b'When youre thinking about decorating a nursery itsa rosy outlookgenerally a very exciting time in your lifeso let your Create a soft yet sophisticated nursery that will not feel babyish imagination run wild. Gone are the days when we felt times confined to strict colour-codes for baby girls and babywhen your child grows older by adding wall panelling in an boys so free yourself up and opt for a palette of yourunexpectedway.AnasymmetricalpatternpaintedinResene favourite colours. Remember the nursery should be aCashmere creates a modern look when paired with Resene Olive restful place for the baby, but its also a place you areGreen accents on the cot. Add some personal touches by creating going to spend a fair amount of time in, so make it aa mobile using testpots or any A4 drawdown paint swatches left creative and restful place for you too. over from choosing your wall colour. Simply cut your drawdowns into organic shapes, hole punch a hole and string them upvoil! Left: You dont have to be an expert carpenter to create wall panelling simply top tip attach MDF or timber battens to the walls using screws and glue before painting. Wall and panelling painted in Resene Cashmere, flooring in Resene Colorwood Since you can never Natural and cot details painted in Resene Olive Green.have enough storage in a nursery, paint a few woodenResene boxes to slide under the Cashmerecot to keep toys and Resene other belongings Colorwood Naturalorganised. Resene Olive GreenResene Umber WhiteResene did you know? Dark KnightResene Newborns can see only in black and white. While itPewterdoesnt last for long, this nursery can definitely be seenResene by all ages. The beautifully bold monochromatic colourFirst Lightscheme in Resene Black and Resene Alabaster has been given an extra sweet twist with pale aqua accents in Resene Riptide. Above: Wall painted in Resene Umber White. Hanging mobile made from A4 drawdown paint swatches in Resene Dark Knight, Resene Pewter, Resene Olive ReseneReseneReseneGreen, Resene Cashmere, Resene Umber White and Resene First Light, trolley Black Alabaster Riptide painted in Resene Pewter and cot details painted in Resene Olive Green.40| |41'