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Upcycling for Good

Kids stove

Give new life to this tired old bedside table by converting into a fun play oven for children to have endless hours of fun ‘cooking’ meals for their family and friends.

Resene upcycling for good with Sarah Herring - Project 34

Finished project
Finished project

You will need: Resene Lustarcryl paint in colour Morning Glory (500ml), Resene Blackboard paint in Black, Resene testpot paint in colour Candy Floss, Resene Quick Dry Sealer Undercoat (500ml), painters tape, paint brush large and small, Mini roller, contract filler, long metal handle (approx 200mm long for the oven door), cup hooks x 3, wooden drawer handles (round) x4, (our bedside table came with two wooden drawer handles and we found another two that had been removed from another project) magnetic catch, screw driver and drill.

Suggested tips and tricks: You can add a shelf inside the oven by attaching timber runners to each side and use a cooling rack as the oven rack. Drawer can be used to store play food and utensils. You can use old scratched CD’s or DVD’s as your elements – paint with two coats of blackboard paint and glue using no more nails to the top of the bedside table. If you have two bedside tables you could create a kitchen sink in the top of one bedside table – use a jig saw to cut out a hole and drop in a lipped stainless steal mixing bowl or dog food bowl. And screw on an old tap.

Prior to refinishing Before
Finished project Finished project
Finished project Finished project
Step 1 Step one
Remove drawer and door handles. Remove door, hinges and catch.
Step 2 Step two
Sand bedside table, drawer and door inside and out. And fill any holes with contract filler – leave to dry and sand.
Step 3 Step three
Paint bedside table and drawer inside and out with a coat of Quick Dry Sealer undercoat and leave to dry.
Step 4 Step four
Paint bedside table and drawer inside and out with two coats of Lustercryl paint in colour Morning Glory leaving to dry between coats.
Step 5 Step five
With a pencil, draw four circles (approx 120mm diameter) for elements on the top of the bedside table (we drew around a CD) Use a small paint brush to carefully paint around the edges and a larger paint brush to fill in the circles. Paint each element with two coats of blackboard paint, leaving to dry between coats.
Step 6 Step six
To create the black boards, mask off an areas with painters tape. For the oven, on the front of the door mask an area 250x180mm. For the menu on one of the sides of the bedside table, mask an area 400x200mm. For the clock on the top right of the drawer, mask an area 70x35mm. Paint each masked area with two coats black board paint, using a mini roller or brush and leaving to dry between coats.
Step 7 Step seven
Attach door back onto the bedside table – but this time attaching the hinges at the bottom of the bedside table rather than the side and attach a magnetic catch at the top of one of the sides of the oven so the door will stay closed.
Step 8 Step eight
Paint drawer handles with Resene tespot in colour Candy Floss and attach across the face of the drawer with screws– these will be the knobs to ‘turn’ the oven elements on and off.
Step 9 Step nine
Drill a small pilot hole and screw on the metal handle rail to front of oven door.
Step 10 Step ten
Drill a small pilot hole and screw in the cup hooks on one side of the bedside table – hang cooking utensils.
Step 11 Step eleven
Use red coloured chalk to make elements appear ‘hot’. Coloured or white chalk to draw cakes etc baking in the oven on the oven door.
Step 11 Eleven contd.
Write a menu on the blackboard on the side of the oven and create a digital clock on the rectangle on the drawer front.

Upcycling for Good

You can find a huge range of treasures, from ornaments and picture frames, to furniture and toys at your local Salvation Army store that you can easily upcycle with a little Resene paint and some imagination.

"Our Family Stores are full of treasures generously donated by members of the public. We value these donations and try our hardest to re-purpose and sell as much as possible. We’re all about re-using and recycling, so teaming up with Resene on Upcycling for Good was a perfect match. Resene’s products and tips are a natural fit with our pre-loved furniture and accessories, which are usually great quality but could sometimes do with a lick of paint to ensure they fly off the shelves.

Each year, nationally, our stores save 16,000 tonnes from landfill. This initiative increases the value of the donated product, improves the range of goods for our customers, and furthers The Salvation Army’s mission and Resene’s community activity.” Gareth Marshall, The Salvation Army's National Family Store Manager.

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