, Resene Double Silver Chalice, Resene Atmosphere, Resene Triple Black White or Resene Armadillo.

August 2022

Q. I am looking for a dark modern paint colour for our rusticated cedar cladding that would look best and complement green joinery, as well as a light colour for the plaster. I am thinking black/dark grey and white but I have no idea what shades of black/dark grey and white would look good, Also should I repaint the detailing on the eaves the same colour as the cedar like at the moment or do the detailing on the eaves all one colour different to the cedar?

A. Resene Element is a warm dark grey which will complement the green window joinery well. Resene Half Merino is a milky off white for the plaster which pairs with the Resene Element and joinery.

I recommend the detailing of the eaves to be the same colour as the eaves. These do not need to be highlighted. The scheme will be cohesive if you can paint the eaves and detailing Resene Half Merino.

August 2022

Q. We are about to re-roof, re-clad and paint our gorgeous 1905 little villa. I thinking of painting the villa all white using black accents (like a black chair on the deck, planters etc) with the front door being black. So technically it would basically be an all-white villa for the rest. I have concerns that there does need to be contrast and I don't want it to look bland or boring, I want it to look stunning. I want a nice white (soft on the eye), not a grey or yellow white.

We are planning on using lots of fretwork, final and carved fascia boards and may put an eyebrow above the window (with peaked roof to align it with the veranda on the other side).

I would most likely have the roof in COLORSTEEL® Grey Friars or Windsor Grey. I'm concerned Windsor Grey may be a fraction too dark.

I understand I can paint the house one colour and use different shades of the same colour (i.e. quarter, double strength) on the accents. I'm not sure which way round to paint the house, i.e. should the accents like trim be painted double strength?

A. The best face of villas were orientated to the street, because of the ornate fretwork, detailing and beautiful windows – therefore traditionally and the most popular look today is to still highlight these features, especially with a white on white theme.

It is best not to use a bright white on the exterior weatherboards as this can be a bit blinding with the bright natural light, but on the trim work and windows, a bright white complemented by a soft edged white on the weatherboard can be stunning!

Resene Sea Fog is a grey edged soft white, it will lose some of its greyish tone outside and it is very suitable for a villa exterior. I recommend teaming it with Resene White for contrast and this keeps a modern nod to the scheme; where variants of one colour wont accomplish the same effect. Alternatively you could try Resene Half Sea Fog.

Lighter roofs look better with all white schemes, so they don’t dominate the overall effect.

A gloss black front door will look fabulous, with a roof in a colour such as Resene Grey Friars, Resene Mid Grey or Resene Half Tuna.

August 2022

Q. Could I please request some help with colours for an exterior scheme for a Federation weatherboard home. The house faces directly south, which is further shaded by a large tree. I really like Resene Dusted Blue but am worried it might be too dark with the south orientation, although I am also finding that the more saturated colour is counteracting the green sallow south light. What do you think? Also, I need a trim colour – I do not want anything stark or too contrasting. I am thinking maybe Resene Triple Sea Fog. I want to create a kind of ethereal dreamy colour scheme with soft blues and greys. If you could also give me an idea of how we treat the front picket fence. Last thing, is we are looking at changing the roof to COLORBOND® Windspray in the next few years.

A. I agree with you that the more saturated the colour helps to counteract reflection from adjacent colours. I also feel the Resene Dusted Blue is a little too dark and not quite the right tone with the south orientation of the main facade.

Resene Half Gull Grey is softer with a hint of blue. It will work with the Windspray roof and the slight blue undertone will counteract too much grey. Alternatively you could try Resene Half Dusted Blue.

For the trims, and the base of the house, I suggest you do use a soft grey which is a bit cleaner than Resene Triple Sea Fog, otherwise you risk the overall appearance of the house feeling dull, with it facing south.

Try Resene Quarter Iron.

The picket fence I recommend using Resene Quarter Iron for continuity or if you prefer it brighter then Resene Poured Milk – a lighter variant.

