b"Resene Sauvignonsmooth sailing fantasy wonderlandInanationsurroundedbyocean,chancesSet the stage for imagination and magic with a are that if you dont own a boat yourself youwhimsical woodland fairy kingdom mural. Start probably know someone else who does. Sailingby picking out your childs bedding and use that is part of our history and our love and respect forto inspire your colour scheme. When tackling any the ocean doesn't have to end on dry land. Turnhand-painted wall designs, be sure to plan out a bedroom into a high seas adventure with ayour design first on paper then transfer it onto fun and graphic theme anchored with favouriteyour wall in pencil before you start painting. Its a Resene paint colours, Resene Sea Fog, Resenegood idea to try to work in one colour at a time Explorer, Resene Tangaroa, Resene Raging Bull,from your largest shapes to the smallest. Be sure Resene Pirate Gold and Resene Half Black White. to use a high quality paint brushone with lots Make waves on the wall using a dinner plate toof bristlesto get nice and crisp edges.trace semi-circle shapes before painting in Resene Explorer. Add nautical flourishes to the room suchLeft: Wall in Resene Half Spanish White with mural in as the life preserver which is easily created byResene Soulful (try Resene Tuft Bush), Resene Tulip Tree, tying cotton rope and macrame twine around aResene Whizz Bang, Resene Love Me Do (try Resene Merlot), Resene Green Pea, Resene Kandinsky, Resene Envy and wreath and painting in Resene Raging Bull. Resene Green Meets Blue, floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Left: Upper wall in Resene Sea Fog, lower wave wall inGreywash, table base in Resene Sauvignon, pendant lamp in Resene Sunglo, mirror in Resene Just Dance (try Resene Resene Explorer, wave design created by using a dinner plateWax Flower), headboard in Resene Redwood, trinket box in to trace semi-circles, then painting. Timber floor in ReseneResene Half Pale Rose (bottom) and Resene Sunglo (top), Colorwood Mid Greywash, pendant lamp, rug and DIY lifebasket in Resene Half Spanish White and tiny vase in Resene preserver in Resene Raging Bull, dresser in Resene Tangaroa,Sorbet (try Resene Dust Storm) and Resene Half Pale Rose.Resene Raging Bull, Resene Pirate Gold and Resene Half BlackReseneWhite, plant pot in Resene Tangaroa, lidded dish and vase inDust Storm Resene ReseneResene Raging Bull and small pot in Resene Pirate Gold. Tuft Bush Tulip TreeReseneResene ColorwoodResene ReseneExplorer Mid Greywash Green Pea Whizz BangReseneReseneResene Resene ReseneRaging Bull Half Black White Green MeetsMerlot KandinskyReseneReseneBlue Resene Half Resene HalfTangaroa Pirate Gold Resene Pale Rose Spanish WhiteReseneReseneEnvy Resene ReseneSea Fog Redwood Sunglo Wax Flower8| |9"