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From habitat magazine - issue 39, Tradie Gal tutorial

Painting your fence to get it summer ready need not be a tiresome task. Our Tradie Gal Tegan Williams walks you through the steps to get a professional finish on your fence.

Tegan Williams - painting the fence

When tackling a job like painting your fence, take the time to consider the surrounding colours as these will be part of your palette. Using a rich dark colour like Resene Bokara Grey or Resene Nocturnal offers a wonderful depth to allow your green foliage or favourite florals to take centre stage.

If you have chosen a light tone for your home’s exterior, you can mirror this on your fence. If you’re using Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen or Resene Lumbersider Matt, you can use the exact same paint on your weatherboards and fence. Or you could go a little darker on your fence, perhaps a double or triple strength of your wall colour, to help hide marks and reduce glare.

The Resene Whites & Neutrals collection has up to six strengths of the most popular colours to make it easy to choose lighter or darker options.

You will need

Tradie Gal’s steps for success

Prep first:  Always wash your fence before you paint. Treat moss and mould with Resene Moss & Mould Killer, then wash with Resene Timber and Deck Wash.

Step 1:  Pour out what you need from your paint pot into your roller tray if rolling or into a Resene paint pot if you are brushing it on. This helps to keep the paint in the main container fresh so it lasts longer.

Step 2:  Starting from the bottom of your fence, cut in with your paintbrush along the entire base so that when you start working with your roller it won’t pick up any debris off the ground.

Step 3:  Check out any edges that are prominent and cut these in as well, especially if your fence isn’t straight like mine! Doing this will save you time in the long run.

Painting a fence - Step 1
Step one

Painting a fence - Step 2
Step two

Painting a fence - Step 3
Step three

Step 4:  A Resene #15 roller sleeve is designed especially for areas like fences and makes applying the paint easy. Use an up and down motion and work your way methodically along the fence line following the direction of the wood grain.

Step 5:  Always start and finish on the side of a panel to avoid any fast drying lines showing up in your work. Add Resene Hot Weather Additive if you need to slow the drying down in hot weather.

Step 6:  Keep working with your roller from one side to the other. This is always best for continuity in your paint finish. Make sure you always roll the full panel and check to make sure you have fully coated the panel before moving onto the next. When painting your fence, apply one primer coat and two topcoats, or three topcoats If you are using a self-priming finish like Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen, for the best long-lasting finish.

When choosing paint for your exterior fence, Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen is a great option as it’s self-priming, so you can use the same paint for all coats. I’ve chosen the gorgeous dark shade of Resene Bokara Grey to offset the greenery of my lawn and foliage.

Choosing to use Resene Bokara Grey in the CoolColour version means that the fence stays cooler in the sun. For the best CoolColour effect, apply a coat of Resene Quick Dry first.

Painting a fence - Step 4
Step four

Painting a fence - Step 5
Step five

Painting a fence - Step 6
Step six


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