b"EachchildlooksforwardtotheirbirthdayDIY circle garland confetti tableclothcelebration all year long, and every parent wants to do what they can to make it memorable. However,This simple garland is cute enough to keep upAvoidanightmarishclean-upby throwing a party to commemorate their special daylong after the celebration has ended. paintingtheconfettirightontothe can be both tricky and expensive. Coordinating it alltablecloth.Usingaroundsponge you will need: brushandResenetestpots,createa time can be a lot to manage, tooparticularly while trying Sheets of heavy white cardstockrandomised polka dot pattern all over to corral a troop of little ones at the same time.If youve got enough room to spare, why not opt Your choice of Resene testpotswe usedthetableclothbyalternatingeachof for the comfort and convenience of your own home?Resene Smiles, Resene Splat, Resene Ethereal,the theme colours.The birthday boy or girl will feel more relaxed on theirResene Alabaster and Resene Kandinskyown turf, youll know where to find everything you Paint brush dipped effect cutleryneed, and you can save some moneywhile having a Twine or thin cordlot of funmaking the decorations yourself.Round drinking glass Woodencutleryonlyneedsaquick This cheerful candy-coloured theme, inspired by Scissors or circle punch coat of paint to make it festive. Just rainbow marshmallow lollies, looks good enough tomeasure 5cm up from the bottom of eat. Plus, each of the projects are quick and simplestep 1Paintonesideofheavycardstockoreach utensil, mask it off and paint with foryouandyourchildtomaketogetherusingposter paper in each of the theme colours. Leaveyourchild'sfavouritecoloursusing Resene testpots. to dry for one hour. Resene testpots.step 2 Trace circles by using a drinking glass as a guide then cut them out with scissors. To speedstriped table runnerLeft: Walls in Resene Splat (bottom) andResenethings up, you can use a large craft punch instead. Layer your table with a sturdy runner Resene Kandinsky (top), trestle table legsKandinsky to add extra colour. Using a ruler and in Resene Smiles, stools in Resene Splat,Resenestep 3 Measure out the length of twine or cordpencil, measure and mark ten stripes, ReseneEthereal(tryReseneSoothe),Alabaster youll need to drape across the area youll beeach 12cm wide, down the length of Resene Alabaster and Resene Kandinsky, par t chairsinReseneSmilesandReseneResenedecorating (our garland was 3 metres long). Laya120cmx30cmMDFboard.Mask part ypart y y Ethereal,floorboardsinReseneSmiles,Soothe the twine flat on a table and place the first circleeach section as you go and use Resene time!time! ReseneSplat,ReseneEthereal,Reseneunder the twine. Then, glue another circle on toptestpots to paint each stripe in colours time! AlabasterandReseneKandinsky,tableof the bottom circle so the twine is sandwiched in that match your theme. Use a longer runnerinReseneSmiles,ReseneSplat,between them. Repeat the process for the wholepanelormultiplepanelstosuitthe ReseneEthereal,ReseneAlabasterand you're invited. Resene ReseneKandinskyandMake-a-Wishgarland, leaving a 5cm gap between each circle. length of your table.Smilesto download these fun and free invitations! wooden cake topper in Resene Smiles.Resene ReseneFind them at www.habitatbyresene.com/party-time. Romantic Splat44| |45"