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BlackWhite magazine, issue 01

Welcome to BlackWhite... a canvas for showcasing your stories and projects which feature Resene paints, wallpapers, stains and finishes.

BlackWhite magazine, issue 01
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During what has truly been a year like no other, one full of struggles and challenges and unimaginable loss, it feels like a precious thing to be able to celebrate the start of something new.

Just like the beloved colour behind its namesake, BlackWhite offers a canvas for showcasing your stories and projects which feature Resene paints, wallpapers, stains and finishes – but in a different way than we have ever been able to before.

This is a magazine created for the industry, by the industry and with the industry – and a publication like this is only possible because of New Zealand and Australia's remarkably talented and loyal Resene specifiers and users. We are able to share your stories because of the tireless efforts you've already put into creating beautiful, useful and thoughtful projects.

Thank you to everyone that we have featured within the pages of this inaugural issue for sharing your outstanding passion and your commitment to doing things well, where the hallmarks of quality and attention to detail are so clearly present. Your choice to specify and use Resene products as part of that, and the ways in which you have so creatively applied them, never ceases to impress and inspire us. With BlackWhite, we are hoping to return the favour and provide you with fresh colour palettes, clever ideas, handy tips and a range of views to help spark new ideas and ways of looking at problems to uncover solutions.

Happy reading!

Laura Lynn Johnston 

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Welcome to BlackWhite magazine


In 1976, we launched the Resene News – an innovative industry newsletter about all things Resene. Early issues included articles on the Resene paint used on NZ's Scott Base in Antarctica, new foil wallpaper launched by Mason Handprints and the opening of our first Resene ColorShop in Marion Street, Wellington... more

A sign of the times - changes in colour forecasting

A sign of the times

In a world turned upside down, the way we forecast colour trends has been thrown for a loop.

It is a jarring feeling for a society which has become so intrinsically connected and co-dependent to suddenly be siloed within our national borders. There aren't many things this year that haven't become either more challenging, more complicated or in need of a whole new approach... more

Black book - announcements

Black book

New and notable announcements from across the industry... more

Healing hues - for a medical imaging clinic

Healing hues

A graciously-coloured medical imaging clinic that's anything but clinical.

Whatever the reason for making a visit to a medical clinic or hospital may be, it's not an experience that people generally look forward to. At best, it can be emotionally charged. At worst, it can be painful... more

Back to nature - renewed love for timber cladding

Back to nature

We dig into the renewed love for timber cladding, inside and out.

With such a sharp rise in the popularity of timber cladding both for interior and exterior uses, it can almost be difficult to remember that wooden walls only really came back into vogue within the last decade... more

Wowed from home - Total Colour Award winners

Wowed from home

Socially distanced accolades for this year's Resene Total Colour Award winners.

In October, a panel of independent expert judges went through the exciting yet challenging process of selecting winners for this year's Resene Total Colour Awards. It was the 11th year that the awards have taken place, and with a huge range of gorgeous entries, the decision wasn't an easy one... more

Sonia van de Haar - career, inspiration, favourite colours
John Mills - career, inspiration, favourite colours

Over the rainbow

Sonia van de Haar and John Mills talk about their careers, inspiration and favourite Resene colours

Sonia van de Haar - - career, inspiration, favourite colours

Six questions with Sonia van de Haar

When Sonia van de Haar moved back to Australia from England in 2010, she decided to design herself the 'perfect job', one that would combine her experiences as an artist and architect. "To me that meant working for myself, working across disciplines, pursuing collaborative opportunities and working with colour on a large scale... more

John Mills - career, inspiration, favourite colours

Eight questions with John Mills

With a distinctive aesthetic, one that combines a passion for materials, striking use of rich colours and a desire to create uniquely tailored buildings, architect John Mills believes the story of his projects begins and ends with the client... more

Signal boost - Kelston Deaf Education Centre

Signal boost

Elegant simplicity and attention to user needs are both in hand at this specialty school designed for the Deaf community.

