b"rain or shine twinkle twinkleNomatterwhattheweather,Is there anything more soothing than the gentle thisnurserylookssoftandglow of starlight? There's comfort in the constancy serenethankstoitsmutedofstarconstellations,makingthemtheperfect colourpalette.WallinReseneinspiration for a calm, serene nursery. Resene FX ThorndonCreamwithhand- Nightlightglow-in-the-darkpaintbringsMatariki painted cloud shapes in ResenestarclusterorMessierObject45(M45),tolife. EighthThorndonCream,floorKnown as the Pleiades in Ancient Greek mythology, and shelf in Resene Thor, tablethe cluster also appears in one of the most well-in Resene Laser and vases, pots,known Aboriginal tales, The Star Dreaming Story of rainbow stacking toy and mobilethe Seven Sisters. In Aotearoa, the stars are Matariki, in Resene Vintage, Resene Justandtheirappearancesignalsthebeginningof Right, Resene Laser, Resene Thor,Maori New Year, a time of harvest and celebration. Resene Undercurrent and ReseneThe feature wall in Resene Warrior creates an inky Safehaven (try Resene Streetwise). evening background for the hand-painted Matariki and Southern Cross in Resene Black White, with an added dash of Resene FX Nightlight for a glow-in-the-dark effect. Right: Get your glow on by creating a Matariki skyline. The ReseneReseneback wall is painted in Resene Warrior, with stars in Resene Black Thor Undercurrent White and clusters topcoated in Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark. To maximise the glow, paint the stars with a basecoat sweet and simple ReseneReseneof Resene White before topcoating with Resene FX Nightlight. Laser StreetwiseThis serene neutral nursery shies away from genderedReseneReseneLeft wall and floor in Resene Mystic. Toy box, lipped shelves andLeft: Kites or manu tukutuku were traditionally used by Maori to wall hook in Resene Reservoir and vases in Resene Half Jumbo, colourscompletelywithasoothingcombinationofVintage Thorndon Cream Resene Reservoir, Resene Warrior and Resene Hermitage. DIYsymbolise the start of Matariki. Create this kite mobile by cutting 12 Resene Westar on the floor and upper walls with ReseneReseneResene Eighthkite mobile in Resene Proton, Resene Reservoir, Resene Halfkites and tie shapes in thick paper or card (see the template online Quarter Merino on the lower section of the walls. TheJust Right Thorndon Cream Jumbo and Resene Black White.atwww.habitatbyresene.com/tips/diy-kite-mobile)andpaintinyour wooden decorations on the left wall have been painted infavourite galactic colourswe used Resene Reservoir, Resene Half Resene Westar and Resene Romantic. Learn how to make this DIY cloud mobileReseneReseneReseneJumbo and Resene Black White. Use a strong glue to attach to strings andotherkid-friendlypaintprojectsatWhite Warrior Proton and tie to a macrame hoop.ReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneResene Westar Romantic Quarter Merino www.habitatbyresene.com/habitat-tv . Mystic Hermitage Reservoir Half Jumbo Black White42| |43"