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The latest looks in... neutrals

Love neutrals? Get inspired with colour and the latest decorating and colour trends! If you're getting ready for your next decorating journey, browse through these beautiful mood boards, paints, colours and decorating ideas to help you select just the right look and mood for your space.

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You had me at hello
You had me at hello

With a warm and welcoming paint palette, you’ll be setting an inviting tone right from the front door... more
Using a statement piece of furniture
Style statement

Opting for a statement piece of furniture in a splashy colour can bring a lot of character to your living space... more
A Mediterranean style patio
A patio for the gods

Decorate your outdoor living space in a way that reflects the energy of a favourite holiday destination... more
Home interiors grounded in nature
Grounded in nature

A strong trend has developed for decorators to turn their homes into relaxing retreats... more
Using a variety of neutral shades in your interior
Say bye bye to bland

The key to creating interest and richness in any space is to incorporate plenty of variety... more
Layers of multiple whites and textures in your lounge
White magic

The modern way of decorating with white is to layer multiple whites and finishes and textures... more
Checkerboard inspired patterns for your home
Check please

This feel-good print that is fun, stems from the newfound obsession that brought us cottagecore... more
A art gallery inspired look for your home
Artistic expression

A look that emulates a well-curated art gallery has long been associated with luxury... more
A mediterranean courtyard with bistro table
That's amore

Create a courtyard with Mediterranean touches, with textured walls, painted limestone patio and bistro table... more
Hamptons inspired lounge in neutrals or coastal blues
Bring the Hamptons home
The casual luxury of a Hamptons-inspired interior is hard to resist, and its quintessential low-key elegance... more
Circular swirly mural in greens and grey tones for your lounge
Swirling statement

As people have been forced to spend more time at home, it’s natural for us to seek out colours that are soothing... more
Bedroom with an arch theme
Curve appeal

If you follow design trends in interiors, chances are you've seen arches popping up everywhere... more
Scandinavian-styled bedroom
Scandi style evolves

Say ‘Scandinavian-style’ and many people visualise light, clean-lined spaces starkly adorned... more
Feature frames
Feature frames

It’s never been easier to transform your simple wall into a grand battened space or resurrect a forgotten corner... more
Resene Black White toned bedroom
Minimalist dreams

Learn how to use shades of Resene Black White to achieve a minimalist look in your bedroom... more
Use four principles of design to create a unified design for your next project
Full circle

Use four principles of design to create a unified design for your next project... more
Japanese styled home office
Find your zen

A Japanese inspired traditional home office, with ample storage space... more
Turn a coffee table into a chess board
Check mate

Painting a chess board directly on to a coffee table or side table can give you a stylish feature... more
Scandi inspired rug layout two ways
Two takes on retro rugs

We’ve seen the 1970s begin to take over as the preferred decade to gather inspiration from... more
Paint architectural features and add wall moldings to your lounge
No moulding? No matter!

Using paint and contrast to create interesting architectural features in your home... more
Make an outside patio area
Backyard as a bonus space

Making the most of your outside space has never been more important... more
Face value
Face value

Discover your inner artist with a Bauhaus inspired wall mural for your lounge... more
Character study
Character study

Let rebooted neutrals bring a multidimensional minimalism to your bedroom... more
Sun-day style
Sun-day style

A place to relax outside, read a book and enjoy a tipple should be on everyone’s to-do list... more
Natural attraction
Natural attraction

Encourage sweet soothing sleep with a bedroom painted in soft character neutrals... more
The greatest of ease
The greatest of ease

This contemporary space is styled using neutrals from either end of the spectrum to create a harmonious feel... more
Nature's finest
Nature's finest

Bask in the best nature has to offer with a conservatory that feels like springtime all year round... more
Out of the box
Out of the box

A tonal colour palette of green greys is translated into three unique spaces... more

Transform your lounge into a film noir set with clever greyscale styling... more
Sweet deco dreams
Sweet deco dreams

