b"one theme, three ways Pick up some Resene testpots and Bring some wild style to your kid's room withcreate custom artwork or signs a jungle safari theme. While all three of thesewith your kids to match their rooms share a general theme in common, theyveroom. To make your sign double as been executed in completely different ways anda magnetic noticeboard, paint it appeal to different ages and personalities. Does your child like to pretend or put on plays? Dofirst with two coats of Resene FX they like to have a secret space to hide away?Magnetic Magic before painting Or do they like lots of tactile textures or excitingon your coloured topcoats.colours around in order to learn and grow? Look to your childs own nature to guide your ideas. Keep natural-looking timber furniture Left: A headboard that doubles as a bookshelf providesprotected with Resene Aquaclear agreatfocalpointwhilekeepingbooks,favouritewaterborne urethane.accessories or a glass of water handy. Wall in Resene Palm Green, headboard bookshelf in Resene Noosa, bedside lamp in Resene Nero, bedside table and pendant lamp in Resene Quarter Sisal. Above: A faux leafy green wall next to the bed brings the jungle indoors. Wall in Resene Half Rivergum, floor Oppositeleft:SigninReseneNoosawithwordsinin Resene Half Fossil and door in Resene Eighth Fossil.Quarter Sisal and wall in Resene Palm Green.Left: If your child prefers calm to chaos, they might like their own little hideaway and may need to be Resene surrounded by less adventurous coloursjust the idea Palm Green of being in a safari might be excitement enough! This pared-down palette has been layered with textured top tip furnishings to create an inviting space. Walls in Resene Create a full jungleResene Colins Wicket with battens in Resene Truffle, floor in experience with Resene FXQuarter SisalResene Half Fossil and stool in Resene Triple Truffle.Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint. It works best over aReseneResene Resene Truffle Half RivergumResene White painted baseNoosaand is perfect for creatingReseneResenea ceiling full of Colins Wicket Eighth Fossilshining stars. Resene ReseneResene Nero Triple Truffle Half Fossil6| |7"