August 2022

Q. I’ve just purchased a new place very much a do-upper. I’m just looking for some advice on painting the bedrooms and hallway/living room. It’s by the beach so we want a white but think it would also be cool to have a dark blue wall in each bedroom with the rest white.

A. Try these Resene blues: Resene Rhino, Resene Safehaven, Resene Licorice or Resene Hammerhead.

With using one blue in all bedrooms, I suggest dressing each room slightly differently – so the master bedroom could have lots of white and the other bedrooms could have blue/green tones on the bed for example, as an accent fabric, or a lighter grey/blue like the tones of Resene Frozen. The bed is the focal point in a bedroom and the obvious place to do a feature wall is behind that, as this enhances it even more.

Natural toned curtains with an abstract pattern, for the bedrooms, will continue the theme and add another layer of depth and dimension.

Resene Black White will work for all areas and pairs well with navy blues.

Resene Alabaster for the ceilings and trims pairs great with Resene Black White – it is a little brighter and cleaner.

August 2022

Q. We have quite a small lounge, including the kitchen. People tell me not to use a dark colour on the feature wall because it will make the room seem smaller. Is that true?

A. It really depends on the colour and how much light is coming into the room and which wall you choose. Also what furnishings you have – are they light and open – so they create negative space by not being solid to the floor – like a sofa on legs rather than boxed to the floor?

Painting the whole room dark may close it in, but one wall in a cool toned colour which is not directly in your vision (so the furthest wall from entry, if possible) will help to open the space somewhat, because cool toned, dark colours recede. It is a misconception that white or off whites are the best use of a small space, once again that depends on how much light the room has and from what aspect. A room with lots of windows and light all day will benefit from a cool toned white, where a south facing room may just feel cold and lacking character no matter how many layers you create. Layering organic textures always helps warm the appearance of any room.

Other options is to use a mid-toned colour rather than deep and dark, a Resene wallpaper which can add texture without choosing a darker background or opt for a special effect on one wall – stencil, colour blocking and stripes or a piece of colourful art which you can then pick out a favourite colour from the art and paint your feature wall this colour, to enhance the artwork. Whatever you choose needs to work with the dimensions of the room and the shapes of the furniture and products existing.

August 2022

Q. We are building a new home in a rural setting. We are looking at Silver Pearl joinery and possibly a Thunder Grey roof. We are unsure of what exterior colour would look good with these two options as we realise the roof is not the same colour as the joinery which is the normal rule apparently. We like neutral and light grey options.

A. Yes, there is a trend to not have the roof the same as the joinery.

You might like to try some of these light greys and neutrals: Resene Titania, Resene Quarter Silver Chalice, Resene Half Silver Chalice, Resene Jumbo, Resene Half Jumbo or Resene Quarter Ash.

August 2022

Q. I am currently renovating my home starting with the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. I have chosen Sovereign Oak benchtops and some cabinetry and am looking at either Dezigna White or Snowdrift Naturale for the rest of the cabinetry.

I am wondering what colour walls would be good to go with this? I had thought to keep in the same shade but lighter and wondered if Resene has either of those colours?

A. It will depend on which cabinetry colour you choose as to which wall colour is best suited.

I like the Dezigna White with Sovereign Oak – it has a cool tone which balances the warmth of the oak and stops it becoming too overpowering.

With these two cabinetry whites, it is best to stay within the family and go to a half shade or lighter, on the walls. Any other alternative white may look slightly cream compared to these – especially when paired with the Dezigna White. Resene Poured Milk is equivalent to Dezigna White and a half strength or even quarter strength Resene Poured Milk can be mixed for you. If you decide to go with Snowdrift cabinetry, Resene have a custom match on their system.

Resene Poured Milk

August 2022

Q. We need an exterior house colour to go with Paperbark windows, Ironstone gutters and white railings.

A. These tones will bridge the gap between the blue undertone of the gutters and warmth of the windows. See if any of these colours appeal: Resene Outback, Resene Artisan, Resene Caraway, Resene Spanish White or Resene Navarone (for tone on tone).

