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How to make and use a signwriting paper pattern

Thanks to Jeff and the NZSDA

How to you transfer an image such as this wording, onto a wall ready for signwriting.

Step one: Involves pen plotting or hand drawing your lettering onto paper, this one here involved splitting the image over two portions then joining the pattern together as one.

How to make and use a signwriting paper pattern

Step two: Here Scott is working on the reverse side of the pattern 'drawing' on the soft pencil lines following the pen lines plotted on the face side. This is an excellent way to use up all your old pencil 'stubbies' as shown.

How to make and use a signwriting paper pattern

Step three: Trim your pattern to suit and join the two pieces together.

Making a signwriting paper pattern

Step four: Make life easy and quick for yourself, add a halfway mark as shown and if needed, use the horizontal line that's drawn here as reference for when you're taping your pattern on the wall. This artwork has no straight lines and the wording runs uphill so this horizontal reference line is very important.

Signwriting paper patterns

Step five: Once on site, sit your pattern in place then use a ballpoint pen to re-draw over your lines on the face side. The soft pencil lines on the reverse side get transfered onto the painted wall. If you use a coloured ball point such as red, this is an easy way to see if you have completed your pattern drawing and haven't missed any bits (like the insides of letters).

Signwriting paper patterns

Step six: Break out your paints and brushes and sling some paint...good fun.

Paper patterns for Signwriting

Step seven: Don't forget to take a photo for reference and bragging rights!

Signwriting paper patterns

There are a number of ways to do this type of work with the 'pounce pattern / chalk' method being the most common particularly if there are repeats to be done. This is a nice no mess and easy way to do a pattern.

Have fun with it and give it a go!


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