b'made for Decorating a shared childrens room can beOpposite and below: Divide up the space with aResenesharing tricky as those sharing the room are bound towall painted in Resene Frozen and Resene SunkissedHalf Athens have different ideas about how it should look.(try Resene Tulip Tree). The side wall is in Resene Foundry and the floor is in Resene Quarter Alabaster. Search for some common ground between theA diamond pattern was created on the door to echo twoa theme, colour or object that both kidsthe bedlinen by painting the whole surface in ReseneGreyloveand use this as your starting point. It mightQuarter Alabaster and then masking it before painting be something as simple as doughnuts, used in thesectionsinReseneSunkissedandReseneTussock. room on the left in the bedlinen and accessories. ThetoyboxispaintedReseneQuarterAlabaster with diamonds in Resene Frozen, Resene Tussock and Resene Sunkissed.Resene ReseneResene Frozen Tulip Tree Tussock ReseneEighth MasalaReseneResene Quarter how to achieve harmony Foundry Alabaster Give each child a separate area of the room to decorate, so they both get a say in how theThe wall by the door is painted room will look. in a diamond pattern to echoFor a cohesive feel, consider getting two ofthe bedlinen. the same item for key furniture pieces, such asResenebeds, desks and chests of drawers. Cinnamon Reversible duvet covers can be flipped to a different side on each bed so that each has a different pattern but the overall colour palette of the room stays the same. Add cushions and patterned pillowcases to mix up the bedding. ReseneUse toy boxes to keep a shared room tidy andAbove: If your kids will be sharing a colour scheme, look for other ways to createRakaiaindividuality between their personal spaces. Perhaps one would prefer a daybed over aResene paint them in a pattern that echoes the themetraditional single or a patterned curtain to define their bed rather than a headboard?Crailof the room. Even with these differences, a strong colour palette will make the space feel unified. Upper wall in Resene Half Athens Grey, lower wall in Resene Rakaia, timber floor inResene Colorwood UseapainteffecttogiveeachchildtheirResene Colorwood Mid Greywash, arch headboard and vase in Resene Cinnamon,Mid Greywashown zone, like this diagonal device, or justskirting board and curtain pattern in Resene Eighth Masala, curtain rail, hook rack andResenestraight up and down between the beds. stool top in Resene Ebony Clay and small plant pot in Resene Crail. Ebony Clay22| |23'