August 2022

Q. We are painting our main areas. What are your thoughts of Resene Eighth Tea on kitchen walls? We have a lot of light in the kitchen dining and lounge. We are installing a charcoal island bench with a white/grey stone top and white cabinetry with black knobs.

A. Resene Eighth Tea may look quite warm in the afternoon light and may not be quite the right tone with your harder finishes. Try Resene White Pointer which works with warm and cool palettes or Resene Half Milk White an antique white.

August 2022

Q. We are moving into our new office and we are hoping for some paint colour suggestions for the walls in our new office. Our company colour consists of white, navy and silver (dark grey) – if this helps?

A. For most office environments the use of a neutral wall colour is a good choice as it is non offensive to staff and clients. Colour can then be added back to the space with an accent wall, art, plants and furniture.

Taking cue from the signage is a good place to start (without matching) as it relates to the business, but pops of colour as mentioned above in art or furniture, can be a contrasting or complementing colour.

I recommend Resene Poured Milk – a cool toned white with a soft edge of blue/grey, for the walls, which will lift and brighten the space, and team it with Resene Coast a deep blue as a feature. Columns if there are more than one I recommend Resene Silver Chalice – a pewter grey. This grey can also be for any doors or trims that need to be painted.

Ceilings (if any are to be painted) could be in Resene Sea Fog.

August 2022

Q. I want some help with trying to tie everything together and choose a white for our new build. We are building up on the hill in Christchurch. The house is positioned to look at the view and should get a lot of afternoon sun (slightly less morning sun). We like very much the minimalist/clean white look, however do not want the walls to be too bright and stark.

We have chosen Resene Triple Black White for the outside, alongside Damper cedar and were told that we should do Resene Black White for the eaves.

My two questions are around wanting some help choosing the white paint to go inside – we are currently looking between Resene Black White or Resene Poured Milk?

My second question – we are having a kwila deck on the outside of the house. What stain would you recommend between the Resene Kwila Timber Stain or Resene Woodsman natural stain? The roof/joinery and black on the piles are all black/ebony COLORSTEEL®.

A. Resene Poured Milk has a slight blue/grey undertone so can change either way from a clean cool toned white to reflecting blue or grey depending on where the light falls and the aspect of the room, and what colours are adjacent to it. Resene Black White is more neutral and a softened cool white, which can look like a light grey in shadow or cooler rooms. Colour is a chameleon and will change if it can. My best advice is to test these two colours before your final selection – they are both fabulous whites and one of these will be perfect!

Resene Kwila Timber Stain has been designed to enhance the colour of Kwila, so if you want a rich contrast to your neutral exterior scheme and you like the natural look of Kwila I recommend using Resene Kwila Timber Stain. It will appear quite a bit brighter for the first few months, but as it fades, it will appear closer to natural Kwila.

You could also test the Resene Woodsman Natural – it will appear darker on Kwila than on the colour chart.

August 2022

Q. We are painting a sitting room of a large Victorian era house which will have the walls, ceilings and trims all the same colour. The rest of the house will be white but I want a soft grey/green/beige colour for the sitting room. The floor will be carpet is Supertuft Gigig (a warm brown colour). I thought Resene Double Ash might work or Resene Triple Thorndon Cream but neither seem quite right. The Resene Double Ash is too grey and the Resene Triple Thorndon Cream does not feel like it has enough green in it.

A. Try Resene Half Grey Olive – it sits between Resene Triple Thorndon Cream and Resene Double Ash.

Resene Grey Olive is also worth trying, but obviously it is quite a bit deeper. It is a colour that has been repeated from the Resene original British Standard early charts to current colour charts, and is a great hue, plus the room may just be able to take this depth of colour.

August 2022

Q. We have Resene Quarter Rice cake as our main wall colour throughout our house with Resene White as the trims and ceilings. We are looking to do our kitchen cabinetry in a nice clean white with timber accents. Ideally we want the cabinetry whiter than the Resene Quarter Rice Cake but not just straight white.

Will Resene Alabaster look ok alongside Resene Quarter Rice Cake? Or is there another white I should try?

I don’t think Resene Eighth Rice Cake produces enough of a colour contrast alongside quarter strength.

