b'on If youre going to go all-out in imagining aone that theyve been interested in for a while,other cool theme ideas: theme fun space that your kids will truly embrace asratherthanjustthepassingflavourofthe Bring outside inpaint the room to their own, deciding on a theme is a great placemonth. Remember, paint is one of the easiest to start. Brainstorm with your child to help focusthings to change out when your childs designlook like an outdoor area with a garden, on one or two of their favourite things that couldchoices change! mountainscape or desert island.be combined together, or even get them to drawIf youre stuck for a place to start when it Go sporty and tailor the space around a what their dream bedroom looks like. While youcomes to choosing colours with your kids, havefavourite sport or team.might not be able to recreate it exactly, it cana look at the Resene KidzColour collectiona Take things under the sea with graduated blue help your child to feel like theyre really the onerange of shades in every colour of the rainbow,walls and a ceiling covered in sea creatures.wearing the designers shoes. with a few metallics for good measure. Colour Start by anchoring the theme with a featureoptionshavebeentestedwitharangeof Pick a favourite toy or cartoon characterpiece. This might be a favourite picture or poster,children of all ages giving a collection that isand build a world around them.a striking duvet or a cool bedhead, then buildfullofbrightbold,saturatedcoloursforfun Take a trip and bring a space scene or everything else off of that. To carry the themefeatures, such as Resene Glitterbug and Resenefavourite place theyve always dreamedfurther, think beyond the walls when it comesWham,andsofterpastels,fromsoftReseneof visiting into their bedroom.to painting and decorating. Consider how youPretty In Pink to Resene Three Wishes.What about a circus, a pirate ship orcanincludethefloor,ceiling,furnitureanda fairy tale castle?accessories,suchasframes,inyourResenepuppy lovepaint colour palette, and how soft furnishings, You can keep things simple by sticking toFun paint features need not be limited to the ornaments and other decorations can all add towalls. In this cute room, the walls have beentop tip a single main colour and paint in a varietythe finished effect. keptneutralandthespotlighthasinsteadCreate a magnetic wallof shades of that colour.You should also think about how long youturned onto the floor. Painted with broad stripesusing Resene FX Magnetic You could also consider painting the wanttogobeforehavingtoredecorate.Tryof Resene Rice Cake and Resene Smokescreen,Magic under your topcoats.room a neutral colour and layering it with and choose a design based on a theme thatthe colours and design match the duvet cover,Then stick magnets ontoreplaceable features, such as pictures, will be age appropriate for several years, andwhile the furniture and decor have been paintedsmall pictures andcushions and bedding. Or allocate a feature tocomplementothercoloursinthebeddingcharacters so your child wall and focus on keeping that refreshed Left:Createalearningblackboardorartwallusingcan adjust their every few years and the rest of the room Resene FX Blackboard Paint. Other walls in Resene Ricewhile playing up the dog theme. Bed frame androom scene.Cake, floor in Resene Rice Cake and Resene Smokescreen,picture frame in Resene Toffee, dresser in Resenemore neutral.house-shape on wall and bed frame in Resene Toffee,Rice Cake with drawers in (from top to bottom) table in Resene Smokescreen, stools in Resene BarnstormResene Resene Resene Resene(try Resene Lone Ranger), pendant lamp and crate inReseneBlueJeans,ReseneSmokescreenandBlue Jeans Toffee Wham Three WishesResene Blue Jeans, shadow boxes in Resene Blue JeansReseneToffee,houseshelvesinReseneRiceResene Resene Resene Resene Reseneand Resene Barnstorm and side table in Resene Toffee. Cake and Resene Blue Jeans. Lone RangerSmokescreen Rice Cake Glitterbug Pretty In Pink2| |3'