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Mellowed out

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Mellow mustards, bitter oranges, toasted terracotta and spicy browns – the tell-tale tones of 1970s design aesthetic – have recently made a roaring comeback in the world of decorating.

Resene Gold Coast, Resene Noosa, Resene Pendragon, Resene Desperado, Resene Hairy Heath and Resene Digeridoo are among some of the most desirable shades to include in a trend-forward interior.

This retro lounge, inspired by the best elements of 1970s design, is the ideal place to put up your feet and enjoy a beverage among the company of family and friends. Walls in Resene Gold Coast set the stage for dark and moody details, including the artwork, pendant lamps, art objects and the console table painted Resene Nero, to pull you in while the saffron shades of the velvet chair and ottoman invite you to sit and stay awhile.

Retro lounge with a 1970s design aesthetic Mood board
Mood board Retro lounge with a 1970s design aesthetic
Mood board: Stencilled ‘tile’ background in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath with A4 drawdown paint swatches in Resene Nero, Resene Hairy Heath, Resene Pendragon and Resene Gold Coast, candle stick in Resene Nero and vase in Resene Hairy Heath. 

The bold pattern of the scalloped floor was created using a stencil, evoking a parquet or tiled floor, with alternating shapes painted in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath. Thanks to its curve, the design itself brings plenty of movement, resulting in an expansive effect on the overall room. The velvet, natural plants and gleaming brass accessories add to the room’s luxury and create further visual texture. Yet, the minimalism, simplicity and balance between all the elements ensures that the flooring pattern doesn’t overwhelm.

The colours in this scheme work well for a space like a lounge, where you’re likely to enjoy a few nibbles and libations, because yellows have also been found to stimulate your appetite. Your brain actually secretes more serotonin – its feel-good hormone – when you see yellow. This is why you may have noticed that many restaurants have yellow flowers on the table because yellow makes you feel optimistic, and the more optimistic you feel, the more likely you are to splurge on your meal. Similarly to yellow, foods that are orange often elicit feelings of warmth and comfort.

Retro lounge - alternative look
Retro lounge - alternative look
Paint: Wall in Resene Gold Coast, Floor in Resene Pendragon and Resene Hairy Heath, Hall table in Resene Noir, Nesting tables in Resene Hairy Heath (large), Resene Pendragon (medium) and Resene Gold Coast (small) with legs in Resene Noir, Vase (with twigs) in Resene Hairy Heath, Candlesticks in Resene Noir.

Resene Noir

For something different, pale tans like Resene Gold Coast look lovely with a soft ochre like Resene Smooth Operator or a reserved wine red like Resene Vanquish. Or, try it with another on trend hue, silvery sage green, such as Resene Bitter, Resene Bud and Resene Aspiring as the element apart in an otherwise tonal space.

A rich redwood brown like Resene Hairy Heath, on the other hand, is a great fit for a clean blue green like Resene Deep Teal, a dungeon grey blue Resene Bastille or an oxidised green olive like Resene Planter.

When it comes to a crusty ciabatta tan like Resene Pendragon, a chalky, calm cream beigelike Resene Blank Canvas, a creamy yellow like Resene Melting Moment and an authentic blue like Resene True Blue are ideal pairings for a country-chic bedroom or dining space.

Accessories: Kennedy Globe Occasional Chair in Toffee Velvet; Kennedy Ribbed Ottoman in Burnt Orange Velvet from Soren Liv; Mercer & Reid Marais Cushion in Rust from Adairs; Brass Model S22 Candelabra by Stoff Copenhagen and set of candles from Good Form; Orchids artwork by Helen Bankers; Pendant Lamps from Monmouth Glass Studio; Gem candle holder from Wooden Horse Homewares. All other props are stylist’s own.

Styling by Melle Van Sambeek. Photography by Bryce Carleton. 2019

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