b"strike a chord the sky's the limitA simple painted shape can add fun and a subtle theme to a teens roomReseneTocreatethestarryeffectfromthisspace-themedResene without having to go overboard. This guitar silhouette echoes a teensLicorice room, first paint the wall in Resene Alabaster followedAlabastermusical passion and extends out from a part wall painted in zingy tealReseneby Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint. FirmlyResene Resene St Kilda. The rest of the walls and floor are painted Resene HalfSt Kilda adhere star-shaped decals to the wall before painting theHigh TideRaven as a cooler contrast to create a strong graphic look. A bedsideResenefull wall in Resene Dark Side (try Resene High Tide). OnceResene table and shelf painted in inky blue Resene Licorice breaks things up. AHalf Raven dry, remove the decals to reveal the photosensitive glow- Longitudecolour scheme like this one is also very age-neutral, so it will stay relevantin-the-dark paint underneath. In the day, the stars appearResene Frozenas your child grows. pale yellow and when the lights are out, theyll shine likeResene the night sky. The floor has been painted with ReseneIronLongitude, the nightstand is in Resene Panorama andResene Resene Dark Side, while the chair and bookends havePanoramabeen coated in Resene Iron.moonlight makeover top tipGo a step further than a typical starry sky and create glow-in-the- Consider all thedifferent activities that will dark moons for the walls or ceiling of your budding astronauts hang loose bedroom.ReseneFXNightlightisaglow-in-the-darkpainttake place in the room: For a surfer teen, colours of the beach and seadesigned to keep shining after the lights have gone out. Palestudy, sleep, screen-time,are a natural choice. Pops of bright blue Reseneyellow by day, its perfect for creating cosmic details in kids roomsplayand designOptimist give the impression of the summer skylike glowing stars or these otherworldly moons. Two to three coatsaccordingly.against crisp Resene White walls. The soft greyover a white circular base will give off the best effect and leave your bedding,thedoorinReseneHighTide,thebrushstrokes visible for an extra lunar-like landscape. Add details in Resene Aquaclear finished headboard and theResene Sunshade, Resene Juniper and Resene Blue Lagoon.Resene Colorwood Bleached Cedar floor all add to the relaxed vibe. Resene Blue LagoonReseneResene ColorwoodResene Optimist Bleached Cedar JuniperReseneReseneResene High Tide White Sunshade30| |31"