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Autumn 2021 colour trends

From Habitat – colour trends with Resene


Smouldering in sepia

If film noir is one of your favourite movie genres, you may find inspiration in the moody and mysterious blacks, whites and greys these films are known for. Stripping back the colour to grey can play an interesting trick on the eyes, as if you really are seeing your space in greyscale. This room has achieved it with an array of saturated tones, offset by touches of sepia to add some drama. The walls in Resene Half Stack are just a touch darker than the floor, painted in the pewter grey of Resene Silver Chalice, while the door is in slightly warmer Resene Surrender and the bedside table is in Resene Double Stack. Rounded shapes are a repeated feature within this bedroom. The semi-circle of the pendant lamp is repeated on the door and floor, which are all painted in Resene Half Grey Friars. Smaller rounded forms can also be found in the room, such as the arch vase in Resene Half Grey Friars and pots in Resene Desperado and Resene Cape Palliser, whose shapes contrast brilliantly with the clean lines of the bedside table and the overall sharpness of the greyscale colour scheme.

A film noir inspired bedroom
Smouldering in sepia mood board
Accessories: Bed linen from Allium Interiors, Adairs and Homebody.  Mood board: Background in Resene Silver Chalice with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Desperado, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Surrender, Resene Silver Chalice, Resene Half Stack, Resene Double Stack and Resene Grey Friars, ball in Resene Blackjack, vases in Resene Surrender and Resene Half Stack and coaster in Resene Cape Palliserstyling @nesdesign   images @flashstudiosnz

Use durable Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss or Resene Enamacryl gloss for painting doors.

Other colours to try with mid-toned grey – icy off-whites, navy blues or raisin reds.

More is more

Maximalism adores colour, texture and pattern and celebrates pushing the boundaries beyond what's expected – with the only rules being that there are no rules! Emerald green has long reigned as a go-to colour for those seeking a luxurious vibe. When combined with rich velvet in this moody lounge, it's a pairing made in maximalist heaven. Resene Palm Green on the walls is perfectly matched to the green velvet furniture while the floor painted in Resene Greige, the bowl in Resene Bubble White, the books in Resene Rivergum and Resene Deep Teal and the mustard and brass accents all add warmth. While most would gravitate towards horizontal stripes for their furniture, this cabinet makes a unique statement with vertical stripes in Resene Double Spanish White and Resene Vintage. To get the look at home, be sure to use high quality painter's masking tape and a ruler to get your lines straight and even.

A maximalist, moody, luxurious look
Maximalism mood board
Accessories: Chair, cushion and ottoman from Contempo, lamp from Freedom Furniture.  Mood board: Background in Resene Greige with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Vintage, Resene Double Spanish White, Resene Palm Green, Resene Cutty Sark and Resene Rivergum and plant pot in Resene Pizzastyling @annicklarkin.stylist   images @brycecphoto

Use high quality painter's masking tape, available at Resene ColorShops, for crisp lines on your decorating projects.

Other colours to try with palm green – summer greens, maroon reds or charcoal blues.

Natural healing

This serene and sanctuary-like earthy bedroom has texture to spare – making it the perfect place to recharge your batteries, but far from boring. The upper wall section is painted in Resene Stone Age while the shelf section and battens are in deeper Resene Wilderness and the floor has been kept light in Resene Green White. Textiles in hues ranging from olive green to dusty terracotta and biscuit beige bring further tactile texture. To bring these colours off the bed and around the room, accessories have been painted in Resene Beethoven, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Teak, Resene Twine and Resene Celeste. To incorporate another earthy element, the bedside table has been given a marbled look. We first painted it in two coats of Resene Alabaster before using a small artist brush to add 'veins' in Resene FX Paint Effects medium coloured with Resene Rolling Stone, wiping with a clean rag to soften them as we went.

A serene and sanctuary-like earthy bedroom
Natural healing mood board
Accessories: Bed linen from Citta, mirror and rug from Freedom Furniture, chair from Contempo.  Mood board: Background in Resene Green White with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (from left to right) Resene Beethoven, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Toffee, Resene Celeste, Resene Zen and Resene Wilderness, lidded dish in Resene Hampton and vase in Resene Toffee.  styling Laura Lynn Johnston   images @flashstudiosnz

Resene FX Paint Effects medium dries slower, allowing you more time to work with it and create your unique paint effect.

Other colours to try with avocado green – wine reds, murky greens or deep greys.

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Habitat – colour trends with Resene
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