We are also contemplating Resene Elixir as a nice neutral olivey green feature wall in the open plan kitchen/dining (which also has Resene Quarter Rice Cake on other walls). Is there a similar green(s) that recommend for us to consider that is perhaps a little lighter and would still go with the other paint colours in the kitchen/living?

A. Resene Alabaster will pair well with most colour ways including Resene Quarter Rice Cake.

For the feature wall in the kitchen – greens are currently very popular and timeless, and the Resene Rice Cake family works well with most greens.

Lighter variants to Resene Elixir are Resene Bubble N Squeak, Resene Smoothie, Resene Fawn Green or Resene Miso. Or try Resene Quarter Crisp Green from the Karen Walker Paints collection – it is a mid-tone green blended with yellow – a great colour for a kitchen/dining area, as yellow is known to stimulate the appetite as it is associated with happiness and green has long been associated in history as a healthy colour in regards to eating habits.

August 2022

Q. We have just bought a gorgeous little place that has a red and a burgundy wall that we would like to update. The feeling we would like to have is one of richness. I think emerald with a gold or bronze effect would look beautiful but am not sure.

A. To modernise this space, two colours can still be used, it is how they are applied, that will help the room feel modern.

Emerald green on the walls is an option and deep reds and shades of brown are actually on trend, you can then bring touches of emerald in as an accent, which I feel will work well. If you wanted the burgundy could be modernised by using a deeper or browner based red, like Resene Aubergine or Resene Sambuca for the lower half of the wall, and a lighter colour such as Resene Despacito for the other half. You can then add a stencil or artwork in a combination of gold, emerald green and soft pink and repeat these colours in the room through artwork and accessories, whether painting existing objects or sourcing new ones.

The brighter red walls and burgundy walls on the same side (leading to the next room) could then also be Resene Despacito or a neutral of your choice. Golds which might appeal are Resene Rose Gold, Resene Time Machine or Resene Goldmine.

You could opt to paint an emerald green on one side of the room and the other in a neutral such as Resene Ecru White or Resene Double Rice Cake. Then you can bring in pops of gold and blues, or poppy red as accents in the room.

A softer emerald green which could look stunning is Resene Away We Go.

The choices are endless, check out the habitat plus ‘special effects’ create with paint book at your local Resene ColorShop or view online.

August 2022

Q. We are looking at FlaxPod for roof and joinery with Wood-X Glacier Peak. We have another cladding which we'd like to have in a complementary colour.

A. It will depend on the type of cedar being used to how the Glacier Peak will turn out.

With that being said, the cedar and FlaxPod pair beautifully together and I recommend that the other cladding, depending on LRV restrictions (if any), should tone with the FlaxPod – so a warm grey with a slight brown undertone. This will allow the cedar to pop.

Once again it will depend on the substrate this colour is being painted on to, so testing is a good idea if samples are provided to test on.

Colour can appear up to half a shade lighter outside, lighter and darker versions of these colours are achievable, if desired.

See if any of these appeal; Resene Fuscous Grey, Resene Half Fuscous Grey, Resene Quarter Bokara Grey or even Resene Bokara Grey. For something a bit lighter – try Resene Friar Greystone or Resene Triple Friar Greystone.

August 2022

Q. We are doing a refurb on our takeaway fish and burgers shop. We are looking for colour ideas, bearing in mind the grease staining over the years. The current paint has gone a yellowish tinge. We also like modern clean colours, but are aware that whiter, or plainer shades may not be best for a takeaway.

A. It really depends on what your floors will look like, if there are any changes, and signage can be a starting point, if it is modern or being modernised (which can be brought inside onto a wall, if it is symbolic even better).

The type of paint you use is going to determine how clean the shop walls stay and how durable they are, but definitely whites and pale neutrals are higher maintenance but can promote an appearance of health and hygiene on the other hand.

One option and it is a modern look – is to paint half of the walls a definite colour with a lighter tone above where it is less likely to get so much wear and tear; alternately you could paint the walls a light colour (in a hard wearing paint) and have a special effect created with paint, on a wall, which relates to the business – wiggly lines for example can simulate waves and the sea, a creative local may be able to help you with this.

