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For an easter hunt

Painting three ways - projects from Woman's Day magazine

Make Easter fun with these crafty ideas from Emily Somerville-Ryan

Easter creatures

These cute creatures would make any child squeal with delight!

How to make Easter creatures

What you’ll need: Resene testpot paints, polystyrene eggs, felt, sewing pins, pompoms, pipe cleaners, string.

Paint plain polystyrene eggs in a selection of Easter colours from Resene. The chicks are painted in Resene Chelsea Cucumber, Resene Sail, Resene Sweet Corn and Resene Touche. The bunnies are painted in Resene Paper Doll and Resene Soothe, Resene Pearl Lusta and Resene London Hue.

For the bunnies, cut out ears from pink felt in two sizes and attach to the top of the eggs with a sewing pin. Cut out feet from the felt and glue to the underneath. Push in a large pink or white sewing pin for the nose, and draw on eyes, mouth and whiskers with a pen. Finally, pin a pompom to the base to help the bunny stand.

For the chicks, cut out tiny diamonds from felt for beaks and pin with a sewing pin in the centre of the egg. Cut out wings and pin them both at the back, then draw eyes with a pen. To create legs, push two pipe cleaners into the base, twisting round a smaller piece for the feet. To create a bunting alternative, attach the chicks with a pin to some string and thread through coloured pompoms.

Easter hunt signs

Create fun signs from the Easter Bunny to help your little ones hunt for the hidden treats.

How to make Easter egg hunt signs

What you’ll need: Resene testpot paints, chopping board, foam core card, craft knife or scalpel, shredded paper.

To upcycle an old chopping board into an Easter egg hunt sign, we have painted it using Resene Pearl Lusta for the message and Resene London Hue, Resene Sweet Corn and Resene Soothe for the eggs.

Draw bunny and carrot shapes onto foam core card and cut out using a craft knife or scalpel. Paint each shape in soft Easter tones like Resene Paper Doll and Resene Sail, with stripes in Resene Sweet Corn and Resene Pearl Lusta. Paint the carrots using Resene Touche. Tape some shredded green paper to carrots to create leaves. Attach a small wooden stake or ice-block stick to each sign. Finally, write messages on each sign to lead the way to the treats!

Easter baskets

Make bespoke Easter baskets that kids can decorate themselves.

How to make Easter baskets

What you’ll need: Resene testpot paints, large food tins, shredded paper, ribbons, drill, craft wire.

Clean and remove label off large food tins. Paint each tin in Resene Pearl Lusta. Paint a cute Easter bunny onto the tin using Resene Paper Doll or Resene Sail and when dry, attach a pompom for a tail. On the other side of the tin, paint some carrots in Resene Touche and Resene Chelsea Cucumber. Drill two holes through the top of the tin on opposite sides, using a fine drill piece.

Thread through some thick, soft craft wire and twist together at either end. Finally, attach a pretty bow in similar Easter tones and fill with shredded paper ready for the hunt.

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