b'shape Bold geometric shapes are a popular way totop tipadd colour without going overboard and can add real flair to a childs room with little effort. up Boldstripes,triangles,chevronsandsquaresResene Take your time toeye-are all easy to create with just a bit of maskingplan your design tape. Its a look thats simple enough that olderon paper first, then children may even want to try creating them. measure andBold shapes lend themselves to bold coloursmask it out.andunexpectedmatching.Doubledownon a daring palette and try mixing deep blue like Resene Surfs Up with a bright green, such asLeft:Createan ReseneNevaorReseneTuttiFrutti,orburntBreathless catching display area by orangelikeReseneSmokeTreewithvibrantdefiningshelveswith painted shapes in colours turquoise, such as Resene Seeker or Resene Seagrid lock taken from elsewhere in Green. Another great option is graduated stripesyourchildsroom.Wall in different saturations of one colour, startingStrong lines do a strong job of communicatingin Resene Colins Wicket, with the deepest at the bottom of the wall to thethe grid theme in this minimalist Memphis- square and floor in Resene palest where it meets the ceiling. styleteensbedroom.ItsaneffectthatsHalf Fossil, circle in Resene If stripes arent your thing, try blocking outdependant on the combination of high-contrastTwine, semi-circle in Resene colourswithcarefulmeasuringandmasking.Triple Truffle and dresser in shapes in different areas of the room to delineateResene Stack, Resene Half spaces within it, such as a study zone, vanity orWall in Resene Kandinsky, floor and wall gridFossil, Resene Twine and sleeping area. effect in Resene Wet N Wild, plant pot and budResene Triple Truffle.vase in Resene Jalapeno, bedside table in Resene Left: Painted wall hooks are not only an easy way to tieBreathless with drawer in Resene Wet N Wild your colour scheme together but are a handy way to keepand picture frame and lamp in Resene Alabaster. Resene things tidy and get belongings up off the floor. WeveTwineResene painted our hooks in Resene Fizz, Resene Fountain BlueReseneReseneResene Fountain Blue and Resene Double Cod Grey (try Resene Element). TheAlabaster Smoke Tree Colins Wicketwall is painted Resene Black White and Resene Surrender,ReseneReseneResene with Resene Surrender also continued onto the floor. Jalapeno Neva Half FossilResene ReseneReseneReseneReseneResene Fizz Surrender Tutti Frutti Kandinsky Seeker Triple TruffleReseneReseneReseneReseneResene Resene Black White Surfs Up Wet N Wild Sea Green Stack14| Element |15'