Check out the habitat plus – special effects book, online or available at your local Resene.

You may like to hang black and white artwork on the walls, relating to the history of the shop, or funky local art or sea sculptures which artists may like to have displayed in your shop, all deterring from any defects which may happen over time, and creating interest and a happy atmosphere.

Here are some colours to consider: Resene Quarter Emerge, Resene Slipstream or Resene Double Alabaster for lighter tones with Resene Hippie Blue, Resene Ship Cove, Resene Waikawa Grey or Resene Keppel as accents.

Resene Jet Stream is a popular mid toned, warm blue which could work for all walls as an alternative to the whites and bolder accents.

Resene ColorShops have a colour library with A4 swatches available to view. You can have a look if any combinations of these colours appeal to you, the staff will be happy to assist with which paint is suitable to use.

July 2022

Q. We have an old COLORSTEEL® roof which is now a bit faded. It's original colour was Karaka. It now has a slightly brownish tinge. We are painting the weatherboards and I'd like to know if Resene Delta or Resene Half Delta would work? I quite like Resene Silver Chalice but I feel it is too blue/grey for a match with the very khaki roof. We think we will do the joinery in Resene Alabaster.

A. Alternate Resene colours to try are: Resene Kensington Grey, Resene Quarter Delta, Resene Tana, Resene Linen and Resene Half Napa.

July 2022

Q. We have a project in Orewa. It uses Clelands vertical weatherboard, which requires the LRV greater than or equal to 45%. Could you advise me which popular colours we can use for the weatherboards? We would like to use yellowed brown type colours?

A. Try these colours to see if they appeal to you and work with your colour scheme, I have noted the LRV rating after the recommended colour: Resene Eighth Friar Greystone 57%, Resene Eighth Arrowtown 54%, Resene Eighth Stonewall 49%, Resene Eighth Pravda 58% or Resene Quarter Craigieburn 55%.

July 2022

Q. I'm looking at decorating the interior of my home. We have Rimu T&G flooring, architraves and Cedar joinery. What would be some great paint colours that would complement well all the varnished timber?

A. Rimu and Cedar suit warm whites, rich neutrals and accents of green. See if any of these colours appeal: Resene Double Spanish White, Resene Bianca, Resene Biscotti, Resene Shabby Chic, Resene Peace, Resene Coriander, Resene Paddock, Resene Mother Nature and Resene Forest Green.

July 2022

Q. I am looking for options for our doors – the walls and trim are in Resene Half Bianca. Is there a mid-grey that would work without being too blue?

A. See if any of these greys appeal: Resene Quarter Foggy Grey, Resene Half Jumbo, Resene Half Mountain Mist or Resene Quarter Stack.

July 2022

Q. We are painting the exterior and roof of a modest 1880s villa. We think we have decided on Resene Half Gull Grey for the exterior walls but would like some advice about what colour to paint the roof and trimmings. Thinking darker roof and white (ish) windows and finials etc.

A. Resene Half Gull Grey is a great colour and these are two combinations which pair well with this colour for the roof, trims and windows: Resene Grey Friars for the roof with Resene Sea Fog, or Resene Half Tuna for the roof with Resene Half Barely There.

July 2022

Q. I would like to paint our home’s exterior walls Resene Triple Sea Fog and the trim/picket fence in Resene Double Alabaster. Do you recommend Grey Friars for the iron roof?

A. Yes Grey Friars will pair well with Resene Triple Sea Fog and Resene Double Alabaster.

July 2022

Q. I'm just looking at creating a colour palette for our new build and would love some assistance!

Our theme is pretty relaxed, coastal, with hints of mid-century. We've selected Resene Half Black White to go on the majority of the walls, and have teak timber cabinetry throughout. We have two feature walls, in the lounge and master bedroom, where I was thinking of using Resene Bud. So I'm really just looking for some additional complementary colours that will work nicely through furnishings, and possibly the children’s bedrooms as well. I was thinking of creating a palette of 4-5 colours that would help me work from?