Curved or square, multicoloured or in your favourite hue, coloured headboards can make a stylish statement... more
Get smart
Get smart

A hallway with a smart black and beige colour palette is the perfect welcome note for a home’s entrance... more
Relaxing grey organic themed lounge
Self care space

The trick to creating a self-care space is to think about the things that make you feel happy... more
Reading nook -art deco inspiration
Reading ready

For the past two years, shapes, motifs, colours and finishes reminiscent of the Art Deco era have been all the rage... more
Outside living patio for summer and winter
In and out

There's a big draw in turning your home into the kind of place where you can relax... more
Warmer tones are making a comeback
Cosy comeback

After two decades of grey as the preferred neutral, warmer tones are finally beginning to make a comeback... more
Girls bedroom in neutral colours in shades of white
Greige for the girls

Neutral hues, especially shades of white, are the most common paint colours used in our homes... more
An smart touch headboard for lighting
Seasonal switchouts

A change of seasons is the perfect time to spruce up the design scheme of your home, inside and out... more
Outdoor greens come inside your lounge
Jade meets sage

A room like this one is perfect for bringing a sense of the outdoors in during the winter... more
Six murals to paint with your own style
Unleash your inner artist

The trend in hand-painted wall murals is for a relaxed, anything goes, freehand style... more
Contrasting art deco themes
A nineties nook for now

This reading nook, while reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s, still feels current today... more
Retro dining room
Why revive when you can thrive

The popular pastels of yesteryear have been updated with slightly muddier tones... more
Cape cod look
A classic beachy Cape Cod look

Nothing says relaxed beach style more than a range of soft blues, pale greys and seafoam whites... more
Two-toned neutrals - fawns and whites.
Washed in whitewash

This fresh cool room manages to take the essence of trendy
Scandi cool... more
Two-toned neutrals - fawns and whites.
Two-toned neutrals

For large rooms, or simply as a striking feature, this unique two-toned look is a great way to add structure... more
Raindance whitewash benchseat
Space to soothe

Weathered blues and whitewashed plywood create a soothing space to relax and read... more
Pink just dance lounge
Creamier whites

You need shades that are versatile and will look good in rooms of all shapes and sizes... more
Schist green living
The new neutrals

Our concept of what's a neutral colour is changing. No longer are we talking only about whites, creams, beiges... more
Earthy colourblock living
Earthy colourblock living

The dusky earth tones of this calm space, mixed with the natural fibres and wood tones... more
Desert pink living room
Sunset tones

There’s a subtle shift into the modern trend for peaches and nudes... more
Meet the super neutrals
Meet the super neutrals

Turn a forgotten corner into a modern reading nook with super neutrals from Resene... more
Wabi-sabi style
Wabi-sabi style

Soft muted greens are the new neutral this season. Use a two-tone approach for interest... more
Try Japandi
Try Japandi

Japandi – a mix between Japan style and Scandi with a simple organic style and using natural colours... more
The essential home office
The essential home office

The rising popularity of portable devices doesn’t do away with the need for a home office... more
Global decorating inspiration
Going global

Stylist Amber Armitage takes a trip around the globe and translates her inspiration into spaces... more
Natural fabrics and fibre inspired rooms
Everyday Luxury

A calming interior inspired by the elegant aesthetic of NZ fashion brand Marle... more
Karen Walker chalk paint range
Yours in chalk

Matte finishes on furniture, upcycling and feature area projects bring a luscious depth to hues... more
Seasonal inspiration for your lounge spaces
Through the seasons

Changing up your paint colours and accessories can give you dramatically different looks or even seasonal changes... more
Wallpaper options for your home
Wallpaper moments

New and interesting ways to add wallpaper/ pattern and texture into your home... more
Show your personaility to your lounge
A place to call home

We show how to add personality and part of you into your home through displaying personal items.... more

Gallery pg.  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Filter:  kids | blues | greens | yellows | neutrals | oranges/browns | pinks/reds | greys/blacks | violets | pops-of-colour/multi-colour


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