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Habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2017

Welcome — it’s time to make a colour connection.

What colours will be embraced in our homes during the next few years? What decorating directions will emerge? Trends don’t happen overnight. They gestate over many months, even years and are influenced by many things.

Colour experts predict our palettes years in advance but how we integrate those into our own homes is very individual... more

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Decorating and colour trends 2017

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Key colours and influences in the year ahead

Key colours and influences

Welcome to decorating and colour trends... more

Cross-over greys happily co-mingle in modern colour trends


Cross-over greys happily co-mingle. Grey continues its reign as a popular neutral, but now happily co-mingles with beige and blackened whites as we seek to soften its sometimes austere edge... more

Blue creates a feeling of safet and sanctuary


Creating sanctuary in an uncertain world. The more the external world intrudes, the more we crave a place of respite... more

Texture and colour go together


Texture and colour go hand in glove. Our experience of colour becomes more than just the visual. As an all-encompassing sensory experience, we ask that colour become the messenger of broader concepts – texture, gloss, matte. We want to touch and feel... more

Upcycle and share old treasures


Forget recycling, think rescuing, upcycling and sharing. Look at your old treasures through a new lens and see the endless possibilities. Today’s interiors are not about perfection... more

Take indoors living outdoors


Time to escape... outdoors. Just as we’re bringing the outdoors in with house plants, natural textures and botanic greens, we’re also taking our indoor spaces outdoors. Outdoor rooms have come far from the exposed old timber table and chairs... more

Outdoor colours are coming indoors

And... time to escape indoors

Nature has always had a strong influence on choices, and never more so than now. With many addicted to technology and more time spent indoors, the great outdoors is coming in... more

Unexpected pops of colour brighten your home


Unexpected colour brightens your home. Want more intensity? Pops of colour remain strong but now appear in unexpected ways. The colour doesn’t stop where the wall starts or finishes – the colour sets the space... more

Clash of cultures and colours is a strong decorating trend


The world continues to shrink. Global influences converge. We are now part of a global village. We don’t just share technology and ideas but welcome styles, colours and materials from other cultures. Then we mix them in our own way... more

Tailor your decorating and colour schemes to you


It’s all about you. Our homes need to speak of us. We want individuality, a bespoke approach, not just the look everyone else has. If your inner artist wants to grow wings... more

Wallpaper is on-trend


Wallpaper has come of age. No longer the preserve of Nana’s back bedroom, today’s wallpaper has a lusciousness, variety and depth not seen before... more

Neutrals are the foundation to any good colour scheme


From white to black, neutrals underpin a scheme. As we welcome colour into our lives, neutrals are also never far from our creative thoughts. As the foundation to any good scheme, these colours range from purist white, through ivory and chalk; from tea, stone and ash to charcoal and deepest black... more

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