A. Resene Bud is a fabulous green and on point; a two tone approach works really well with earthy greens, and adds interest. You can include tonal greens such as Resene Siam and/or Resene Waiouru, a neutral olive blend like Resene Cargo and add deeper natural greens like Resene Paddock or Resene Cabbage Pont and Resene Jurassic.

Natural accent partners to the greens and teak timber toners are burnt oranges such as Resene Twisted Sister and Resene Swiss Caramel.

You can combine these with a touch of golden yellow in accessories or art such as Resene Sweet Corn.

Emphasising the connection to nature with the greens – indoor plants with natural textures and fibres will complete the look.

Resene ColorShops have an A4 library with colour swatches, where you can view the recommended colours together, and from there mix and match, or add others. Resene testpots are your best friend to help you narrow down the choices.

Resene Twisted Sister

Resene Swiss Caramel

July 2022

Q. We are nearing the end of our build and are undecided on what colour to paint our exterior (Rockcote). We have some areas with Designa Schist in Grey Alps and our roof and windows are all in Windsor Grey. We were leaning towards Resene Double Truffle or Resene Truffle – I wonder if Resene Truffle looks too light and Resene Double truffle will be too dark and blend in too much to the schist. Do you have any recommendations?

A. The Resene Truffle tones do not have enough depth to carry the strength of the schist.

I don’t feel it is a problem if the colour blends, as the schist will always be the feature, because of its prominent texture.

Try these complementary colours: Resene Stonewall, Resene Friar Greystone, Resene Half Friar Greystone or Resene Half Taupe Grey.

Resene Friar Greystone

Resene Half Friar Greystone

July 2022

Q. Please can you tell me which browns (light/med/dark) and light blues would go well with Resene Eighth Biscotti.

A. See if any of these colour palettes appeal to you, with Resene Eighth Biscotti:

Resene ColorShops have a colour library in store with A4 swatches of these colours so you can view them together in larger swatches to see what suits you best.

Resene Dapper

Resene Tablelands

Resene Barnstorm

July 2022

Q. Can you please recommend a colour match equivalent to COLORSTEEL® Sandstone Grey?

A. Resene Gauntlet.

July 2022

Q. Our roof and joinery are Ironsand. We want a natural colour on our one level house on poles in a rural setting that looks like a wood colour. Can you please advise?

A. Try these Resene colours: Resene Rockbottom, Resene Napa, Resene Cougar or Resene Half Pravda. Please note that colours will appear lighter outside, under natural bright light.

July 2022

Q. We are building a new double storey home. The joinery colour is FlaxPod, the feature wall is Australian hardwood and we also have decking in this. We are unsure what colour to paint the Stria cladding – because of the area it needs to be either grey, brown or green and LRV no greater than 30%. What colour options would you suggest?

A. A combination of grey, green and brown will pair well with the timber and joinery.

See if any of these Resene colours appeal: Resene Double Friar Greystone, Resene Dark Web, Resene Eighth Bokara Grey, Resene Cobblestone, Resene Gravel, Resene Dune or Resene Double Pravda.

Colour will appear at least 20% lighter outside, especially when bright sunlight is on the substrate. I recommend you paint A2 samples of these colours using Resene testpots and compare them with a FlaxPod sample and a hardwood sample, outside.

Resene Double Friar Greystone

Resene Dark Web

Resene Eighth Bokara Grey

July 2022

Q. We are renovating our kitchen, dining, family room. The furniture and flooring is oak, the kitchen cabinets and island benchtop are white with black negative detailing and the splashbacks are black mirror. The ceiling and skirtings are painted in Resene Half Rice Cake. I would like a green for the walls and would like suggestions.

A. The elements you have chosen are gorgeous and green is a good fit. I recommend an olive based green. It will look elegant and is good in kitchen/dining rooms, and pairs well with the oak, which has a yellow undertone.

Try Resene Aspiring, Resene Bud, Resene Bandicoot or Resene Bitter.