Kelston Deaf Education Centre (KDEC) provides educational services to Deaf and hard of hearing students throughout New Zealand's North Island. Students who enrol in the KDEC's day-to-day educational programmes are supported at a number of partner schools across Auckland... more

Street smarts - murals from Artist George Rose

Street smarts

With over 150 murals already under her belt, artist George Rose has painted herself into a prodigious career path.

She believes growing up in the colourful decade that was the 90s is what led to her affection for colour. "I was a creative kid, and I was always headed in that direction," she says... more

Dylan Waddell
Jed Murphy

Blue sky

We interview a pair of recent graduates with bright futures ahead of them.

Dylan Waddell

One to watch: Dylan Waddell

It can be difficult to know which career you want to pursue if you're torn between multiple passions and talents. For architecture graduate Dylan Waddell, it was between studying engineering and architecture... more

Jed Murphy

One to watch: Jed Murphy

Design Institute of Australia's Graduate of the Year Award is the flagship programme for emerging designers in New South Wales, attracting nominees from the top universities and education institutions across the state. We chat with the 2019 winner in Interior Decoration, Jed Murphy, about the start of his career and what he's been up to since his big win... more

Form and function - design principals

Form and function

People come in all different shapes, sizes and abilities. How can you ensure their needs are met both today, and tomorrow?

If you are an architectural or interior designer, chances are you may have only spent a half day learning about Universal Design principles – if that. Others may be unfamiliar with the concept altogether... more

Natalie Du Bois - kitchen design

Designs that sizzle

Natalie Du Bois shares how she became a kitchen design specialist and the best Resene products for the hardest working room in the house.

For people who have multiple passions and have learned to wear many hats the way Natalie does, variety is often the spice of life. “I have had new clients say that the reason why they go with me is that they can see I listen to my client’s needs as my projects are so varied. There are many different styles and looks which you can see on my website and Instagram... more

Trading up

Trading up

Trailblazer Glenn Munro, one of the first local exterior plasterers to receive trade accreditation, on why he loves his job and Resene Construction products.

After growing up on a high-country station above the Rakaia Gorge, Glenn Munro was keen for a career outside – one that kept his body fit and mind active. A family friend got him started with plastering at 18, and by 20, he had already set up his own business... more

Retail therapy - colour and creativity keep customers coming back

Retail therapy

Colour and creativity are key to keeping customers coming back for more.

Due to the logistical complications of our geographic location, we are underserved by some of the online shopping titans that hold a greater market share in other parts of the world. This offers a rare advantage to our homegrown brands and local shops to step up and fill that gap... more

Without a crystal ball - industry leaders debrief the year

Without a crystal ball

16 industry leaders debrief about the challenges of this year, what they think lies ahead, favourite Resene colours and memorable projects.

Daryne Begbie, Suzie Rees, Bob Tidd, Cathy Veniga, Greg Watts, Kerry Archer, Scott Fisher, Stacey Mendonca, Julie Thomas, Vicki Clague, Brian Miller, Leonie Freeman, David Pearse, Geoff Penrose, Gillian Weiss, Andrew Eagles... more

Well played - three colourful projects

Well played

These three colourful projects remind us that we all need a little more 'laissez-faire' in our lives, no matter our age.

Hayman Park, Manukau, Point Wells Cricket Club, Point Wells, Breezebrick Courtyard House, Brisbane... more

Without a hitch - projects that did not go according to plan

Without a hitch

While it’s satisfying to tell stories as though all of our projects go completely to plan, it’s not always entirely reflective of reality. This year, especially, has forced us to face our limitations and how few of the things that we think that we’re in control of we actually have any sway over.

My favourite interviews are when those little secrets of our humanity are divulged. It’s easy to pick them out, as they’re often immediately followed up with, “we should probably leave that out.”... more

BlackWhite magazine

If you have a project finished in Resene paints, wood stains or coatings, whether it is strikingly colourful, beautifully tonal, a haven of natural stained and clear finishes, wonderfully unique or anything in between, we'd love to see it and have the opportunity to showcase it. Submit your projects online or email You're welcome to share as many projects as you would like, whenever it suits. We look forward to seeing what you've been busy creating.

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