b"Some colours shown are from older colour rangesfor those colours we have Resene included an alternative colour suggestion in brackets for you to try.The original Frozen colour can still be viewed as a physical sample using a Resene A4 drawdown paint Resene swatch and can be tinted but may not be available in a testpot.oromissions.are all right contentsSome products or services may not be offered in your area or country. Please checkthe kids with your local Resene ColorShop or reseller for availability. Most Resene products can be ordered in on request, though lead times and minimum order quantities may apply.Colours are as close as the printing process allows. Always try a Resene testpot or2 On themeview a physical colour sample before making your final choice.Spinnaker The contents of habitat plus are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form14 Shape upwithout the written permission of Resene. Opinions expressed in habitat plus are not necessarily those of Resene or the publisher ICG. No responsibility is accepted20 Head spacefortheauthorssuggestionsorconclusions,orforanyerrors Copyright 2021 Resene Paints Ltd. ISSN: 1176-8010 Amber Armitage, GreerOnce upon a time, the palette for childrens bedrooms was focused on pink for22 Made for sharingContributing stylists: Gem Adams, Kate Alexander,girls, blue for boys or decidedly gender neutral colours like red, yellow or green. Clayton, Megan Harrison-Turner, Laura Lynn Johnston, Claudia Kozub, AnnickLuckily, todays kids are able to draw from a much larger source of inspiration and26 Grow into itLarkin, Vanessa Nouwens, Emily Somerville-Ryan, Leigh Stockton.colour choices for their bedrooms and play spaces. Greater internet exposure Contributing photographers: Bryce Carleton, Wendy Fenwick, Melanie Jenkins,means even quite young children often have very clear ideas about what they28 Older and bolderMike Rooke, Zoe Hembury. do and dont likefavourite colours, hobbies, interests, video, book and movie Special thanks to Your Home and Garden magazine for use of many of the imagescharacters can all give shape to a room of their dreams. By looking to these32 Storage solutionsand information in this booklet. sources of inspiration, you can be sure your children will love their rooms just that much more if theyve had a hand in coming up with the design. 36 Heads down A childs room is also a great chance to really play with colour and try out some Left: This cool iceberg design is an easy detail to add to a bedroom wall. Use painter'sdesign ideas you might not feel bold enough to attempt in your living room or40 Nursery timeskitchen. Nows your chance to take a cue from your child and allow yourself the tape and three shades of paint to create 3D-looking ice shards. Upper wall in Resenefreedom to get messy and be as creative as youd like! 44 Party timeQuarter Frozen, lower wall and floor in Resene Spinnaker. Iceberg painted headboard in Resene Sea Fog, Resene Frozen and Resene Blue Moon. Dresser in Resene Quarter Frozen (upper) and Resene Spinnaker (lower), shelf in Resene Blue Moon and pendantHappy decorating! 46 Bright ideaslamp in Resene Bright Spark. Plant pot in Resene Matisse and vases in Resene Frozen, Resene Matisse, Resene Bullitt and Resene Fuel Yellow. DIY penguin skittles in ReseneThe Resene and habitat teamsAll Black, Resene Sea Fog, Resene Smoke Tree and Resene Roxy.ReseneReseneResene Sea Fog Blue Moon All BlackReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneResene Quarter Frozen Bullitt Bright Spark Fuel Yellow Roxy Smoke Tree Matisse|1"