July 2022

Q. I want to repaint two bathrooms. They have recently been renovated in grey and small green feature tiles. I was wondering if you could give some advice. I am thinking green?

A. A soft grey green will bridge the grey and green/blue tiles. Try Resene Tasman, Resene Harp or Resene Paris White.

July 2022

Q. We are looking to find a new colour for the house. Ideally something neutral or a bit blue. Currently the roof is orange – what colour goes well with the current roof colour?

A. You might like to try these following colours: Resene Gull Grey, Resene Geyser, Resene Zumthor or Resene Loblolly.

July 2022

Q. I am stuck thinking of appropriate colours for my living room/dining room. The window frames and ceiling are Resene Double Alabaster. What colour should I put on my walls if my carpet is mid brown and I am hoping to buy a brown or cream sofa? Also, can you recommend a colour that will go with the above for the feature wall of my fireplace?

A. I recommend you try Resene Cararra or Resene Rice Cake, they both are a little muted and will work with the grey undertone of Resene Double Alabaster. They will also pair well with a cream or brown sofa and mid brown carpets.

For the feature wall, pulling inspiration from your outlook, is a good way to choose a colour palette, is it urban, coastal or rural and considering what other accent colours will be in the space.

However, going by your colour theme, you might like to investigate these colours: Resene Atlas, Resene Thunder Road, Resene Coffee Break, Resene Cello or Resene Oilskin.

July 2022

Q. I am stripping old wallpaper, prepping and painting all my interior walls to modernise the look of my 1940s bungalow. I have started with Resene Sea Fog in the master and hallway but am seeing a lot more blue than I expected. I'd read so much about it throwing subtle green, which is what I had envisioned.

The front entrance is into the hallway and then you move into an open plan kitchen/lounge/dining area. If I change the colour in there, is there something forgiving in a greener or warmer tone that won't look so obviously different from what is already done?

A. Resene Sea Fog is one of those whites which will pick up and reflect any colour it is adjacent to, so for example, you have a lot of trees outside the room that Resene Sea Fog is painted, this could mean it will reflect green, place a blue runner in a hallway, it may reflect blue.

I do find that the deeper variants of white don’t reflect as much colour and can appear warmer, especially in a warmer, lighter room, so consider what aspect your open plan area is and always test the colours using Resene testpots painted on A2 card (available from Resene ColorShops) so you can move the card around the room and view how it reacts at day and night.

Try these colours for the open plan area: Resene Triple Black White, Resene Quarter Linen or Resene Thorndon Cream.

July 2022

Q. We have done a big extension and have seven new internal doors that need painting. We can’t decide on a colour. The ceiling and trims and frames are Resene Half Black White and the wall colour is Resene Half White Pointer. We’re after maybe a warm light grey?

A. Investigate these warm greys – Resene Double White Pointer, Resene Truffle, Resene Cloud or Resene Dusted Grey.

I recommend you paint them onto A2 card and view the colour day and night on the doors. You may want to paint a sample of the Resene Half White Pointer so you can see what the door colour looks like next to it, if the walls are not painted as yet.

July 2022

Q. We have a commercial building and the tenant wants to paint the outside Resene Alabaster. Is this ok for a large building, not too bright?

A. Resene Alabaster will look like a bright white outside, when the natural bright light reflects on it.

Colour loses strength in natural light by at least 20%, if not more, especially painted on a large scale building.

I recommend testing Resene Half Sea Fog or Resene Wan White. Both are similar but with a bit more grey. The building will still be white, but less reflective.

July 2022

Q. The high ceilings in my lounge are 70s style pinex tiles – too expensive to replace the ceiling. What would be the best colour to paint it to make it look more modern?

A. It will depend on the wall colours and trims.

Resene Alabaster is a near white, widely used for trims and ceilings, as it works with most colour schemes, and has been a consistently popular colour for these areas.

July 2022

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Colours are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.


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Colours shown on this website are a representation only. Please refer to the actual paint or product sample. Resene colour charts, testpots and samples are available for ordering online.   See measurements/conversions for more details on how electronic colour values are achieved.

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